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Community Team End of Season Review

Community Team End of Season Review

Welcome to the FF247 Community Team review for the 2016/17 season.

It’s fair to say it’s been a season of highs and lows for the Community Team. Let’s start with the low; GW 31 rank of 1,005,432. Ouch. And onto one of the highs; from GW 31, seven straight green arrows and a final rank of 308,237. Not a great rank and a drop off from last season, but an increase of nearly 700,000 places in the last seven weeks is no mean feat. All that voted, take a bow!

Let’s take a look at some stats behind the Community Teams season using the excellent FPL Statistico site (

The FF247 Community Team’s ID is 79962 if you’d like to check out the facts for yourself.

Points Breakdown

Total Points for the above Gameweeks: 2076
Total Benched Points for the above Gameweeks: 246
Total Weekly Points Averaged Over All Gameweeks: 54.6


Total Captain Points: 555
Total Captain Points as % of Overall Score: 26.73%
Total Vice-Captain Points: 188
Possible Captain Points if you Always used your Vice-Captain instead: 376
Possible Captain Points if you Always Captained Highest Gameweek Scorer: 960
Total Actual Captain Points as % of Highest Possible Captain Points: 57.81%
Difference Between your Captain Points and Highest Possible: -405
Possible Total Points if you Always Captained Highest Scorer out of (C) and (VC): 2128
Difference Between your Total Points and the Above Number: -52
Possible Total Points if you Always Captained Highest Scorer: 2279
Agüero (11 times – 155 points – average 14.1 points)
Ibrahimovic (7 times – 84 points – average 12 points)
Lukaku (5 times – 84 points – average 16.8 points)
Sánchez (4 times – 114 points – average 28.5 points)
Kane (3 times – 42 points – average 14 points)
Costa (2 times – 18 points – average 9 points)
Hazard (1 time – 2 points – average 2 points)
Giroud (1 time – 4 points – average 4 points)
Firmino (1 time – 10 points – average 10 points)
Coutinho (1 time – 2 points – average 2 points)
Christian Benteke (1 time – 28 points – average 28 points)
Alli (1 time – 12 points – average 12 points)


Total Transfers: 45
Total Points Hits: 40
Total Auto Subs: 16
Total Auto Subs Points: 40
Total Immediate Points Gained from Transfers: 279

Rank Comparison

Rank 1: -488
Rank 101: -378
Rank 501: -338
Rank 1001: -318
Rank 5001: -260
Rank 10001: -230
Rank 25001: -184
Rank 50001: -144
Rank 100001: -96
Rank 250001: -20
Rank 500001: 53

Ranking Averages

Highest Gameweek Score: 143
Lowest Gameweek Score: 26
Median Gameweek Score: 55
Current Rank: 308237
Highest Gameweek Rank: 116,500
Lowest Gameweek Rank: 4,014,319
Average Gameweek Rank: 1,554,388
Median Gameweek Rank: 1,344,431
Total FPL Users: 4503345
In Top X% of All Users: 6.84%


3-4-3 (35 times – average 52.9 points)
5-5-3 (1 time – average 143 points)
4-3-3 (1 time – average 71 points)
3-5-2 (1 time – average 51 points)

And what does that all mean? The interesting facts are the variables that, as a community, we control so captain, who we benched and transfers are harder to summarise:

We picked the highest scorer in our team as captain 58% of the time (an increase from 45% last season).
We benched six goals out of a total of 98 (compared to benching two goals of 109 last season).
We benched two assists out of a total of 66 (compared to benching two assists of 68 last season).
We benched 10 clean sheets from a possible 53 (compared to eight clean sheets out of a total of 61 last season).
Median Gameweek Score of 55 (compared to a score of 55 last season).
In top X% of all users 6.84% (compared to 2.68% last season).

So the season has ended; we have a new champion, three teams relegated, three teams promoted, Jose continues to park expensive busses, Ibra is ageless, Kun is mortal (especially with the rising of Jesus) and sadly this will be the last season for the FF247 Community Team. The decision has been made by all involved that the time to end is now. Votes have been on the decline of late and the time commitments this takes, especially on Gallant Pioneer with the voting is too much.

We hope you have enjoyed being a part of this amazing experience and interestingly there appears to be other community teams popping up on Twitter. When the idea was born three years ago on the banks of the Waikato river here in sunny NZ, we didn’t know it would come to fruition and end up on the site as a regular article.

A few thank you’s; Elle, thanks for all your help and ideas from the start. GP, you took the idea and ran with it; developing the voting system and you drove the publicity both on site and Twitter. Cookie, Kop, Init and the others that have made it happen. And of course the biggest thank you goes to all of you that have voted.

Fantasy Football Gameweek history 2016/17

Thanks for reading Community Team End of Season Review. This article was written by NZ Alex

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  1. 25
    Raziel says:

    Tnx for the article guys, the community team was an interesting initiative. smile

    • 25.1
      Raziel says:

      Aaah yes, so I forgot about my Fantasy Champions League team for the second time since the quarter finals. Only had 6 players playing. I was like first with over a 100 points ahead, close to top 50. I wonder if now I can even win the FF247 league. HAHA! :p

      • inittowinit says:

        Lol. I tried to post a reminder and couldn’t get a connection. My first thought was – Raz will now forget smile

        Well done on the FF247 one anyway mate. That’s usually a toughie to win with Sanchez, GP and Obat usually very competitive. Usually being the operative word 😉

    • 25.2
      Raziel says:

      Bow down people. Raziel won the FF247 Fantasy Champions League, having forgotten about his squad twice. That’s how good I am. Number 6th of my country and I am pretty sure I would be fucking first had I not forgotten about my squad twice. Darnit. Anyway, won the FF247, I’ll take that. laugh

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  3. 27
  4. 28

    Sources are saying Salah deal to LFC complete for €40mill and hes on £90,000 a week.

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