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Fantasy Football Banterbury Cup

Banterbury Cup Results / Draw

Photo 07-03-2014 17 36 49

Banterbury Cup Round 1 Results GW5

1 Wanderers1869 26 v 27 Fergie’s Henchmen
2 Norfulk-in-chance 61 v 39 BRYAN MUNICH FC (Cooper)
3 Arsene’s Profit 34 v 45 The Flying Indian
4 White Boys Day 42 v 53 Slumdog Mignolet
5 Manlet F.C 43 v walkover *Search & Destroy* didnt confirm name change
6 Prata 29 v 45 Bodene’s Army
7 Bryan Munich (O Seanachain) 46 v 35 Nifty’s Hotshots
8 Stokes FC 28 v 57 Powerful Potty Fc
9 Owls Rule 32 v 21 IFM PaLmeRo
10 Wavey Squad 44 v 26 Sporting Abeergut
11 Gunnersaurus 55 v 31CFC(Awesome)
12 Destined Champions 38 v 8 The SpecialOne
13 ALSED FC 36 v 35 CR
14 Denbow’s Degenerates 33 v 55 destroyers
15 ChelseaFTW 18 v 23 Busby Babes
16 E For Idiot 30 v 21 Bring on ze Trumpets

Banterbury Cup 2nd Round Results GW10

1 Park Bench Exports 69 v 42 E For Idiot
2 THE MUTTS NUTS 49 v 75 Busby Babes
3 Gasco’s athletic 58 v 22 destroyers
4 Eddy Hitler XI 72 v 79 ALSED FC
5 Horse FC 67 v 43 Destined Champions
6 Kop Warriors 53 v 21 Gunnersaurus
7 Reubens Rioters 72 v 62 Wavey Squad
8 Kojak’s Fireball 58 v 73 Owls Rule
9 Rising Phoenix 87 v 42 Powerful Potty Fc
10 Buzz’s Bomb Squad 55 v 49 Bryan Munich (O Seanachain)
11 Where’s The Dosh? 46 v 69 Bodene’s Army
12 I LOVES THE CAKE 49 v 51 Manlet F.C
13 Cookie’s Monsters 49 v 32 Slumdog Mignolet
14 Pork n Cheese United 43 v 45 The Flying Indian
15 Arsene’s Boys 66 v 88 Norfulk-in-chance
16 TheKopKnightRISES 60 v 64 Fergie’s Henchmen
17 Prutsers; allemaal 37 v 45 Bradbury Park Avenue
18 Bocadillo Allstars 78 v 77 FC Lilium Rosa
19 UD Stoke 45 v 61 Monty (Caz Daz)
20 Killer Instincts 40 v 64 we love manchester
21 Glebe Farm Rovers 76 v 37 Schnitzel palace
22 James 101 69 v 81 DavesRedDevils
23 Balotellibubbies 64 v 74 inittowinit***
24 Gallowgators 78 v 54 Ajax Trees
25 The Greatest FC 39 v 77 elleffcee
26 Red Magic 48 v 79 WhoIsRonaldo
27 Shylass @ the finish 74 v 54 One Under Parr
28 The Reds 37 v 47 Real Morbid
29 Son of a Pitch 74 v 60 Pathético Morbid
30 The Gallant Pioneers 69 v 61 Soap Powder Thieves
31 Mito’s Mercenaries 23 v 39 FC Tom Tomsk
32 Buzzilona 62 v 39 Borussia Teeth

Banterbury Cup 3rd Round Draw GW15

1 Park Bench Exports v Buzzilona
2 Busby Babes v FC Tom Tomsk
3 Gasco’s athletic v The Gallant Pioneers
4 ALSED FC v Son of a Pitch
5 Horse FC v Real Morbid
6 Kop Warriors v Shylass @ the finish
7 Reubens Rioters v WhoIsRonaldo
8 Owls Rule v elleffcee
9 Rising Phoenix v Gallowgators
10 Buzz’s Bomb Squad v inittowinit***
11 Bodene’s Army v DavesRedDevils
12 Manlet F.C v Glebe Farm Rovers
13 Cookie’s Monsters v we love manchester
14 The Flying Indian v Monty (Caz Daz)
15 Norfulk-in-chance v Bocadillo Allstars
16 Fergie’s Henchmen v Bradbury Park Avenue

