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Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 32

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 32

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 32

Like many, our GW31 was rescued late by Christian Eriksen and Josh King – the Viking came up with a goal and assist at Swansea while King cheered ‘most’ of the committee by equalising at Anfield. Of course King only appeared for us due to Llorent’s no-show, so happy days! Eden Hazard contributed 13pts also and those three were the only significant contributors. Captain Fail Sanchez at least tried to justify our faith by adding a clean sheet point but it was a pretty embarrassing display by the remaining eight numpties. We scored just above average – 50pts vs an average of 45 and saw a small red arrow. Not nice. We dropped about 1.5k places to 36,034. So hardly a disaster. It seems that win, lose or draw though we are destined to finish in the 30k bracket! We are beginning to realise how Jose feels this season as that’s the 11th time now that we have ranked in the 30’s and we’ve actually spent 20 of the 31 weeks stuck between 20 and 60k! At least we are consistent if nothing else. Maybe we have been too lenient on some of these wasters for too long, but calls for an emergency wildcard will be batted off by the committee, no doubt. But let’s see…

Our transfer this week is: Nobody!
We have decided to stick this week and take the free transfer into GW33 when we can start planning properly for DGW34. The forwards seem to be an issue at the moment as we are a bit heavy in midfield and a bit light up top but losing any of Erik, Sanchez, Hazard or Siggy right now doesn’t seem right. The only real suggestion this week was to replace either Carroll or Llorente with Origi, Benteke or Negredo but it all felt a bit like replacing a damp plaster with… another soon to be damp plaster. We have just £0.9m in the bank too so the options are limited without a hit or some major surgery. Certainly the likes of Kun are out of our range. So we stick with what we have and will go at GW33 with a spare transfer and assess that limp attack again. No doubt still in 30,000th place or so!

The Team in full this week…

Our captain is: Christian Eriksen
This was a split decision to say the least. Erik, Sanchez and even Siggy all received votes. Which probably says a lot in terms of there being many good choices this week, but also maybe us not having many of them! Erik stumbled across the line but his 2 goals and 3 assists in the last 5 games does oil the wheels a bit. Watford being more or less safe and Spurs wanting to crank up the pressure on Chelsea helps too.

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The Tracker in full…

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  1. 31
    cjsanders111 says:

    Good luck everyone. Broke back into the top 1000 last week after dropping 3 weeks on the trott. Have gone for a gamble and have captained SANE. Hope it pays off. Was tempted with hazard and Ali. But want to try and push into top 500 this week – so taking a gamble!

    Good luck everyone!

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