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Fantasy Football 247 Site Team News Gameweek 11

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team News Gameweek 11

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team News Gameweek 11

If in doubt, do nowt

Welcome to FF247 Site Team GW11

In the end, the -4 for Salah was the wrong play and resulted in a small red arrow. Salah did score, and a 16pt return for our captain is no bad thing, but we’re gluttons for punishment, so let’s see what we could have won!

We sold Son (10pts) and Fernandes (1pts) and brought in Palmer (2pts) and Salah (C) (16pts), factor in the -4 and on the surface, we look to have come out on top with 14pts vs the 11pts we would have had. Not so fast though.

If we hadn’t brought in Salah, we’d have likely captained Haaland (16pts). Had we done that, we would have finished the game week with 78pts which is 13pts more than the 69 (-4) we ended up with. That score would have seen us jump to the heady heights of 5k, yikes.

Fine margins and it could easily have turned out differently on another week. We take our small red on the chin, dropping to 19,055 and we are once more reminded that sometimes the best move is no move at all. Bryan Mbuemo’s 13pt return following his 14pt return last week is a lesson to all that patience really is a virtue when it comes to playing FPL.

Our Gameweek 10 Result

We have £0.0m in the bank and 1 free transfer to use ahead of GW11. Let’s go see what was decided….

Our GW11 Transfer(s)

This week’s transfer discussions were short and sweet, a quick poll and a unanimous decision to roll Our transfer. We still have a very paper-thin (read non-existent) bench, but there’s every chance one or both of our flagged defenders return in the coming weeks so we’re happy to take a chance. The lineup picks itself and whilst Salah vs Luton (A) is a strong fixture for the Egyptian, we feel Bournemouth (H) is even stronger. Back to the robot, we go!

To confirm we have rolled our transfer

Captain – Haaland

Our GW11 team in full…

You can follow the progress of the FF247 Site Team here

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football 247 Site Team News Gameweek 11. This article was written by Fantasy Football 247

The Captain Confessional…

DMC — Haaland

The Gallant Pioneer — Haaland

Jamesimmo — Haaland

Swirly — Haaland

Matt — Salah

Loud Atlas — Haaland

Smash — Haaland

Kop — Haaland

Rosco — Haaland

Ellefcee — Haaland

Floydeth — Haaland

Init — Haaland

Gear — Haaland

Stone Frog — Haaland

OddDane — SalaHaaland

Jamie Mc — Salah (Haaland if I had him!)


Back by popular demand! Well, sort of… Drafthound have changed their line-up approach this season and what it means for us is that we are no longer able to display a live feed of it on here due to some technical difficulties. That said, what they have done looks great and is still only a click away so if you want to access those they are HERE



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  1. 19
    asif8888 says:

    good morning and good luck to all in GW11.

    was contemplating a double hit with alvarez, trippier, son to haaland, guehi, palmer. in the end, decided not to go for it.

    here is my team for this week. the bench order looks correct ?

    Click on image to enlarge:

    • 19.1
      inittowinit says:

      I’d switch Taylor and Archer myself.

    • 19.2

      Can’t see the attraction of Palmer

      • AJW says:

        Apparently he’s a very attractive young man, and a pretty good footballer!

        By the way, I’m kind of turned off the ODI match by the fact that my captain Warner has once again fallen to the hands of some English bowler! I should have known better – at least it wasn’t Stokes!!! These situations can either heighten, or ruin your viewing pleasure! What a shame I’m such a drongo at ICC Dream 11!!! Was kind of liking the Pak vs NZ match, but once again, the English team has to go and ruin my weekend! Oh well – it just forced me to transfer big and go for the Batting Booster in tomorrow’s match! SA will probably cause India’s first defeat and my 4 Indian batsmen will lose their wickets cheaply, knowing my luck!!!
        See yah! Have a good GW! smile

  2. 20
    AllanBrallan says:

    Sold Botman and bought Van de ven…. Anyway… good to go?

    Have a feeling that Salah should be captain this week so i might make a last minute change there…

    Click on image to enlarge:

  3. 21
    GoalMachine says:

    With 2FT, 0.3 ITB – what to do? Burn the transfer? Is it worth to do Turner to Strakosha and save 0.1 (not sure where to use that).

    Click on image to enlarge:

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