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Top 5 Football Stadiums in Europe

Top 5 Football Stadiums in Europe It is widely known that football has been recognized as one of the most popular sports globally. Surely, Europe hasn’t become an exception. Here, we are about to cover the best stadiums where it is possible to watch the football games. So, let’s begin! Wembley Stadium Wembley stadium is situated in London. In this sports place, you can experience real pleasure from observing the football events of various teams but the home one here is surely the English national football team. The place was opened in 2007 so it can be considered a relatively new one. As for the capacity, it can become the top watching spot for 90000 spectators and it is the biggest stadium in Great Britain. As for the European rate, it holds the second position. Allianz Arena Well, Munich...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Top 20 Analysis

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 9 Welcome to Fantasy Football Top 20 Analysis. Kun? No Can Do! “… Kathmandu?” Ok! That took it a bit too far. But that’s just how funny I am. Really! Between having absolutely no sense of humour to trying to sound an iota as funny as those other legendary writers on this site, I just don’t know how to go about this. So bear with me guys. Be gentle with me (Yikes! Here I go again!). So, after what seems to be years and decades of freeloading on FF247’s advice, news, wall-street-level stats, suggestions, rate-my-teams and ‘funny-as-other-people’s-pain’ humour; I decided to crunch some numbers and finally give back. If by giving back, it means that the very cool admins accept this (future) Pulitzer piece. The fact that FF247 sent me a free t-shirt, with th...[Read More]

Stats, Stats and Some More Stats

Stats, Stats and Some More Stats As some of you know, I moved to the US last year from the UK. As an FPL enthusiast of many a year, one of the first things I noticed was just how huge the fantasy sports industry is over here. There are several fantasy sports programs on TV and there are regular sports programs (on the main sports channels) with sections dedicated solely to the fantasy side of the game. Imagine Gary Lineker taking 15 minutes out of Match of the day to talk about the players you should bring into your fantasy teams for the following week. Another thing that grabbed my attention was just how into statistics Americans are when it comes to their sports, and fantasy sports in particular. American Football, Baseball, Basketball, it doesn’t matter. Two of my favourite things in li...[Read More]

Trends and Useful Useless Stats

Trends and Useful Useless Stats Welcome to the first and probably last edition of trends, useful and useless stats. If there is a public outcry I could be talked into another edition, but considering the fickle crowd us writers deal with, write it yourself! Anyway onto business, looking to fill in the gaps during this International break, we have decided to put a little something together to hopefully entertain you, besides the already scheduled monkey pictures that are undoubtedly bound to end up on the chat. So let’s look for some trends and stats to fill up your brain with enough info to win in any game of ‘FPL GW1-11 trivia’. Also let me state that if you have any questions please ask on the boards, I will do my best to answer it or at least force Flingy to do so. First let...[Read More]

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