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  1. 31
    Bench@BanterburyLeagues says:

    hello Guys, Shield Groups have been updated,(thanks innit) with only 1 GW to go ! in group 1 both Cookie monsters and James 101 have booked there Quarter Final places, but its the end of the road for Chorley & Potty, Group 2 White Boys have Qualified but needs to win to bag top spot,Gallow are 2nd and play 3rd CFC in final group game, but would have to lose by 24 pts not to make the Q/Fs,Group 3 is really tight with all 4 teams can still Qualify but WhoIsRonaldo & Norfolk-in-chance, hold the top 2 places and as long as they don’t get beat,they will take part in Q/Fs in GW31&33, group 4, Son of a Pitch win the group and will play James101 over two legs, Runner up spot will go down to last gw,if 4th place trophy beat my sorry self bench they will book a Q/F vs Cookie, tho we love manchester will need to beat the winners of group and hope i do him a favour

    To View Latest

    Remember all Banterbury Leaguers have a chance to Qualify for this competition, if your not signed up please e mail me at with your FF247 username & FPL team name



  2. 32
    Gallowgate says:

    Cheers Bench, good summing up.
    Poor GW to have a decisive game in the shield which I suppose has worked in my favour.
    Good luck CFC, overturn that goal difference and you deserve to go through at my expense 😉

  3. 33
    Horse says:

    Should be a belter mate.
    You’ve a hell of a tasty team. Team value of about 115m too!
    It’s going to be tricky!
    especially with my secret weapon player getting himself suspended for 3 weeks

  4. 34
    am4r77 says:

    My team 1.5 in the bank 1ft

    Krul (Henderson)

    Coleman ivanovic fonte (Chester and moxey)

    hazard ince Lallana paulinho (silva)

    j rod Suarez Sturridge

    Do I make 1 transfer or do I just keep it how it is and who will play captain?

  5. 35
    Bench@BanterburyLeagues says:

    Here are yesterdays final group games Banterbury Shield Results & Quarter Final Draw
    I will Update Final Tables later

    Game-week 6 March 8th GW29
    Group 1
    Cookie’s Monsters 48 v 49 James 101
    ChorleyRocks 45 v 41 Powerful Potty Fc
    Group 2
    Gallowgators 41 v 38 CFC(Awesome)
    White Boys Day 59 v 45 Where’s The Dosh?
    Group 3
    Monty (Caz Daz) 51 v 18 Norfulk-in-chance
    WhoIsRonaldo 47 v 42 Arsene’s Boys
    Group 4
    4th Place Trophy 38 v 35 Park Bench Exports
    we love manchester 44 v 34 Son of a Pitch

    Quarter Finals to be played Game-week 31&33

    Cookie’s Monsters v 4th Place Trophy
    White Boys Day v Monty (Caz Daz)
    WhoIsRonaldo v Gallowgators
    Son of a Pitch v James 101

  6. 36
    Bench@BanterburyLeagues says:

    Banterbury Shield

    Quarter Finals 1st Leg to be played Game-week 31 March 22nd-26th

    Cookie’s Monsters v 4th Place Trophy
    White Boys Day v Monty (Caz Daz)
    WhoIsRonaldo v Gallowgators
    Son of a Pitch v James 101

    Quarter Finals 2nd Leg to be played Game-week 33 April 5th-7th

    4th Place Trophy v Cookie’s Monsters
    Monty (Caz Daz) v White Boys Day
    Gallowgators v WhoIsRonaldo
    James 101 v Son of a Pitch

    • 36.1
      NIN says:

      Hey Bench hows things?? The first legs are in GW 31 you say? What a bloody GW to start off the Quarters hahaha, very interesting.

      • Bench@BanterburyLeagues says:

        Hello mate , yes could be very interesting, and some side may take a big leap to the semis in that Gw , we will have to wait and see smile, hope your well buddy, i have a bit of a FPL meltdown myself, bloody January wildcard really didn’t work for me !

        • NIN says:

          Yeah that’s what i was thinking, the first leg could be all or nothing haha. Haha, dodgy Jan WC?? I know that feeling, i made a balls of mine and cost myself a ton of points

    • 36.2
      Gallowgate says:

      Is it away points count double in the longshot event of a draw over 2 legs Bench? smile
      I will be hammering into wk31 in any event, all out attack Liverpool style on WhoIsRonaldo 😉

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