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4 Tips To Succeed In Fantasy Football For The 2020-21 Euro Knockout Stages

4 Tips To Succeed In Fantasy Football For The 2020-21 Euro Knockout Stages

4 Tips To Succeed In Fantasy Football For The 2020-21 Euro Knockout Stages

The 2020/21 Euro tournament is well under way and with some teams already starting to leap out as clear favorites to go for it all, there are other Euro related tournaments around that deserve just as much attention. Sports betting fans around have taken to Euro 2021 Fantasy Football leagues to try and win just as big as their favorite teams on the pitch.

Now nobody ever said that fantasy football is easy, it requires skill, studying and a lot of observation. One could even argue that when playing in a fantasy league, players who wish to succeed must show the same poise and determination as the players they chose show while playing the games. With the knockout stages of the Euro tournament awaiting, what are some tips to keep in mind to maximize your winnings?

Always Have a Goal Scorer As Your Captain
What do players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Harry Kane, Robert Lewandowski and Kylian M’bappe all have in common? You can always count on them to score goals when needed and that’s usually on a daily basis for them. When playing fantasy football one should always keep in mind that a basic concept is that whoever you have as a captain will automatically double their points. While some people play under the idea that the captain should be a player that shows great leadership attributes and attitude at the end that means nothing if he is not as relevant as whoever is scoring the goals upfront.

Sure you can have some top defenders or a goalkeeper be your captain, that’s a good choice, but if you pick yourself a goal scorer and especially one which you know will always be there for you with at least one goal per game then everything will be much easier. In the knockout stages, taking into account that it’s literally a win or go home stage, having your favorite striker as your team captain in your fantasy football squad might end up giving you a slew of points and earnings that will always put you over the top.

Don’t Be Afraid of Transfers
Unlike real football managers, in fantasy football you are not legally bound to have to start the same players over and over again, especially if they are not giving you the results you need. It’s usually very easy to just pick a team and then leave it to its luck, but that’s not what winners do now is it?

If you want to truly succeed, especially in the upcoming knockout stages make sure you are paying as much attention as possible to every player in the teams that are making a true run for advancing. Removing out of form players and substituting them, in the accepted times, before trade deadlines for others will always give you an edge. Remember one thing too, in these tournaments there’s always usually one or two players who might not look the part but usually end up becoming sensations and heroes down the line.

Always Play With An Offensive Driven Mind
Just like we mentioned before, having a top striker be your captain will always be a deadlock to success. But with that said, not only strikers score and usually for them to score they need goal makers like some good creative midfielders and wingers to help them out. When choosing your team especially in a knockout stage make sure you take as many goal scorers and makers as possible.

Now don’t limit yourself only to strikers, take the speedy full-backs who always come up with the perfect crosses. Take center-backs who are known for their superior offensive heading game. And above all, take those players who you know are always money when taking free kicks and penalties.

Don’t Be Afraid To Play Different
In fantasy football just like in regular football if you want to succeed there is always a way. While most people will usually take the quick approach of picking out a slew of the same superstars over and over then everyone will end up having a similar level of points at the end. That doesn’t really make for any fun and attractive competition if you ask any real fantasy football fans.

If you want to truly stand out and be the best in your craft here is where paying attention to every detail in the games, especially when moving into the knockout stages comes in handy. Look for players that have not been chosen by the masses but still put up respectable numbers, look at those bench players that always come in to mark a difference and exploit them, that is where your true point treasures will be at.

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