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Euro U21’s Competition, Potty Style!

Euro U21's Competition, Potty Style!

Euro U21’s Competition, Potty Style!

Euro U21's Competition, Potty Style!Thanks for reading Euro U21’s Competition, Potty Style!

Good Evening and welcome to the launch of my Summer Competition. Given as UEFA have left all us good fantasy folk stranded with no actual competition to play I thought I would step forward to try and fill the void a bit with my own little competition, just to keep us entertained. The competition is based on the Under 21 European Tournament which starts on Friday 16th June. Screw UEFA then, let’s get on with it…

Your aim is to gather as many points as possible, its that simple.
Follow this link to the UEFA site to find all you need to know when selecting your men who’ll hopefully bring you European Glory (then click on the Under 21 tab).

Lets Play ‘Its A Pre-Tournament Gamble’

The Rules.
A – Select 5 players from any position you wish.
B – Highlight one as your Captain (C) for double points.
C – Your men may come from just one of the Under 21 teams or a pick and mix from any.
D – Your five man team must be picked ahead of the tournament starting, hence its all a Potty gamble.
E – There will be two groups which I’ll draw on Monday at 9pm, with the top four after the group stage is complete making the semi-finals stage.

The Potty Points System!!!!
All your players will gain points as follows…

Appearance (and even off the bench) = 15pts
Goalkeeper/Defender cleansheet = 25pts
Goalkeeper/Defender conceeding = -10pts per goal
Any player making an assist = 20pts per assist
Any player scoring = 30pts per goal
Yellow or Red Card flashed = -5pts & -8pts respectively.

Now pick your 5 star men from these teams…

FYR Macedonia
Czech Republic

The 1st part of the competition, and your 5 picks as per above, are for the group stages only. You will get to pick a different squad after that but stay tuned for details should you qualify that far.

So do a wee bit of research then post those men of yours below.
Cheers my dears x

This article was written by Potty Procky

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  1. Test :thumbup:

  2. I’m new here
    Can I play pls?

  3. Evening Potmeister, heres my ‘InittobeatInittowinit’ famous 5.
    Deulofeu (c).

  4. 25 Managers now involved and they all want Inittowinits crown?
    Keep them coming

    • Just realized I didn’t pick a cappo! I’ll go Selke! Cheers Potty!

      • Hey Rosco are we making changes already Potty can we change to are teams already ?????????????????

      • Do the chap a favour there Rosco and at least reply to where you posted your team! :) Hes got to compile all this somehow….

  5. Evening all!

    How are we?

    • Evening Mitro how we doing mate , interesting day tomorrow fixtures announced can’t wait to get going again ;)

      • Just saw the fixture list! Only a few more weeks before we can start tinkering away!! :)

    • Naked and eating

      • Had a bath yet?! #FFCPythonstory

        • The python stalked me.
          Then I stalked James the Butler apparently?
          FFC classic days.

        • Haha, yeah I remember that too! James (101) is still around mate, he’s been on a fair bit this season. He’ll have a wry smile if he sees this too.

        • I was accused of being Potty when he first appeared. People were so dumb, thinking I would have 2 different log-ins and all that….

    • Good mate, yourself?

      • I’m good init! In Portugal at the moment having a week away with the missus and kids before we get married in a couple of weeks

        • Good stuff mate, enjoy yourselves. Especially you. She will change drastically in a couple of weeks, thems the rules :)

        • She already has mate! She’s doing my nut in

  6. Great penalty by Kane very clever :)

  7. Sterling & oxlane Chamberlane look good ones to keep an eye on nk season Ox looks good if he can hold down a place ;)

  8. Hey I’m new to all of this but hopefully I can enter!
    Paciencia (Portugal)
    Deulofeu (Spain)
    Selke (Germany)
    Meyer (Germany)
    Sanches (Portugal)

  9. The new Fixture Tracker is under way. You can find the 1st version here –

    Click on image to enlarge:

  10. Anyone else having issues with the view now latest comments?

    • Mitro
      My problem is I can see everything.
      Even chem-trails

    • Can you describe what’s happening please mate? And by that I don’t mean “well I’m sat in a bar with a pint overlooking the sea” ;)

      Seems to be working fine for me. We have switched a few settings so it’s important to know if stuff like that isn’t doing as it should for everybody.

      • Init

        Usually I go latest comments and click it and it would take me straight to the comment but I’m having to scroll down the article that comment is in to find it….

        P.S I am actually out on the balcony having a few beers ;)

        • Ok mate cheers. What are you viewing on specifically?

        • Using my iPhone my company has banned your website on my laptop the bastards! ;)

          P.S I might be pissed as a fart but even the post comment button doesn’t seem right

          Click on image to enlarge:

        • Destroying the great British countryside and peoples lives is serious business mate :D

          To be fair they probably just asked the last lot and they said “yeah he’s good, but he does spend 4 hours out of every 8 chatting on a fantasy football site”

          The Post Comment thing is my doing, I was trying something, I need to reset it. IT hasn’t noticed yet….

        • Cookie – I will try that in a bit mate, thank you!

          Init – I know I know but what can I do, it’s my job mate

        • My job is to ‘destroy the countryside and people’s lives’, that’s some admission mate :hippo:

          I’m only kidding you. I’ll not let it go though ;)

  11. Pottys Under 21 Euro 2017 Competition = “Update”
    Just some pointers for you.

    1=The 5 men you’ve selected are unchangeable throughout the Group phase.
    2=The Captain youve selected is also unchangeable throughout the Group phase.
    3=Due to the interest shown in this nutty Competition I am now running 3 Tournaments.
    4=You need to finish in the Top 4 places in your Group to progress any further in this format of mine.
    5=If you do qualify for the Semi-Final stage then and only then may you select 5 new men and another Captain if you wish.

    So see you tomorrow (Thursday) night for the draw of the Group’s

    Platini Potty

    Click on image to enlarge:

    • Night Potty – so what’s the exact deadline here?

      • Hi DMC, he’s set it at 5pm UK time on Friday

        • Hi init – thx. But isn’t that the kickoff time oft he tournament itself? I ask because I sem to remember Potty saying something about it being unfair that players who haven’t yet posted their teams being able to know the lineups as opposed to those who already did. Anyway will post on Friday then. Cheers mate.

        • It is mate, I think he’s got confused with Polish and UK time differences. But let’s not tell him eh….

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