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Fantasy Premier League Intro 2018/19

Fantasy Premier League Intro 2018/19 Welcome to Fantasy Premier League Intro 2018/19. As most of you are aware, FPL has been live for a couple of weeks now, but due to England’s surprising progress to the semi-finals and many of you playing both the Fantasy World Cup game and our very own Predictions Competition we have delayed any FPL articles until today. It’s full speed ahead now though as we look forward to the start of the season which kicks off on Friday 10th August. If you’ve not been with us over the summer then we hope you feel refreshed and renewed and enjoyed some fantasy-free time. We extend a particular welcome to our new friends who have migrated over from Fantasy Football First – we hope you feel welcome and at home with us. The purpose of this article is kick of...[Read More]

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FPL launch 2017/18 – Rules Changes and Player Price list

FPL launch 2017/18 – Rules Changes and Player Price list Welcome to FPL launch 2017/18 – Rules Changes and Player Price list. And finally we’re back to normality… No more wondering how to fill those days in the office, pretending to be working on that big project but secretly with an FPL tab or ten open at the bottom. We can finally start tinkering again as the game for the 2017/18 has been launched and the player prices along with it. Let the GW1 RMT’s commence in earnest! Whether you are new to the game or a relative veteran let’s get some of the basics out of the way – To either register as a new user or simply renew your team you need to click here… FPL 2017/18 If you have played previously then that will simply allow you to re-register. ...[Read More]

The Boot Room – Rate My Team – Game-week 5

The Boot Room – Rate My Team GW 5 – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League Game-week 4 is over and the International Break is under way, for many (including the FF247 team) this means wildcard time. So if you are looking for a bit of help on your new squad or simply feel the need to discuss any future transfers, you have come to the right place. We will also be receiving managers in need of a shoulder to cry on. Because frankly, after this 4 week span a tear or two is understandable. So please feel free as ever, to post your thoughts, questions and feelings about whatever you want to, but in particular if you would like others to take a look at your team ahead of GW5 and beyond and offer their opinions. Please post or link it below and we are sure you will get plenty of feedback. Some o...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Fixtures Gameweek 36

Fantasy Football Fixtures Gameweek 36 Just the three weeks left now and things are starting to hot up in many a mini-league with narrow margins and little room for any more errors. GW35 left many scratching their heads and contacting FPL HQ to see if they could sub in Myhill for a striker and play two keepers… Glyn Oliver (Boaz), the American born, Welsh / English keeper was the star of the show in a surprising performance that saw him not only keep a clean-sheet but also notch a penalty save and in the process grab all 3 bonus points for a total haul of 17 points… Away at Man United… Ok, ok, we’ll stop picking at scabs. Nobody saw that coming and the only beneficiaries were either ‘ghost teams’ or anyone with no better second keeper to play in the first...[Read More]

Fantasy Football 247 at the Football Blog Awards

Fantasy Football 247 at the Football Blog Awards Fantasy Football 247 is delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted as a finalist for the Best FPL Football Blog award (FBA). The finals take place on November 13th at the National Football Museum in Manchester. This is an immense achievement for us, bearing in mind we only went live in November of 2013 and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the team at FF247 for all their hard work, given freely and in their own time, for making the site what it is today. [clear] We would also like to thank all our members for being such a huge part of the site – without you we are nothing and the site is irrelevant. We have always aimed to make FF247 a community site, a fun site as well, of course, and a useful tool for FP...[Read More]

Scoring aint boring when you are winning – Fantasy Football 2014/15 Interview

Scoring aint boring when you are winning – Fantasy Football 2014/15 Interview We are very honoured today to welcome a very special guest into the FF247 studios. To be the best in your local geographic area is an amazing accomplishment. To be the best in your country is something most of us will continually strive for, but never achieve. To be the best in the world is just a dream, unlikely ever to be realised for 99.99% of us. But that is where our guest today finds himself. Our very own Tom Farmer, or as he is known on the FF247 boards as “scoringaintboring” finds himself after 5GWs as the joint leader of the global FPL league, with an incredible score of 354pts. His team “Blame It on Debuchy” has shown remarkable consistency with scores of 80, 63, 73, 76 & 70. This is Tom’s thi...[Read More]

FPL Wildcard time or Patience required? Some expert thoughts

FPL Wildcard time or Patience required? Some expert thoughts – Fantasy Football Tips 2014 / 15 [three_fourth padding=”0 20px 0 0″] #72896021 / [/three_fourth]Balotelli? Di Maria? Falcao? Welbeck? Cleverley? Boyd? No – the word on FPL lips this week is WILDCARD. An international break, a chance to gain some team value using unreliable price rise sites, a disappointing start to the campaign, an opportunity to buy those “must-haves” or just general boredom has led to thousands upon thousands of FPL managers pressing the button this week. A fortnight of unadulterated fantasy transfers awaits them as they subject themselves to the ultimate FPL thrill ride. Following on from Ed’s Wildcard guide we got some of the FF247 writers together to...[Read More]

When is the best time to play your FPL Wildcard?

When is the best time to play your FPL Wildcard? Fantasy Premier League tips 2014/15 Every season there is always the panic and finger nail biting as fantasy managers ask that same old question – “When should I use my Wildcard”. We all have different views as to when to use it so here is a short guide as to six different options that might just be the difference in winning your Mini League or having the ignominy of a season wasted due to your poor wildcard decision. If you time your wildcard well it can be an opportunity to make huge strides with your side as your team climbs the league. Pressing that “Play wildcard” button can be a tense time, but if you plan it well you could reap the benefits.

Fixture Tracker – Fantasy Premier League 2014-15

Fixture Tracker – Fantasy Premier League 2014-15 We’ve all seen a few different ways of viewing upcoming fixtures, and the one that has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years is the colour-coded one. With this, you can instantly see each team’s approaching fixtures with an accompanying colour that corresponds to the difficulty of each match. This is very useful for both identifying teams that are potentially about to have a great run due to a kind set of fixtures, and also identifying weaker teams that can rotate well, i.e. when one team has a bad fixture the other will have a decent one, so you swap between the two players. For more info on rotation, check out Mito’s somewhat exceptional article on it 😉 Rotation Analysis Home and Away and Favoura...[Read More]

Managers of the Round Table – Fantasy Premier League 2014-15

Managers of the Round Table – Fantasy Premier League 2014-15 We have gathered up six prestigious members / writers around Mito’s Round Table to answer a few quick fire questions in the lead up to the opening of the FPL season. They have been asked to make choices over some of the same key questions many of us are currently facing. As one would expect we got a wide range of varying answers, everything from a unanimous decision on formation to six different choices for Flop of the Year. See what our esteemed panel answered and please share your answers and views below, including that tricky last question. And don’t be shy; they sure weren’t when expressing their man crush.

Thank You!

Thank You! – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League Over the last few days there have been plenty of posts on our message boards from fantasy managers that have enjoyed fantastic seasons. We won’t take all the credit of course (!) but the feeling is that many of those successes are down to having spent time on the site and having absorbed the wealth of knowledge and advice that is available here, be that articles or conversations on the message boards. The FF247 Team In fact, this site would be nothing without those two exact things. The first being the immense efforts and contributions from our editorial team. We would therefore like to extend a huge thank you to the team of experienced fantasy managers that have all made time this year to provide invaluable articles for the site...[Read More]

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