Euro 2020/21

Euro 2020/21 Fantasy Football

Euro 2020/21 Fantasy Football Welcome to the FF247 hub for the Euro’s. As per our Champions League article this shall be the main place for the duration of the comp and will act more as a destination to gather and discuss it all, rather than being anything of particular fantasy use. What you need to know How to play? You have a couple of options here; Click here to join via a desktop or webpage. Alternatively you can simply update your UEFA Games App (the one you may have used for the CL) and it will show up as a dual purpose one with the Euros game on there. The Rules This game is exactly as per the CL one with in-game matchday-by-matchday substitutions and Capo changes available between each day. We expect most of our league members will be au-fait with these rules but if you are u...[Read More]

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