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Barry and Paul’s Predictions – The Final Reckoning

Barry and Paul’s Predictions – The Final Reckoning

Barry and Paul’s Predictions – The Final Reckoning

Welcome to Barry and Paul’s Predictions – The Final Reckoning. GW38 brought the season to a close in typical GW38 style. The final game-week of the Premier League often throws ups some unusual final scorelines and this season was no different; a 9 goal thriller in Spurs last home game at Wembley, City scoring a solitary goal in their win at St Mary’s, and of course my beloved Newcastle putting 3 past Chelsea without reply – Happy days!

What started as an informal and innocent comment on another random article, asking you what you thought the game-weeks scores would be that week, has turned into something of an FF247 staple article now! Careful what you say around here folks, it can often rob you of hours of your life! That it then took on a life of it’s own is thanks to the continued engagement and enthusiasm from you lovely lot – so a massive thank you from both myself and my fellow Chuckle Barry (Matt) for making this happen.

We would also like to announce that Barry and Paul are going global, which is a more exciting way of saying that we’ll be running a competition throughout this year’s World Cup finals.

Some of you will be taking a well deserved break from all things ‘Fantasy’ this summer, but if you fancy trying your hand at predicting results throughout this years World Cup then this is the place to come. We’ll be posting up more details before you can say ‘England are going home’ or ‘England fans clashed with local police in Russia’.

Before then we still have two weeks of results to reveal, and of course this season’s overall winner, so without further ado, lets see who did what, and how!

In GW37 it was Mr.Bean who took top spot; 13pts were just enough to see off second placed Neelbasus and DenPerryDidit, who both finished on 12pts. A whole host of teams were just behind them on 11pts in third, I’d tell you who they were, but Barry (Matt) didn’t tell me, so if you’re really interested then shout out and I’m sure he’ll let you know!

Weekly Leader board (GW37)
Winner = Mr.Bean 13pts
2nd = Neelbasus and DenPerryDidit 12pts
3rd = Lots of people 11pts

In the final game-week, 12pts were enough to make Sam10 the winner, closely followed by yours truly with 11pts. Third place was a tie; Constantine and Albox both picking up a solid 10pts.

Weekly Leader board (GW38)
Winner = Sam10 12pts
2nd = Rosco 11pts
3rd = Constantine and Albox 10pts

Congrats Mr.Bean and Sam10, please email us at to get your hands on that FF247 t-shirt.

So who won the 2017/18 Barry and Pauls Predictions overall league title I here you cry! Did Init do enough to hold on to top spot despite predicting a 0-11 score for Man City in GW38?

Well in short no.

It was apparent from the get-go that when it comes to this predicting lark, two of you are seemingly a cut-above the rest. Coys and DenPerryDidit have been making this look easy from day one, and in the end, it’s perhaps fitting that they both finished the season with an epic total of 221pts. Perhaps the pressure got too much for our illustrious leader? There have been rumours that perhaps in the name of good sportsmanship, he simply became a little ‘overly generous’ in his predictions (Southampton v Man City 0 -11 anyone?), we’ll never know. Init finished the season just 2pts behind our leaders; 219pts wasn’t enough to for Init to win it (I know, I know) but it was a bloody good effort all the same.

Congratulations Coys and DenPerryDidit. Perhaps it would have been better if Init had won, because now he needs to provide not one but two suitable prizes for your achievements, over to you boss! Email the site please both.

The Final Table

Thanks for reading Barry and Paul’s Predictions – The Final Reckoning

This article was written by Barry and Paul… aka Matt and Rosco.

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  1. 1
    inittowinit says:

    ***NEW ARTICLE***

    Wow, it’s amazing to think back now that this was all borne out of that one chance comment! Rosco may still be punching his pillow right now regretting it (no euphemism intended) but it’s been well worth it and an epic journey as a result.

    Massive thanks to both him and Matt for taking us all on it.

    Even bigger congrats to both COYS and Den Perry for winning it. Well done lads, brilliant work :clap:

    • 1.1
      coys9 says:

      Thanks a lot as well Init. With my personal best OR on fpl this season and Winning the B&P just tops the cherry on cake for me.

      • Thanks again for running this competition Matt and Rosco, it was a lot of fun! I thought I had let my Christmas lead slip too far and did not expect to see myself atop the leaderboard when I checked in here. I look forward to next year with more participating from the start.

  2. 2
    constantine says:

    Cheers for all the efforts and time put in by Rosco and Matt to have managed this comp. Thunbs up. Just a small query here. I believe i have scored 12 points in GW37. Attached is the pic for the reference. Although nothing drastic can change now, but would be happy if I grow up the rankings. Pardon me if i am wrong here though. Thanks guys.

    Click on image to enlarge:

  3. 4
    Silvers says:

    I’m missing some think here bit of activity going on , when does this WC league start ???

  4. 5

    Think someone is throwing us some hints.

    Click on image to enlarge:

    • 5.1
    • 5.2
      Rosco77 says:

      I’ve yet to see a single manager say they would be happy to pay that!! I’d be happy if he stayed the same!!

