Wildcard Specials

Playing the WC prior to DGW37

Playing the WC prior to DGW37 – Your Honour, the Plaintiff would like to change their plea! – We’re on final allegations, counsel. – The Plaintiff is well aware of that, but new evidence has just arrived. – And what’s that? – Well respectfully your Honour, another double game week has just been announced! – Which are the teams involved? – Everton and Crystal Palace your Honour. – Humm … well, reluctantly, I’ll allow it. Well, well, another DGW! Just the two teams involved but a DGW nonetheless. So, they still blank on GW35 but hey they play 4 times in two consecutive gws. Can’t ask for much more really and this surely dismisses any plans for a hypothetical WC36/BB37. Or does it? Well, it does, in all honesty, but let’s give it a go for the sa...[Read More]

Playing the DGWs with a Difference – Wildcard in GW32!!

Playing the DGWs with a Difference – Wildcard in GW32!! I had planned to play my Wildcard in GW 33 in order to play the Bench Boost chip in GW 34. As I looked for a few calculated moves that would be good for GW32 I noticed that there were some teams and players that I felt had huge potential that week who weren’t in my existing team. This sparked me to consider what it would be like to Wildcard for GW32 and develop a plan that would prepare my team well for the weeks around the doubles. The major danger here is players getting injured during GW’s 32 & 33 leading up to the double. The other issue is that there are a few players I would love to have for the DGW in 34 who are not currently fit. I would need to either take a risk and bring them in with fingers crossed or foreg...[Read More]

Playing the DGWs with no Wildcard

[three_fourth padding=”0 20px 0 0″] Embed from Getty Images [/three_fourth]Many will be reading this with a wildcard in their pockets, comfortable with not having to hit for DGW players leading up to DGW34 & 37. That’s nice for you, I’m truly happy for you, honest!! Sadly, my wildcard pocket is empty though I do still have my Bench Boost and Triple Captain chips to use over the next few weeks. For a quick summary, I played my Wildcard in GW21 for a couple of reasons – my rank was shocking, the deficit to my mini-league leader was too much, there were 5/6 players I didn’t own who I wanted to own, but let’s face it, the main reason I played my wildcard was because I possess no patience – never have done and likely never will do. Though I will hold my hand up and admit that wi...[Read More]

Playing the DGWs with a Wildcard in GW33

So while Cookie and his chums are in a state of panic myself and my cohort just sit back relax and ‘pass the kouchie’. I mean I hadn’t given my wildcard a moment’s thought until Init suggested I write this article. Ok I said, I love a good waffle! Before I give you my thoughts as to what my wildcard team will look like I suppose I should briefly explain why I’ve chosen to activate my wildcard in GW33. When the double game-weeks were announced last week I had five players (Hennessy, Cathcart, Payet, Ozil & Aguero) who were set to have a double in GW34. With Kompany injured that number was just four. I should point out that ahead of GW31 I had two FT’s which left me with five FT’s ahead of GW34 which would have left me with 9/10 doublers without taking a hit. A few hits would have gotte...[Read More]

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