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Grab, Avoid or Bore Off!

Grab, Avoid or Bore off!

Our first installment of Grab, Avoid or Bore off for the 2015-16 season is ready. For those new to the site, it is a simple question and answer segment that covers everything from the serious to the absurd. So why do we call it that? Tradition, is the easy answer as we basically have veered so far off course that we look like a Tiger Woods tee shot. So glad to get the fellas back together as they offer their opinions on everything from going without Haz & Kun to Giroud’s choice of underwear. So without further ado, let’s ask our “experts” some questions on the minds of many and some on the minds of none.



Thanks for reading Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! – Fantasy Premier League 2015-16. This article was compiled by Mito21

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  1. 79
    Sheedz says:

    Hey all, another aussie here- posting for the first time and giving FPL a crack for the first time after plenty of mates in the UK talking it up for so many years! Seems like a great community here from what I’ve read so far.

    Have been successful in our version of fantasy (AFL), and am hoping to enjoy some success with a few ‘new’ strategies to implement on the english version!

    Seems to be some good value in the midfield this year whilst still getting quality players and have gone with 2 quality strikers who will play a lot of minutes and hopefully be involved in plenty of goals!

    Affordable keepers and cheaper ‘unproven’ defenders look to either make or break a squad’s long term cash generation, but will roll with the punches there as the season progresses!

    All forms of feedback amd ideas welcome, it’s my first mock up so go crazy!


    • 79.1
      Calvin Clyne says:

      Welcome Sheedz, you’ve gotta be loving stepping it up in the second test against us poms.

      That team is chocka with quality, and with Deeney on the bench to boot. That could actually come back to bite you.

      • Sheedz says:

        All seems right in the world again after that 2nd test Calvin! Ha ha.

        Cheers for ur feedback mate- why wld having Deeney on the bench potentially hurt me? One of my strategies I’m exploring to see if it can work in FPL like it has for me in AFL Fantasy is having quality starters but good depth options as a way to generate cash as well as provide flexibility in who to start.

    • 79.2
      Silverback says:

      Morning all. Sheedz where are all you Aussie coming from did you win the 2nd innings or something , no really wellcome to the site this is a strong team if anything I would have Milner over Hendo & I would look @ Cabaye quality player but a run of tough fixtures to start , I like Roo & Kane up front 3 good Def & back up I like this team , going without Kun & Haz is a risk but lots of people going for it , you get a more balanced team great stuff ;)

      • Kop Warrior says:

        They won the 2nd test Silver and they gave your boys a proper whooping!!

        • Silverback says:

          Sorry Kop meant to say 2nd test some changes I think will be in order , I managed to climb up the league a bit but as for the Aussie I’m ready :biggun:

      • Sheedz says:

        Ha ha pure coincidence mate, although it was great seeing the aussie cricket team back in form and playing to the level they should be.

        Thanks for the feedback, Milner to grab more assists/goals = more points than Hendo u reckon? Cabaye is quality but is more of a value pick for the output I’m expecting. Any suggestions due to fixture or otherwise instead of him?

        I also don’t see a lot of sides with Eriksen and Cazorla in them, am I missing something here? Both quality, creative attacking mids and seem to have a good fantasy history?

        • Silverback says:

          Sheedz I fancy Milner to do well this season & play further fwd than Hendo I must admit not a lot of choice @ 6.5m possibly Mahrez , Lassen , Ki or Ritchie better fixtures I like both Erik & Caz in my side @ present

  2. 80
    maruf.tamim says:

    Very week forward I know.. How do I improve the attack without compromising the quality at the back?

  3. 81
    Star67 says:

    Morning boys, RMT –

    Ruddy / Rudd

    Koscielny / Cedric / O’Shea / Mings / Huth

    Hazard / Depay / Ozil / Ritchie / Ki

    Aguero / Benteke / Deeney

  4. 82

    Star, they rotate pretty well anyway so i’d downgrade Ki to a 4.5mil and use the cash to get Azpi or do as you suggested and upgrade elsewhere.

    • 82.1
      Star67 says:

      If I did Kosc to Azpi I wouldn’t need money to ugrade? It would just be a straight swap? They might rotate but if I had a 4.5 I’d have to play both every week.

  5. 83
    Sheedz says:

    What strategy are people going with mostly for keepers guys and gals? Haven’t seen many draft sides with top class keppers from the big clubs

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