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FPL INTERVIEW: BATTLE OF THE SEXES I am joined in the hot seat(s) by two FF247 champions, Carolyn and Rosco. They battled tooth and nail, right to the end and finished 1st and 2nd in the FF247 Regulars League. This is a league that many of us prioritise highly as we battle it out with our ‘online mates’, our fellow site comrades who we meet with daily to share thoughts, opinions and advice. It was Rosco who emerged victorious as he came with a late charge in GW38 to take the coveted title from odds on favourite Carolyn. Both had FPL career-defining seasons, posting best ever finishes. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Carolyn and Rosco. Carolyn, you had an amazing season. 2378pts, global rank 5,373, in the top 40k from GW11 onwards, smashed your personal best rank. Congratul...[Read More]

FPL INTERVIEW: The Secret to Success

FPL INTERVIEW: The Secret of Success During my ‘FPL holiday’ I wanted and needed time away from the site – not just because the post lockdown period was intense and over the top, nor indeed that I wanted time away from you guys. I needed to stop, ‘freshen up’, think about the site and how to start the new season on FF247. I needed to ‘get away’ and to focus rather than get involved in CL Fantasy or indeed Scottish Fantasy. Credit to those that played or are still playing, but I needed that breathing space. It has dawned on me for a long time that I am not a great FPL player. Sure I’ve had one great season and a load of fun along the way. But good managers deliver again and again and again. What am I doing wrong? I searched ‘The Secret of Success’ and this is what popped up: “The secret of ...[Read More]

Writers Under The Microscope; An FPL Interview

Writers Under The Microscope; An FPL Interview To fill the FPL void we have decided to grill some of our regular writers on all manner of things, from their own FPL performance to Death Row food to their favourite players. And much more inbetween. Let’s go meet them… Thanks all for joining us, in person too! It’s always good to be able to ruffle Matt’s fluffy hair, squeeze Rosco’s biceps and just give Swirly a big hug, because he’s simply the nicest person in the world. Let’s start with an easy and obvious one; how is your FPL season panning out for you? Rosco – It’s been a tough one, hasn’t it! I’ve been floundering around the 1.3 million mark for a while but I’ve jumped up to around 300k in the last two game-weeks so hopefully things are on the up! Mat...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Interview; A league winner on a mission…

Fantasy Football Interview; A league winner on a mission… When one focuses on the country of Norway, they immediately may think of the beautiful fjords, or maybe the Midnight Sun, Christmas trees, trolls or Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The more aged of us may recall ‘Maggie Thatcher, your boys have taken a hell of a beating’ while millenials may be more familiar with trade deals with the EU. But if I said ‘Fantasy Football’ your immediate thought would probably not be Norway. However, it was one Norwegian who lit up our Regulars League this season, winning the coveted title by 34 points. In fact one look at his season stats and the list of accomplishments are almost as impressive as a Messi or Ronaldo résumé. I am of course talking about Fabian von Harling, but you will know him as ThePeleO...[Read More]

FPL Interview – Plans & Strategies

Fantasy Football Interview – Plans & Strategies Welcome to Fantasy Football Interview – Plans & Strategies. As we all continue to tinker with our squads and work out how to include as many of the top players as possible we thought it would be helpful and interesting to pick the brains of some veteran and well-known FPL players. By veteran I mean by way of experience in playing FPL, not in seniority in years! I have to admit to being quite excited at getting our selected panel together – between them they have numerous finishes in the top 1k, throughout the season they spend hours helping others with sound FPL advice as well as entertaining thousands on their various sites or twitter with merciless banter and wit. Allow me to introduce them to you. FPL Fly – Fly has be...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Question Time

Fantasy Football Question Time Welcome to Fantasy Football Question Time, the second of our post-season interview articles. I have the great pleasure in being joined by six regular FF247 members who you will be very familiar with. But our guests have not being selected just because you know them, but because each one has had a very special season in FPL, with all six recording their best ever season in terms of overall rank. Let me introduce them to you – first on the couch is our Liverpool supporting enfant from Vermont, RedVT. Next up, also from the other side of the Atlantic and Harry Kane’s biggest fan is Pancho. To make this a truly global article, we visited Thailand, not just for the hell of it, but to visit ex-pat Colonial. Back to European soil and our third guest is F...[Read More]

