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Fantasy Football League Round-up

Fantasy Football 247 League Round Ups January

Fantasy Football 247 League Round Ups January

FF247 overall JanWelcome everyone to the January round up of the FF247 leagues. This article will be brought to you by a writer that was born after the invention of dirt, ME, Elle’s Apprentice. With our customary writer (Ellefcee) tending to some personal business, it will be my duty to take his place. Hopefully I do a good enough job so FF247 can send Elle to cover the L.A. Galaxy and bask in the sun with Stevie G. I am sure the better weather in the city of Angels will help his old bones out. So Elle just relax, turn down that hearing aid and take them Coca-Cola bottle glasses off, I got this. Well, enough of complimenting my boss, let’s get to the round up.

FF247 Overall League. FF247 overall Jan

The number one spot in the overall league at the end of January goes to David Ross and his team ‘Rossaldinho’. Congratulations David! Last month he was tied for 1st and now he has claimed the top all by his lonesome. On top of that he was also ranked 20th in the world when January ended. Only 6 points behind is Sakari Uutela who more impressively was placed 34th in the world also. LF Steve is securing the bronze medal for now grabbing 3rd. Andy’s ‘Pretty in Pink’ squad grabs the 4th slot with ‘Crooky’s Gunners’ grabbing 5th only 1 point behind. In 6th we see Kyle Shaughnessy leading ‘Dzeko and the Bonymen’ into 6th place. ‘Boyz II Mendonca’ tied on points with Kyle is slotted in 7th because of having made more transfers. To round off our top 10th we see ‘JJ’s Allstars’, ‘Suarez ate my team’ and ‘Fun team’. Congratulations to all of you for making the top 10 and we hope that you continue your fantastic season.

FF247 Manager Of The Month.FF247 mom Jan
1st place for the month goes to team ‘Valar Morgulis’ which is incredibly much easier to pronounce than the manager’s name of Gourang Amrujkar. So congratulations for an incredible month, but most of all for learning how to spell/pronounce your name. 😉 A close 2nd place was the landing spot for Cody Fiore and his team ‘Rutgers University’. In 3rd we see Jonathan Crosby who is closely followed by the rest of our top 10. Only 9 points separates third from 10th. Great going to all in this top 10, as we all know one great month will boost the overall rankings by a considerable amount.

FF247 Doubles League.FF247 doubles Jan

Top of the Doubles League come the end of the month were NZ Alex + Peaky Dave once again with their team ‘North South Divide’, with a very nice score of 1359. 2nd spot goes to Inittowinit + Elleffcee with their team ‘Aditupem’ on 1334pts. The defending champs Aditupem are finding it hard to cheat this year and will face a tough battle to catch our leaders. Silvers + PvR with team ‘The Two Uniteds’ sit in 3rd place. 4th place is taken up by Potty + Morbid with their squad ‘Potty Morbid’, a bit of a surprise here as the dynamic duo dropped a place in the standings. If any of you follow these two on twitter they would have you think that they actually understood FPL. Finally in 5th spot we see Monty Norfulk and their team ‘Le$bian Lion$’ who managed to move up a G spot and jump into the top 5.

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football 247 League Round Ups January. This article was written by Ellefcee’s apprentice

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  1. 13
    The B says:

    How should I approach this team? Have 2FTs and 1.9M itb.

    If Chelsea DGW is confirmed, I can do ADM>Erik this GW, and Giroud + Defo > Kane +Costa next GW.

    But I have rotten tomatoes in my team right now, like Wisdom and Jones.

    Becoming very confusing. Thoughts?

    Wisdom > Rose is also an option if Wisdom has really lost his spot.

  2. 14

    Evening all, i would like to thank my young apprentice for stepping in at short notice to write this article and actually writing such a marvellous piece. All being well i should be back for the February round up, after having a nightmare start to the year. Once again cheers young-un. laugh

  3. 15
    Bench@BanterburyLeagues says:

    Last chance to become art of the Banterbury family, lest that 10 places left

    4938-737919 14 Places

    4938-737920 14 Places

    4938-737921 14 Places

    4938-737922 14 Places

  4. 16
    Potty Procky says:

    FF247 Doubles League
    4th = Potty Morbid Fc – 1316 pts
    As the writer said……
    Myself and @patheticomorbid really know our FPL stuff.
    I sense he and his Apprentice are under pressure from our knowledge?

    • 16.1
      inittowinit says:

      The apprentice’s apprentice then? I take it your ambition is to go backwards? That’s the only way you’ll be troubling the apprentice’s apprentice and his partner – the apprentice’s apprentice’s assistant. 😉

      You’ve still no idea who wrote this have you?! laugh

    • 16.2

      I wholeheartedly agree w/ my right honourable co-manager @PottyProcky , Mitro seems very worried. I’m sure the last time I looked both Potty & I had more points than ” the Leg end Mroto”.
      Now for a couple of FPL old fools who know nowt about the FPL that has to look really bad woohoo!

      Now for the FF247 doubles league, We have you both in our sight and before long you’ll be nothing more than a dot in our FPL rear view mirror .
      That FF247 doubles league title will be ours. Mark our words. Titter ye not !

      Mr Morbid
      Pathetico Morbid FPL
      StalyVegas MLS

  5. 17
    Potty Procky says:

    Nobody in the above FF247 Doubles League has broken into the American soccer market like…..
    Potty Morbid FC
    Here is proof lads.
    We are bigger than Passenger!
    Plus we don’t take any.

  6. 18

    No weed for Potty Morbid FC, just say NO kids.
    Who are Passenger?
    Congratulations to my mate who is kicking ass and taking names in the Fantasy Cricket league, Well done Potty.
    Right I’m off to give my Captain for GW25 the hairdryer treatment.
    Mr. Morbid

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