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Euro 2024 Fantasy Football

Euro 2024 Fantasy Football


Hello everyone and welcome to Euro 2024 Fantasy Football.

If you have played Champions League Fantasy Football then you will feel at home here, as it is basically the same format, and indeed the same platform. But if you haven’t played before then don’t worry, it’s fairly simple and we shall walk you through the basics below.

To the main business at hand. What we will do here is;

1. Cover the basics.
2. Provide FF247 league details with codes and links.
3. Detail the fixtures.

1. The basics
The Rules
As far as the rules go, you can access them here via – THIS LINK but let us give you a quick rundown of what they are.

      The scoring itself is pretty much as per FPL. The only real differences that you would notice is that there are no bonus points and we will not get an assist if our player wins a penalty that is scored, but the player will get 2 points for winning said penalty no matter if it results in a goal or not. A player also gets a point for every 3 ‘ball recoveries’ too.There will be 3 points for the ‘Player of the Match’. There is no indication as to how this is awarded other than that is done so by ‘UEFA’s technical observer’. Which presumably means that he or she will observe who is in their own fantasy team first and act accordingly.
    • FORMAT
      The format is the same as Champions League fantasy. For those who aren’t familiar with this it basically means a tad more planning as you can sub players in before they have played to replace those that already have. A quick example would be to pick a Scotland guy, let’s call him Scott, for arguments sake. And maybe an England guy, let’s call him Jude. Given as Scott plays on Day 1 you can put him in your X1 and see how he does, whilst placing Jude on your bench. If you like what you see from Scott then you can leave him in the team. If he has a stinker (likely) then you can simply activate manual subs and bring Jude in to replace him for his later game. Simples, really.
      If you activate a manual sub then your right to auto subs (as per FPL) disappears. You have the option to do either. Manual subs is your best bet we feel as you control who comes in and you get 4 more shots at getting it right, basically.
      The Captain Armband works in much the same way as CL and not FPL. You may change your captain after each match day (if he was not sent off) with a player from your squad whose team is yet to play.
      Before the game begins: UNLIMITED
      Matchday 1–6: 2 per matchday
      Between matchday 1 and 2: 2 transfers
      Between matchday 2 and 3: 2 transfers
      Before round of 16: UNLIMITED
      Before quarter-finals: 3 transfers
      Before semi-finals: 4 transfers
      Before final: 5 transfers
      Basically, it’s like FPL in terms of being able to carry 1 transfer over. However once we reach the knockout stage we will not have the option of carrying a free transfer with us: you don’t use it, you lose it.
    • Deadlines
      Deadlines are subject to change and will be at the time of kick-off of the first match of the matchday. So unlike FPL you do get to see the line-ups in advance and adjust accordingly. Just be aware that all 6 GW’s in the group stages now kick off with two early games so the deadline each time is 5.55pm UK time. Which also means you get to see the team sheets for four teams, not the full lot as in previous (and better!) seasons.
    • CHIPS?
      There are a couple;

You get 1 regular wildcard and you can play it anytime you like prior to the start of a round. It acts the same way it does in FPL.

Limitless Wildcard
This is a different type of wildcard here, one that many will find very appealing. It is very similar to the “Free Hit” chip we have in FPL. However, there is one major difference… “The Limitless Wildcard enables the user to create a team without any budget restrictions and affords them unlimited transfers for one matchday.” So for one matchday you can afford whatever team you like. You do still have to meet the criteria for players from one team and formations and all that, but there is no budget, so spend away. Once the matchday is over, just like the free hit chip, our teams revert back.

The Game Itself
You can access the game here – Fantasy Champions League

2. The FF247 Leagues

    • Our Public FF247 league code is mr9nwD
      This one is the usual open air league that all and sundry are welcome to join.
      Click here for the auto-join link.
  • FF247 Regs League – The main one!

The purpose of this one is that it is for folk who are on the FF247 forum regularly and taking part in the regular FF247 Euro24 chat. Please don’t try to join if you aren’t. We will know, and we will boot you out.


Please email us on for the league code to join.

You must include your FF247 username and your Euro24 team name in the email or we will simply ignore it.

3. MD1 Fixtures


So that’s the basics, in as much of a small nutshell as we could manage, without boring the pants off you. If you have any further questions or queries or if there are any clarifications you need then as always please feel to ask below.

Please feel free to post any RMT’s or other questions below.

Thanks for reading Euro 2024 Fantasy Football.

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  1. 67

    My second draft which most likely will change in an hour after the first lineups wacko

  2. 68

    Oh well, overdosing on Germans for the usual trap MD 3 was expected. Hey ho, many games ahead smile

  3. 69

    I have only Grimaldo for tonight and he gets the armband after the 2 points from Musiala.
    Who knows, he might get something, if not, plenty of other options in the next two days.

  4. 70

    That was so cruel to Croatia, to concede in the last seconds after leading for so long no

  5. 71
    bees393 says:

    Are you guys moving Cpt off Grimaldo? May not be worth it?

    • 71.1

      I am going to captain Mbappe if he starts, if not, it will be Harry or Jude.
      Have another problem. According to all news, TAA has been dropped out for tonight and Gallagher will start instead , so I might leave him on my bench as well.

  6. 72
    bees393 says:

    Latest media reports say Mbappe is starting Ivan

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