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Fantasy Football League Round-up

Fantasy Football 247 League Round Ups May

Fantasy Football 247 League Round Ups May

FF247 overall leagueWelcome everyone to the final round up of the 2014/15 season. It was a great ride for many, in particular the ones that we have consistently seen showing up in this monthly article. There was some ups and downs along the way in this very weird season and for those of you who had a rough season, you can I least feel good knowing that the scores reset and we start anew. Now let us have a look to see who gets a mention this time.

FF247 Overall League. FF247 overall league

Top of the shop and gold medal winner is Sakari Uutela with a grand total of 2365pts for his team ‘Oulunkylan’, well done. Our very own Alberto Mendonca aka ‘Albertini’ took silver with 2354pts with his team ‘Celtinha’. Only 1pt behind Alberto was David Ross in 3rd on 2353pts with his team ‘Rossaldhino’. The next 2 places are taken up by Nathan Cook in 4th and Daniel Hennessey in 5th with their teams ‘Crookys Gunners’ on 2343pts and ‘Boyz ll Mendonca’ a further pt behind on 2342pts. These top 5 players also did well in the whole competition with their overall places being 72nd, 113th, 122nd, 187th and 191st respectively. Well done to all 5, some brilliant scoring over the season.


FF247 Manager Of The Month.Mom league
In 1st place for the month of May is rishabh thakur with his team ‘FULL POWER fc’ who amassed a monthly total of 301pts. 2nd place was tied this month with 290pts being achieved by Hans Hayrynen and Mike Smith with their respective teams ‘FC Monsas’ and ‘MilneSturrockDodds’. 286pts was obtained by team ‘Buzzers’ to put Phil Clayton in 4th. Team ‘Why Always Red ?’ Scored 296pts but with a total hit of -12pts put them on 284pts in the end and gave FPL Player a final position of 5th.


FF247 Doubles League.FF247 Doubles league

We have new champions this season, so stand up NZ Alex & Peaky Dave, you are the new ‘Hinge + Bracket’ of the site as you managed to amass a total of 2261pts to clinch 1st spot. Potty and Morbid put in a late surge, but came up short of the champions in 2nd spot with their team ‘Potty Morbid’ on a pts total of 2228. The weird and unseen couple Mr + Mrs Facepalm put their team ‘No Hope Bob Hope’ into 3rd place with 2211pts. Team ‘Aditupem’, last seasons champions, came nowhere near last years giddy heights, but managed 2182 to take 4th spot for Elleffcee and Init. 5th was taken up by Silvers & PvR with their team ‘The two Uniteds’ with a total of 2159pts. I would just like to add that the top 3 teams managed places of 2363, 5186 + 7461 overall, which I think you will agree is superb rankings for doubles teams.


Well that’s it for this season folks, I would like to congratulate all those peeps that managed to get a mention throughout the season. I would personally like to thank the people who run the site, you know who they are, the authors who produce articles week in week out and especially you the congregation that post all season, THANKS.

Just to add, I did post that there will be no monthly reviews next season, as we feel that a lot of the people mentioned in this article are not site posters and we sort of don’t know who they are. But I will be running a league and cup, a sort of League Cup, not to be confused with Bench’s FA Cup, for site posters only, more of this will announced nearer the seasons start.

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football 247 League Round Ups for May. This article was written by Ellefcee. Fortunately he doesn’t have a Twitter account so you don’t have to bother following him.


Site Updates and Feedback!
As ever over the Summer break we have a list of jobs to do that will hopefully improve the site and the user experience. Paramount is making the site ‘mobile friendly’. Although not of absolute importance from a user point of view we need to do this for practical reasons as Google are penalising those that don’t and we need to maintain our position on the 1st page of their search rankings for key words.

That aside we have a few minor updates to run with things like new ’emots’ but the rest is down to you really! If you would like any new features or have ideas as to how we should improve the site then we are all ears. Please feel free to post and discuss any suggestions below and as ever we shall listen and if it’s practical we shall implement. No promises of course but it’s good to talk!


