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Fantasy Football Fixtures

Fantasy Football Fixture Analysis Gameweek 2

Fantasy Football Fixture Analysis Gameweek 2

Fantasy Football Fixture Analysis Gameweek 2

Welcome to Fantasy Football Fixture Analysis Gameweek 2

With a new season comes new challenges, new head to heads, new faces, new prospects. And VAR. In the case of the latter, that has already shaped a couple of matches, making the outcomes less predictable. Will it be an improvement or will it be another idea that gets consigned to the scrap heap? I’m sure Wolves’ Leander Dendoncker has a stronger opinion on it now than he did before the weekend, as his winner was ruled out and gifted inverted commas to became a ‘winner’. The technology has certainly split opinion since its inception, much like whether Jaffa Cakes are cakes or biscuits and whether black pudding is acceptable to have with your breakfast. Spoiler: it’s not.

So, staying on the food theme, feel the hunger set in for both potato-based snacks and the rest of the season, as those who started well look to keep that up and reduce the number of their overall rank. If you’ve not had the best time when it has come to Gameweek 1, however, do not fear – we are just 2.63 per cent of the way through the season and your overall rank is just based on one single week. Those players who didn’t do great over the weekend just gone could then smash it in the next match. And of course there’s the small matter of the wildcard that you can rely on later on down the line.

Anyway, crisps: or chips if you’re in the States and various other countries, patatine fritte in Italy and potetgull in Norway.

Flavourable Fixtures
Liverpool – Southampton (a), Arsenal (H), Burnley (a)
Liverpool are very much the Nice and Spicy Nik Naks when it comes to their fixtures coming up. No resemblance between the squad and the nobbly spicy snacks; just simply that they are top of the pile. The best. I’d go as far as saying that the only six-pack I’m likely to get is the orange multi-pack that stands out on the supermarket shelves almost as much as Roberto Firmino’s teeth.

Having set aside Norwich 4-1 on the opening night of the season, Salah, Van Dijk and even Origi owners rejoiced as their players brought in the points, as Pukki’s goal then slightly marred the celebrations to take out the clean sheet. Gameweek 2 for Klopp’s men will be a trip to St Mary’s to face a team that didn’t exactly have the best start to the campaign, having gone down 3-0 away at Turf Moor. The last four meetings between the Saints and Reds have seen the latter victorious, scoring 11 in the process – of which a certain Egyptian was responsible for five.

Following on from that, it’s a return to Anfield as the Gunners come to town, following on from their fixtures against Newcastle and Burnley. Depending how things go against The Clarets for Arsenal, the trip to the North West could be the real dose of reality the start of the season offers each team, especially when you consider the fact you have to look back to April 2015 for the last time they overcame the Merseysiders. That was back when Arsene Wenger and Brendan Rodgers were the managers. How times have changed.

Liverpool’s fixture away at Burnley is one that always reminds me of my father in law as he recalls the funny story of climbing from one train to another via the windows on an away day and losing his shoe when one started to pull away from the other. Like that story, this one will probably finish in a happy ending – he still has all limbs intact to this day – if you are a supporter of the Reds; especially as they have only lost three times against the Lancashire side since that fateful day in 1975.

Man United – Wolves (a), Crystal Palace (H), Southampton (a)
Man United are getting the status of Monster Munch here. Perhaps misunderstood like the maize-based delight, the Red Devils certainly raised a few eyebrows in their 4-0 victory over Chelsea in the last match of Gameweek 1. They could easily have gone behind in the first half but then, with more of a cushion between them and the Blues, they started to play with a good deal of confidence. That said, Frank Lampard and his side could well find this season a slog, thanks to the loss of Hazard and their transfer ban that has now come to an end but will leave a legacy until the next deadline day. Hopefully Harry Redknapp’s nephew will still be the boss at Stamford Bridge to see that.

Gameweek 2 could prove to be more of a challenge for Ole’s men, more the beef flavour of Monster Munch. It’s only earlier this year the lads in gold were triumphant twice over those in red attire, thanks to 2-1 and 2-0 wins in the league and FA Cup respectively, in which Jota scored in both. Those also followed on from a 1-1 draw at Old Trafford back in September last year.

After that, it’s then the more favoured Flamin’ Hot and Pickled Onion flavours to look forward to, as matches against Crystal Palace and the previously mentioned Southampton appear on the horizon. Roy Hodgson and co. make the trip to Old Trafford on the back of 13 straight games against the Red Devils without a win, having conceded 10 in the last four alone. Ralph Hasenhüttl will no doubt be aware of the fact his team has a less than desirable record against Man United too, as they have conceded an average of 1.57 goals in each match since the last time they defeated them back at the start of 2016.

Man City – Spurs (H), Bournemouth (a), Brighton (H)
Fantasy Football TipsThe salt and vinegar crisps of the FPL world, Manchester City are definitely the popular favourite. Just like what you would find within a green-coloured packet, you know exactly what you’ll get with the Cityzens and that’s a great points potential. In Gameweek 1, Sterling went against his namesake in the currency markets and showed to be the strongest out of anyone, amassing a whopping 20 points in their 5-0 triumph. Indeed, the mixture of West Ham’s poor play and the visitors’ ruthlessness also helped Mahrez to 14 points, with Walker and even Ederson collecting eight and seven respectively. Aguero owners, meanwhile, had quite a mixed 90 minutes, it’s fair to say.

