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Fantasy Football FF247

Fantasy Football 247 at the Football Blog Awards

Fantasy Football 247 at the Football Blog Awards

fbaFantasy Football 247 is delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted as a finalist for the Best FPL Football Blog award (FBA). The finals take place on November 13th at the National Football Museum in Manchester. This is an immense achievement for us, bearing in mind we only went live in November of 2013 and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the team at FF247 for all their hard work, given freely and in their own time, for making the site what it is today.


tweetvoteWe would also like to thank all our members for being such a huge part of the site – without you we are nothing and the site is irrelevant. We have always aimed to make FF247 a community site, a fun site as well, of course, and a useful tool for FPL managers. It is your involvement, comments, banter and engagement that ultimately has pushed FF247 into the realms of being nominated for awards such as this.

So we thank you deeply and look forward to a bigger, better, funnier future together!
Finally, we would like to ask that you vote for us in the hope that little old FF247 may just upset some of the more established names that we are up against. Clearly our age will not make it easy for us to win against other sites that have been around for years, but you know us, we’ll give it a go. Every vote counts.

Voting is very straightforward – all you need to is click on the link below, either taking you to the FBA site or through the twitter button.
In case you’re thinking, “I’ve already voted”, then firstly thanks, it’s your votes that have been responsible for us being nominated. But from now, the votes have been reset to zero and we start again.

If you’re on twitter, then this is the most simple method.

Voting via the FBA site link involves about about two minutes more of your time! Just click this link (or the red ‘tweet your vote’ button above), enter your details and under “categories”, click the FPL drop down menu and you will see Fantasy Football 247 appear. Simply highlight us and click “Vote Now” – you will be sent an email which you will need to confirm your vote.


The FF247 team will be attending the event itself and we will be sure to post pics on here and via twitter of what will surely be a fantastic night out regardless of the results! Tickets are on general sale as well so if anyone fancies it please feel free to come but be sure to let us know so that so we can include you in our party!

Thanks again for your time, patience and support!

All at Fantasy Football 247.

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football 247 at the Football Blog Awards. This article was written by FF247

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  1. 1
    jasprit says:

    congratulations to the ff247 team and all the members.
    this site has truly become more than just a fpl blog, it is in every sense of the word – a community.
    having never met anyone and being from different corners of the world, it still feels like we all know each other and this has become another important social platform. and you can’t have that without having co-operative, genuine and fun members and genuinely honest, sincere and also fun admins.
    every other site offers tips and advice and what not, but none have what we do.

    lots of love to all. now lets vote and spread the message to make others vote and try to win this shit!

  2. 2
    Raziel says:

    Congrats FF247. Knowing you’ve been awarded with this you are allowed to do a RMT of my team.

    It’s funny how a new article always pops up as soon as I do a RMT. rant

    You know what? I’ll just post it again.

    At the end of the week should I replace Falcao or Costa? Costa will be harder to get back. Or should I leave it as it is?

    • 2.1
      Raziel says:

      Or wait, knowing you have been ”shortlisted” you are allowed to do a RMT. 😉

    • 2.2
      inittowinit says:

      Raz, I have Falcao. He stayed this week given the fixture. And he’d better bloody well deliver now given Aguero! He’s my fall guy this week assuming Costa is ok as Utd now have Chelsea and City on the bounce. My recommendation would be to do the same.

      Cross my heart we don’t wait until you do a RMT before publishing! Although it is becoming a hell of a coincidence!

      • Raziel says:

        Hmmm. Falcao scored a hattrick for Atletico Madrid versus Chelsea. If he is used the right way he can be magical. Problem is, RvP stands in his way. I will shout it as often as I can hoping LvG will read this. If he does read he will probably do the opposite because he always wants to be right. :p

        Hope LvG has the balls to drop RvP back or use him in a more wide role. Last game Falcao looked 10 times as dangerous as RvP by the way.

    • 2.3
      Raziel says:

      Wait, this is a ”blog” site? You sure? I told myself I would never be on one. >.<

      • Raziel says:

        That’s it, I’m packing. J/k. big-lol

      • inittowinit says:

        I know, I hate the title too. Makes it sound like we jot down a few diary musings occasionally…. There’s some serious websites in this comp and it’s hosted by some Sky presenter and the panel of judges (there’s a judged award and a voted one) includes some well known journos from over here. The ‘blog’ thing doesn’t do it justice.

        • Raziel says:

          I wouldn’t worry about it too much Innit. It’s still cool and legit. People call ”Cody” an oddball, does that change our opinion about him? No. He’s still our ”Cody” with a supersexy avatar.

          Not at all what the average American looks like. Average American doesn’t fit in an avatar so I get why he used this one. 😉

        • Cody says:

          omfg who is this Raziel guy. You’re funny dude!

  3. 3
    Cody says:

    Oh this is awesome!!! I’ll go vote right now! Hold on.

  4. 4
    Tekno-kun says:

    Why’d you have to go and publish a new article just as I post a RMT? I swear, this has happened before! biggun

  5. 5
    Jeet T4 says:

    The Chelsea manager said Costa had “little, very little [chance],” of playing against United. “I say Maribor, no chance; Man United, very little – but very little,” he said.

  6. 6
    Cody says:

    Alright people. Time to hit the hay. Talk to y’all tomorrow!

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