UEFA U21’s Fantasy Football
UEFA U21's fantasy comp 2015We shall be running a site competition for the upcoming U21’s Championship and we shall post details in the next few days, as and when it is open for entry. They are updating the site as we speak and it begins for real on the 17th June at 5.45pm. Stay posted for updates and no doubt the odd article to help you along the way!

Stay posted!

The Winner Speaks!

We all wondered who the mystery man at the top was… well, he’s been in touch! We were pleasantly surprised to find an e-mail in our inbox over the weekend from Sakari himself and so we had a chat and asked him a bit about himself and how his season had panned out and his FPL strategies. A mini interview if you like and he provided the following as a small bio and message…

“Hi All,

Somebody asked in your comments, who is the ‘Mystery Man’, who has won overa…

So I will reveal the secret. I am the winner of the Fantasy Football 247 league! Here is some extra information about me.

At the beginning of the season I just tried to find some competitive leagues where I could join. I also looked for useful FPL sites and that was the main reason why I joined the Fantasy Football 247 league. Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to be a regular poster although I spend way too much time on this game!

I´m old “fox”, born in the sixties. I`m from Finland, Helsinki and this was my fourth season of FPL. My FPL history is quite good (4733, 3040, 12238 and now 72). 2013 – 2014 I refused to buy Yaya!

I started to play FPL because one friend of mine asked me. He wanted to create “Tampere – Lahti open” league, where participants were my three best friends and their kids. So in the beginning FPL was also a “family thing” for us. But just after few rounds I was addicted.

My favorite team has always been Chelsea. The great love begun in spring 1970, when I watched the FA cup final on TV and for some reason, which I don’t even remember, I chose Chelsea and not Leeds. Lucky me!

It would be also nice to tell you about my game strategies, but because one thing is the most important for me I put it simple: watch enough games. I watch weekly at least 3 – 4 games and make many of my transfer decisions based on what I see.

Of course there are several other strategic things for me, for example –

– I play fixtures for the first few rounds, after that it’s always form over fixtures.
– I’ll make sure that my team value is proper/decent (I jump few early bandwagons and could take also few hits).
– My captains are quite ‘safe’, but I always take some risks to make this game even more fun
and as I said earlier I use plenty (too much) time for planning.

It has always been fun and useful read your site, thanks! IMO it`s important that there are many different kinds of FPL sites and there are enthusiastic people like you to make them happen.

And good luck to you all for the next season.”

So there you go. Many thanks to Sakari (Uutela) for getting in touch, massive congratulations for actually winning it and also having the final say on this seasons league article!

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  1. 61
    Kop Warrior says:

    Liverpool have confirmed the signing of Danny Ings!

    • 61.1


      Came on here when I saw this but Kop way ahead of the game:

      Morning Kop! I’m underwhelmed.

    • 61.2
      hammers says:

      Cant see that he’s much of an upgrade on Borini tbh & as for being free i think the panel might have something to say about that – he’ll probably end up costing us 10mil. Would’ve preferred Austin for that.

      As for Origi he was voted in the worst XI in France this year so i’m not expecting too much from him.

      Very underwhelmed by this bit of transfer business but hoping that this is paving the way for a 30mil marquee signing that could be a game changer. (i can dream!)

      • 1 of 7 says:

        Hi hammers,just ings had 11 goals last year to borini’s 1.Rodgers doesn’t rate borini or he would have had more games this season.origi had a poor year but is only 20 and still managed 8 goals for Lille,he seems highly rated by Wilmots.I think ings is sensible as it frees up money to spend elsewhere rb,cm and another striker.means Liverpool probably have 40 million to spend on these 3 positions.if you are underwhelmed now,wait until Adam Bogdan is our next free signing!!!

      • hammers

        A fee because he is under 24 I assume?

        How long have Burnley ‘schooled’ him though?

        • They didn’t form him.

