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Esports and Fantasy Sports betting: everything you need to know

Esports and Fantasy Sports betting: everything you need to know

Esports and Fantasy Sports betting: everything you need to know

As time went on, esports and fantasy sports like fantasy football slowly made their way to the top. Thanks to the advent of digitalization, both markets proved themselves very lucrative. Furthermore, digitalization helped them exceed our expectations and reach huge success. In light of their success, many people seem eager to invest both time and money in said industries.

You’ll find that both esports and fantasy sports are very exciting, and they offer a great way to make money. However, the two are very different. So, familiarizing yourself with their differences is essential to finding what suits you.

Esports and Esports Betting
In short, esports consist of playing video games in an extremely competitive environment, meaning human vs. human gameplay. The industry’s estimated worth is somewhere around 1 billion U.S. dollars. What’s more, predictions suggest that the industry might be looking at a 60% increase by 2024. It’s safe to say esports have a bright future ahead.

When it comes to esports betting, knowing about fixed odds and spread betting will be of use to beginners. Fixed odds mean that you’re presented with the odds (decimal, fractional, etc.). You decide the amount you wager, and consequently, the odds tell you how much you’ll get if you win the bet. Another wager option is spread betting – where you’re free to give one of the players/teams a handicap before you bet them, making the odds closer to a coinflip.

The most important thing you should do if you’re new to esports betting is to find a decent betting site. Doing research will be essential, so make sure you browse top rated Esports sites until you find your match. Aside from offering great security features, these sites also offer great coverage when it comes to games, including Dota 2, League of Legends, and many others.

Difference between Esports and Fantasy Sports
Even though both esports and fantasy sports require lots of research and work, the most obvious difference between them is the scoring system. We can say that each scoring system is specifically tailored to individual game genres. For instance, League of Legends tournaments will award points on wins and win times, deaths, kills, first blood, etc. On the other hand, scoring points in fantasy sports, or more particularly, fantasy football, is purely based on your players’ performance.

Fantasy Sports
The fantasy sports industry has done quite well for itself, with the Global Fantasy Sports Market estimated value being 22.3 billion in 2021. If you’re a devoted sports fan, chances are you’ve always wanted a chance to manage your very own team. For example, fantasy football gives you a chance to manage real teams like Tottenham and Manchester United the way you see fit. What’s more, you can easily add and drop players to your roster.

Making money on your fantasy football team has never been easier. After you’ve assembled your team, you can place real wagers with other people. The winner is the person whose team performs best.

Esports or Fantasy Sports
Judging by the data and the statistics, esports and fantasy sports won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Both industries have certain similarities like requiring research and skills. Their differences, however small, set them worlds apart.

The choice between esports and fantasy sports is totally up to you and your preferences. If you’re interested in managing your very own team, fantasy football might be right up your alley. If, however, you like a bit more variety when it comes to your betting options, give esports a chance.

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