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Top 5 Football Stadiums in Europe


Top 5 Football Stadiums in Europe

It is widely known that football has been recognized as one of the most popular sports globally. Surely, Europe hasn’t become an exception. Here, we are about to cover the best stadiums where it is possible to watch the football games. So, let’s begin!

Wembley Stadium
Wembley stadium is situated in London. In this sports place, you can experience real pleasure from observing the football events of various teams but the home one here is surely the English national football team. The place was opened in 2007 so it can be considered a relatively new one.
As for the capacity, it can become the top watching spot for 90000 spectators and it is the biggest stadium in Great Britain. As for the European rate, it holds the second position.

Allianz Arena
Well, Munich, Germany is where you can find it. 70000 people can become the viewers at this place. Speaking of the size, in Germany, it is the biggest one.

FC Bayern Munich is the team that has stayed here as the home one for a long time period. You also need to know that here a lot of great games were held, including World Cups, UEFA Euros, etc.
One of the important features that have to be mentioned about the sports building is illumination. It looks gorgeous!

Old Trafford
This is the home of an extremely famous football team almost everyone has heard of: Manchester United. The place it is situated in has the same name.
Around 74000 people can visit the stadium at once (seating spots). As for the European rates, it does not hold the leading positions speaking of the size. The stadium is called a “Theatre of Dreams”.
As in other stadiums, here, the world-famous football events were held, including FIFA World Cups, Olympic Football, and so on.
The sports building is also widely used for rugby events.

Camp Nou
Barcelona (Spain) is where this stadium is located. Since the very final of its construction (which took place in 1957) football team Barcelona became the home team of this place.
The name of the spot means new field (when referred to the original Catalan). Despite its age, the stadium looks quite nice and for today, it is able to host almost 100000 viewers from any corner of the planet! (If you want to place bets on football, you may refer to the Dafabet app).
It has to be noted that the place is also used for many concerts and other events too. A lot of bright stars such as Michael Jackson and Julio Iglesias appeared there.

Estadio Santiago Bernabeu
Judging by the name, you can easily guess that this one is situated in Spain, to be exact, in the city of Madrid. The place boasts the capacity which is rather impressive: it is able to hold about 81000 people!
As for the size, it gets the second position in Spain. The completion of the sports spot was over in 1947.
You should also know that this stadium was named after a well-known footballer Santiago Bernabeu.
So, at this point, the review of the top 5 European stadiums is over! Hope now you possess valuable info about all of them! We want to add that it’s definitely worth visiting all of these places to enjoy the football games!

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