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EPL Transfer News: ‘This is the last one’ David Silva confirms Manchester City exit

EPL Transfer News: ‘This is the last one’ David Silva confirms Manchester City exit

David Silva is among the top footballers in the world. The 33 year old Spaniard has played for
Manchester City for 10 years. He left Valencia for the English club in 2010. However, he
recently revealed that he will leave the current EPL champions once the 2019/2020 Premier
League season ends. Amateur punters who placed stakes in Betway on whether David will
score in certain matches won huge payouts. In this post, we discuss David Silva's Manchester
City exit.

David Silva's Career at Manchester City
David made over 395 appearances for Manchester City since 2010. He has won several titles
with the club including two FA Cups, four EFL Cup trophies and four EPL titles.
Nevertheless, he has missed a considerable number of games due to injuries. He played a
critical role as a midfielder for the City. For example, the Spanish midfielder made
eight assists and scored six goals in the 2018/2019 Premier League season.

The Manchester City midfielder won the World Cup and two European Championships with
Spain. He has won the favour of most Man City fans. David scored 70 goals for his current
team. He scored the opener during this year's FA Cup tournament. Regular betters placed
huge stakes in Betway88 football during the last Premier League season.

His Exit from Manchester City
Silva confirmed that he will leave Manchester City after the next EPL season. The club had
offered him a two year contract extension but the Spaniard expressed his desire to join
another team. He has always been committed to helping his team soar to greater heights.
David would not like to play against his current team. He predicted that Phil Foden could be
his possible replacement once he exits the club.

David claimed that Phil reminds him of his early career life at the club. He is normally a
competitive and focused player. The Manchester City forward often mentors Phil to improve
his skills. He is optimistic that Phil will hold a crucial position in the England club's success
in the future. Pep Guardiola often included David in his starting team in the last EPL season.
He played 33 matches thus helping his team win three titles.

Gran Canaria recently asked David whether he would like to play for the EPL club after next
season. In response, David said that this is the right time for him to transfer to another team.
The Spaniard always said that he would like to wind up his football career at his native club,
Las Palmas. Unfortunately, the Spanish soccer team is currently in the Second Division. Silva
stated that he will play for them once they return to La Liga.

David has made a huge impact in Manchester City over the last nine years. For instance, he
helped the England club win the last EPL title after beating Liverpool in the final match.
Despite being 33 years old, the Spanish player might join another team from Japan, China or
the U.S. specifically Sichuan Jiuniu FC, Yokohama F., and New York City FC. You can bet
in Betway on other possible transfers that might occur this summer break.

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Manchester City exit




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