    • 5.3
      AT says:

      Would almost certainly make a Kane and Salah team unworkable.

      • Rosco77 says:

        I suppose that would make things different!!

      • Kralin says:

        In the way Kane and Lukaku was unworkable at the start of this season. I can see ‘the curse of August’ Kane being a differential at the start of 18/19 as I’m sure Salah will be the one most people go for. Especially if Liverpool have some good fixtures first up.

        But yeah, throw in a Man City midfielder and you’re nearly at 40m.

        I’m hoping Chelsea and Arsenal players will be well priced. Just a hope I know.

        Will be researching attacking full-backs myself.

        I liked the pricing this season and the way prices didn’t rise that much during the season. Made it much harder to raise TV and stopped templates appearing. Just when we thought we had a template, a player started being rotated, etc. Davies for example, sigh.

        • AT says:

          Interesting that, Kralin. I must admit I didn’t really study it, but just from feel and looking at how my players were rising and falling, price changes seemed to be more volatile than previous seasons. I wasn’t playing as close attention to them this year though, so may have just kept missing the boat and pricing myself out of moves!

        • Kralin says:

          well, I am a more cautious type of manager, rarely make any transfers before the press conferences etc so a bit of TV passed me by.

          But I didn’t see many teams with the sort of values we’ve seen before.

          Last season I was up to 107/108ish. This season I think I got to 105 once. But maybe it was just me.

        • inittowinit says:

          I didn’t really notice the price rise thing either in all honesty but on reflection I guess they had slowed as there weren’t many who went up 3 times in a week I don’t think and that certainly used to happen a fair bit. I do know the price change sites were struggling to predict it all this season and certainly early doors they kept getting caught out with players ‘predicted’ to be on say 105% by Wednesday night still not moving by Saturday. It was less apparent later on so I guess they altered their algorithms accordingly as it went along.

          I changed a few small aspects of how I approached it all this season but one thing I didn’t change was the ‘Friday only’ transfer policy so I’m not as in tune about price rises as some as I largely ignore them!

        • Kralin says:

          One thing I was pleased about this season is that I got through with one hit only and still had a decent enough OR. I found sitting on my hands almost always paid off (though had to forward plan a bit). I liked having 2FT every other week.

          Previous seasons I would have panic-sold Kane after GW1 and would have got Hegazi in etc.

          But yeah, price rises don’t obsess me in the way they did before. Rotation was the big headache this season.

        • inittowinit says:

          Just 1 hit takes some doing and discipline. I’m not normally one for hits either but I just checked and I made 12 apparently! I was a bit surprised as I was expecting it to be about 5. I did do a couple of articles for the Fantasy Football Mag which focused on hits though and I analysed mine and a few others (Mitro being one, don’t think you’ve met him yet but we basically spend the entire season stopping him taking hits and he still takes about 50!). It was very eye opening though. Mine from the previous season came out in a positive overall, on a base level at least, (lots of other unfathomable factors could be taken into account too). Basically I concluded that they weren’t the bad seed I once presumed. But obviously in a very measured fashion. And usually a pro-active one too.

        • Kralin says:

          The not taking hits thing with me contrasted beautifully with Gallowgate’s strategy (he was running the site team) and became a bit of a running joke over there. He was saying hit away, I was counselling the exact opposite.

          Normally I take one or two, especially around the DGW, but had noticed managers doing okish on minimal transfers so gave it a go this season.

        • DMC says:

          It’s one of those things we can never really predict.
          I think hits for non-playing players are generally fine, especially if they involve big budget players going out and in form players going in but even those are subject to unexpected events.
          For example, I reluctantly took a -12 for four DGW37 players because Lukaku and Simpson were out and Christensen seemed out and Grob had Utd. I bought Sterlo, Jesus, VDH and Maguire (ok, that one was dumb) and they got me a combined 11… Would have had 11 from the ones going out – Grob, basically so albeit these hits involved 3 non-playing players it didn’t really pay off.
          On GW38 I took 2 players that could or not feature from the off (Son, Lingard) for inform Zaha and Arnie. It gave me a net gain of 17!
          Bottom line is, there’s no right or wrong hitting methods. It’s all very personal in terms of each ones team, etc., and we only know if it paid off after the GW is over.
          What we need to do of course is to justify them and not just take them because we are in the mood for a change. Those can also pay off of course but they’ll likely not more often than not.

    • 5.4

      If he stays as a Mid,maybe…
      14m for a FW,nope…
      Mo+Harry=cca 28mil £.
      That’s 1/3 of the budget gone,already !!

    • 5.5
      Smash10 says:

      I was expecting 13 million but would not be surprised if it’s 14 million. They did over price some players out of the game this year which was not good

  5. 6
    coys9 says:

    Hey Matt & Rosco, thanks a lot for your effort in running this competition! Really thrilled to be a co-winner!!!! Although I still don’t know what I’ve just won. Anyway, I may discovered a hidden talent within myself lol.

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