        • hammers says:

          As far as i know is doesn’t matter how long they “schooled” him for. if a player is under 24 & has been offered a new deal (which they refuse) it goes to a tribunal to set the fee.

          Spurs allegedly bidding 12mil for him has done us no favours as it puts a guide to his worth in place. Reckon we’ll have to pay about 6-8mil for him

        • hammers

          Thanks for that mate. Interesting. Different rules up here indeed.

          Yeah I think you could be right on the amount there. Someone won’t be happy anyway!

        • Definitely different rules than South America. A place like River Plate in Argentina still gets forming rights over Falcao anytime he is sold and so does his small club in Colombia before he was bought in Argentina. That goes for most Colombian players and probably most South Americans.

          I remember when Monaco bought Falcao, the Argentinian club was talking about having some much needed cash come in. No wonder he is treated like a God when he goes back to visit the club. He gets transferred so much that they are living off him. smile

        • hammers says:

          They still do that but in a different way here Mito- some clubs that “form” the player add sell on clauses to his 1st transfer so if he does make it to the big time they get rewarded.

          From what i read – He started at Bournemouth & they will get a % of whatever funds Burnley get for him

  2. 62
    photek says:

    Anyone see the rumours that Zlatan might leave PSG for £11m, Arsenal are supposed to interested.

  3. 63

    Heard a rumour that Kovacic has agreed personal terms with Liverpool but there is a big disagreement on his price between the two clubs. Now Liverpool are trying to make either Borini or Lucas go to Inter as part of the deal.

    • 63.1
      HL [Dr. Hannibal Lecter] says:

      Kovacic would be a solid signing, Elle !!
      Mark my words 😉 !

      • Yip, i agree Doc. I just wonder why the Americans won’t pay 21mill for him, they’re only offering 15mill as far as i know. :shake:

        • HL [Dr. Hannibal Lecter] says:

          They want to offload Borini who himself has showed interest in going back to Italy, so they are just playing the bargaining game, imho…
          Thing is Inter wants Lukas, as you mentioned & not Borini…
          Lazio is interested in Borini and this is where I personally think he will end up in the end…
          On the other hand, there were reports about Lukas being a surplus in the next season’s plans/formation – so this deal could go through…

          BTW, if Sterling to City rumours (for 30mil) are true – there will be plenty left for some other quality signings 😉 …

        • Word is Doc that the little shit Sterling prefers London. We just need to get as much as we can because he is still only ‘potential’. Let him go and sit on some teams bench and rot away. laugh

  4. 64
    Andy says:

    Oh Mcdonalds no, just booted up my U21 team (Not open properly yet), joined the Tongan national league and they’ve given me the Togo national flag, this would never have happened under Blatter.

  5. 65
    inittowinit says:


    Just added a bit to the end of the above article as Sakari (the overall winner) kindly got in touch, off his own bat, and wanted to introduce himself and say a few words. Well done Sakari!

  6. 66
    HL [Dr. Hannibal Lecter] says:

    “The bid for Juventus’ Paul Pogba has now reached €80m as reports emerge of a new offer by Manchester City.
    After PSG reportedly put €70m on the table for the player in January, the Sky Blues now emerged with an offer of €80m.
    The 22-year-old was reported by his prominent agent Mino Raiola to be worth €100m and Juventus are believed by the Gazzetta to be unwilling to consider offers below €85m.”

    Roberto Mancini says Inter remain ‘hopeful’ for Yaya Touré !
    Mancini explained that he doesn’t consider matters to be closed yet.

    “He was the one who told me he wanted to look for new destinations,” said the Coach.

    “I spent six months explaining to him what he would find at Inter, then he spoke with his club and he fell out of the radar.
    “But I haven’t given up on this, I’m waiting to hear his own side of the story and in the meantime I remain hopeful.

    “Or else why would he have spent six months telling me that he wanted to come to Milan?”

    p.s. it would help if we had a separate article for the summer transfer news/gossip…
    just sayin :hippo:

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