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Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 30

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 30

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 30

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Welcome to FF247 Site Team Gameweek 30

As we come to the end of an international break – when we found out that England won’t win the Euros with that defence, where Endrick is the only 17-year-old to do anything (ever), where Ukraine, Poland (sorry Wales) and Georgia book their spots for the summer and Scotland would be as well to hand theirs back – we at last have some FPL to get stuck back into.

We begin by reviewing the previous week and Gameweek 29, which we kind of had wiped from the memory. Well …. we were above the average. By just three points, and that average was 12 (T W E L V E ). So unsurprisingly it was a red arrow leading into Gameweek 30. We drop 482 places to 2692 overall. It’s our second consecutive red arrow and the lowest we’ve been since Gameweek 26. We must bounce back.

Rather than bore you with the 1s and 2s of our team, and we had more than a mic check, we will just say that we should have played Morgan Gibbs-White (7) and probably not Sergio Reguilon (screw the formation rules) who completely stuffed us with his -3. Tidy mate, thank you.

Our Gameweek 29 Result

We have £3.1mln in the bank and 1 free transfer to use ahead of Gameweek 30. Let’s go see what was decided.

Our Gameweek 30 Transfer(s)

Mohamed Salah is the focus according to one of the team – everyone else nodded in not so much agreement but more, “that probably sounds logical”. So if he isn’t a must have this week (famous last words), then we’ll bank the transfer and re-focus with 2 next week.

Also helps that the team isn’t looking in NEED of a move this week.

To confirm then we have SAVED OUR FREE TRANSFER


Home to Burnley and he is an excellent player – THE reference player in this Chelsea team. In FPL terms, he has the best ‘on-paper’ fixture so no point overthinking this one. No one argued the initial pick anyway so that says it all!

Our Gameweek 30 team in full

You can follow the progress of the FF247 Site Team here

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Back by popular demand! Well, sort of… Drafthound have changed their line-up approach this season and what it means for us is that we are no longer able to display a live feed of it on here due to some technical difficulties. That said, what they have done looks great and is still only a click away so if you want to access those they are HERE



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  1. 1


    Happy Easter weekend to all!

    We’ve set our team up, we’ll try to get by another week with what we have and we’ll be after the green arrow.

    Just don’t look at the bench, OK?

  2. 2
    AJW says:

    Hey thanks GP, Init and all the gang. Merci beaucoup for putting in the hard yards and getting these pieces out to an advice-hungry FF247 bunch! Haven’t been very present in the past few months, as I have real-life getting in the way of FPL obsession (No worries, it’s in a positive way – and No, it’s not a new addition to the JW tribe, as I’m well into my 50s!!! smile ) Because of lack of time, I’ve put off Wild-carding till after GW 34. Gettin’ in Mo + Semenyo (for KDB + Solanke) this week, to be able to creep up in the number of double game weekers before 34.
    Anyway, shoulda just copied the site team at the start of the season, but I was determined to dig my own FPL grave! Hahaha!
    Good stuff people – and keep going! Have a great ‘pascal Weekend’!
    Cheers, from the man of few words,
    AJW 😉

  3. 3
    Nishu says:

    Wildcard is active, decided to go proactive to chaise the leaders (87 point gap) and difficult to do in classic chase. Please suggest. Thanks

    Click on image to enlarge:

  4. 4
    MrMajeika says:

    Not sure what to do here. 1ft and 3.1m itb. Could sell ake to either gusto or Bradley? Would free up funds for potential son to salah next week. Or roll and play as is now. Also do you think I’ve made the right decision going garnacho over foden?

    Click on image to enlarge:

  5. 5
    hammerfan_lm says:

    ITB: 3.0m
    Not enough for Salah just yet.
    Any ideas what to do, or shall I roll this week and go with what I have?

    Click on image to enlarge:

    • 5.1
      Reg83 says:

      Bowen jwp estu and doughty are all sellable.
      Or simply WC and get Salah. If u don’t want him vs brighton u anyways will want him vs Sheffield.

      • hammerfan_lm says:

        The only one I would prefer to keep is Bowen – always capable of scoring.
        JWP, Estu and Doughty I would definitely ditch.

        Dont want to WC just yet as I think my team isnt too bad.
        Intend to WC gw36 ready for dgw37.

  6. 6
    Veer says:

    Used my FT to get Palmer, any need to take a hit or should I just sit tight?
    Maybe KDB >> Son or Morris >> Muniz

    Click on image to enlarge:

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