Inittowinit – he’s one of our own

Inittowinit – he’s one of our own Now the season has finished and we’re all twiddling our thumbs as to what to do for the next several weeks, we thought it prudent to reflect on a strange, fun season by interviewing someone most of you are familiar with. Some of you know him as Inittowinit, or Init, or Inuit, or Cock, or maybe you have another more private term for him! For those not familiar with Init, he was one of the original founders of FF247 and to used to write the Fixtures article as well as contributions on all other articles. He is a busy chap with a young family yet finds time whenever possible to comment on the boards, offering help, advice always mixed with an appropriate amount of banter. What many of you won’t appreciate is the ‘behind the scene...[Read More]

It’s Delicious in Mauritius, an FPL interview

It’s Delicious in Mauritius, an FPL interview Welcome to It’s Delicious in Mauritius, an FPL interview. Every now and again the fun jobs turn up and I managed to bag the best one yet. All in the name of work you understand. Boris Martin is probably not a name you are familiar with – he plays FPL, is a Liverpool fan (zzzzz) and is a contributing member of FF247 on the boards, where he appears under the guise of Derek Sr. Boris or Derek, or Bo Derek as I have renamed him (Google it if you’re too young to understand) lives in Mauritius – if that’s not good enough then our new friend is having an exceptional season as he sits in 618th place. I therefore suggested to the powers to be that Bo Derek needed interviewing and that it had to be done in person! They agreed, so before they ...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Question Time

Fantasy Football Question Time Welcome to Fantasy Football Question Time. A break from FPL can lead to many things – DIY, taking the loved one away for a Valentines treat, more productivity at work – or in my case a chance to catch up with some of the wisest brains in the FPL world. Sadly for you that meeting will stay private, but after that I had the opportunity to meet with four other FPL gurus. All are unique in their own special way, yet all provide valuable opinion for you to feed on. Our chat was enjoyable and fun and covered predominantly the current issues surrounding FPL managers – ie the blank game-weeks coming up (GW26 & GW28). We also touched on a couple of other issues. Let me introduce them to you – first up is the lesser-spotted Floydeth, who run...[Read More]

Playing the DGWs with no Wildcard

[three_fourth padding=”0 20px 0 0″] Embed from Getty Images [/three_fourth]Many will be reading this with a wildcard in their pockets, comfortable with not having to hit for DGW players leading up to DGW34 & 37. That’s nice for you, I’m truly happy for you, honest!! Sadly, my wildcard pocket is empty though I do still have my Bench Boost and Triple Captain chips to use over the next few weeks. For a quick summary, I played my Wildcard in GW21 for a couple of reasons – my rank was shocking, the deficit to my mini-league leader was too much, there were 5/6 players I didn’t own who I wanted to own, but let’s face it, the main reason I played my wildcard was because I possess no patience – never have done and likely never will do. Though I will hold my hand up and admit that wi...[Read More]

In an FPL panic? Here are some wise words….

In an FPL panic? Here are some wise words…. It’s been the strangest start to an FPL season that many of us can remember, with experienced managers’ rankings taking a huge beating after just four game-weeks. Many managers with a ranking in the top 2mln are actually considered to be doing “ok”,  while others have already hit the wildcard button and some FPL Chips have been played with some differing results. Big name players have not performed, Chelsea are leaking goals, the so-called Gooner dream midfield has yet to register a goal, United look like they will never score a goal again, Liverpool looked a solid defensive unit until the Hammers smash and grabbed a convincing victory at Anfield – and in the meantime City are strolling along happily at the top...[Read More]

Life is a breeze for the top Portuguese

Life is a breeze for the top Portuguese The season may be over, but the memories are still fresh and for one FF247 member, it was an amazing season. Alberto Mendonca, best known to us as Albertini led his team Celtinha to 2,354pts which resulted in an overall global ranking of 113. His final gameweek score of 49pts saw him reach 113 which was fittingly his highest position of the season and also led him to win the Portuguese league and finish 2nd in the FF247 league. Albertini has been a solid and much loved member of our community, regularly contributing on the message boards, both asking for thoughts on his transfer plans and also willing at all times to help others. It is with great pleasure that I met up with Albertini to discuss his brilliant season.

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