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Fantasy Football League Round-up

Fantasy Football 247 League Updates

Fantasy Football 247 League Updates

Welcome one and all to the August round up of the FF247 leagues. I hope eveyone had a good summer, enjoyed the World Cup and has come back fighting fit for the turmoil which is the Premier League for 9 months. So as quick as we compiled our teams for GW1 of the 2014/15 season then the first month is over already would you believe it so lets find out which fantasy teams got off to a flyer :- [clear]

FF247 Overall League
1st—216pts–Blame it on Debuchy—Tom Farmer.
2nd—212pts–SupADISKlOneMoREtiME—Simon Maytham.
3rd—205pts–Societa Esportive—Boblewo-Garutti.
4th—204pts–Mr Bean–Adam Hodgson.
5th—203pts–Knights–M Junaid Ameer.

This will be the league to win as you have to maintain consistency over the whole season. Congratulations to Tom Farmer who leads the way with a total of 216pts followed by Simon Maytham 4 pts behind on 212, the next 3 places were filled by Boblewo-Garutti, Adam Hodgson and M Junaid Ameer, only being seperated by 2pts.



FF247 Manager Of The Month
1st—204pts–Mr Bean–Adam Hodgson.
2nd—203pts–Magnet Under There FC–Jack Ellis.
3rd —203pts–Knights–M Junaid Ameer.
4th—194pts–Syrians–Ghayth Jouma.
5th—193pts–FC Starbar–Starbar.

The monthly prize was a close run race with Adam Hodgsons team ‘Mr Bean’ winning by just one point, pushing the teams of Jack Ellis + M Junaid Ameer into joint 2nd with their respective teams. 4th + 5th places went to Ghayth Jouma + Starbar with 194 + 193 pts respectively


FF247 Doubles League
1st—176pts–Aditupem–Init + Elleffcee.
2nd—175pts–Belly + Clyne–Chins + Calvin.
3rd—172pts–Indecisive Warriors–Kop + Floydeth.
4th—166pts–Potty Morbid FC–Potty + Morbid.
5th—165pts–Potty As A Jock–Potty + Gallant Pioneer.

The doubles League has just 11 teams but will be fought tooth and nail until next May, the team that wins this prize will be the outfit that has fewer tiffs. After 3 GWs, it has last seasons champions Aditupem surprisingly top of the pile, but only by 1pt from Chins + Calvin who in turn are only 3 pts ahead of Kop + Floydeth. You may notice that in 4th + 5th place are two teams with Potty in both, he appears to be going along steadily with both partners, we wonder if they know they are being two-timed?!

Well thats it for August, may you all have a good September with your fantasy teams, except the doubles of course, and I’ll see you here at the end of next month.

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football 247 Legue Updates – Fantasy Premier League 2014-15. This article was written by Elleffcee

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  1. 25
    Bigpopz says:

    Champions league..?

    Any advice on a site & league to join.

  2. 26
  3. 27
    constantine says:

    hello u all doin? played my WC..still waiting for guzan price to increase..also,shud i degrade my def and upgrade hendo to sterling?Please share your views..

    • 27.1
      inittowinit says:

      Hi constantine, are you planning on keeping Guzan or just waiting to make a small profit and sell him on? I only ask as Villa’s next 5 fixtures are terrible. They play last seasons top 5 all in a row I think. Rest of it looks good and yes I think that little adjustment on Sterling would be worth it.

      • constantine says:

        thanks init..yupp, planning on keeping guan just for the the prcie change sake and then sell him..but, prices changes this season are all over the predictions. any suggestions on the same keeping rotations in mind?

  4. 28
    Calvin Clyne says:

    Evening. Anyone expect England to get a result tonight then? I don’t, but would love to be proved wrong.

  5. 29
    Hyper Fuse says:

    So much needs to be done…please, help me!

  6. 30
    boblewo2 says:

    haha look at me in there!

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