Looking ahead, the Gameweek 2 opponents in the form of Spurs could be a slightly trickier task, as Harry Kane confirmed against Aston Villa what Rosco knew all along: there is no August curse. It’s bad enough when a player scores two against your team; that’s made worse when they’re not in your FPL team either. I’ve definitely forgotten what life as a fan of a Premier League team is like. There are hopes for entertainment’s sake, of course, there is a repeat of the time the two squads met in the second Champions League quarter final earlier this year, which featured five goals in the first 21 minutes and VAR to decide the goal by Llorente was OK and Sterling’s at the bitter end, well, wasn’t. That night was a part of a varied record over the past five years, with Man City winning seven, losing four and sharing the honours once.

Gameweeks 3 and 4 then present themselves to the lads from East Manchester, with a trip to Bournemouth and a home tie against Brighton. Both of these sides haven’t exactly enjoyed playing against the Cityzens, as a look through the history books reveals The Cherries haven’t ever won against them. Indeed, since Eddie Howe’s men were first promoted to the Premier League, they have had to endure 25 goals conceded in eight games, of which Sterling has been responsible for eight. Brighton, meanwhile, will remember their home was the location the visitors won last year’s title in a 4-1 win. That was the fifth time in a row Pep Guardiola’s side has defeated the Seagulls and, with this match taking place at the Etihad, you have to fancy the home side in that one.

The Next Crisp Tier
Everton – Watford (H), Aston Villa (a), Wolves (H)
Fantasy Football TipsPrawn cocktail crisps seem to be a snack that people either love or hate. I’m certainly on the side of loving them, so this is where the Toffees are – based on their fixtures – and it’s difficult not to see the potential for some FPL points from their players. That seems to be quite a popular consensus, as Lucas Digne appears in more than a quarter of FPL teams and Sigurdsson shows his face in around one in six.

Watford joined a few other Premier League teams in being the recipient of a good few goals on the opening day of the season and their trip to Goodison Park has the potential to be pretty tricky, too. Similarly to Everton, they failed to find the back of the net in Gameweek 1 and will need to turn some of the missed chances of that fixture against Brighton into goals in Gameweek 2, as Everton will no doubt be looking to beat the Hornets for the first time in three attempts.

A trip to Villa Park for the host’s second home tie of the season is also the most-played fixture in English top-flight football. Another significant record Everton can rely on is that they have only lost two against the Villains in the last 10 years, with six wins and seven draws along the way. After that, it’s another Midlands team to play, albeit back at Goodison Park. From Marco Silva and his squad’s perspective, that’s a fixture that will be on the back of three wins, five draws and two losses over the past 10 games between the two sides.

Unflavourable Fixtures
Southampton – Liverpool (H), Brighton (a), Man United (H)
Fantasy Football TipsAfter the optimism towards the end of last season as Ralph Hasenhüttl came in after Mark Hughes’ departure, the Saints will be hoping they can revive that and improve on how the opener of the season went. Unfortunately, the games against Liverpool and Man United in particular are going to be very difficult, as much as they are going to be played at home. The middle tie against Brighton does offer the opportunity for some respite, along with the ties against Sheffield United and Bournemouth in Gameweeks 5 and 6. This does mean Southampton can be likened to Wotsits, of course, in that they’re OK and you wouldn’t want them all the time, but they can be great after a good while.

Burnley – Arsenal (a), Wolves (a), Liverpool (H)
Fantasy Football TipsFinally, there’s the ready salted of the crisp world – a pretty unappealing option and with good reason when you look at all the other flavours in front of you in the crisp section. Nik Naks, they are definitely not. Whilst Sean Dyche and his men started their 2019/20 season in style by dispatching the aforementioned Southampton, life is going to get much tougher over the next three matches. Though we are in the early days of the season – and it does pay to keep an eye on players – I wouldn’t be rushing to get any of the Burnley squad in your side until at least Gameweek 5.

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football Fixture Analysis Gameweek 2. This article was written by (a hungry) Swirly.




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  1. 31
    Smash says:

    I was all set to save my transfer now I’m not so sure. But Fraser to Martial is tempting if he’s playing up top.i almost went with Martial from the start but thought Chelsea was a tough game. I have Wilson already.

    • 31.1
      Kop Warrior says:

      I think that move makes sense Smash. If I could bring Martial in with one transfer I’d seriously consider it this week.

    • 31.2
      Zed Leppelin says:

      Yeah same here, but it just seems Fraser has a lot nicer fixture next and the first two fixtures were the reason I got him in the first place so would feel a bit knee jerky doing the switch now… But yeah Martial is so tempting…

      • AK47 says:

        Hey Zed, how you feeling about the team? I feel pretty much the same about the Fraser > Martial move, very tempted but it is not logical to not give Fraser the Villa game. My only other concern is a Kane plan, I don’t really have one!

        • Zed Leppelin says:

          I am happy with the team currently, happy with Fraser against Villa! Think I’m most concerned on Zichenko actually, AWB is looking like a good replacement for him, he’s nailed and got 2 bonus points without any attacking returns and United scored 4 goals… That’s quite amazing actually! But I want to sell the Bou duo before City in GW3, and I have no Kane plan either… Think I will just hold for now and reassess next weekend!

    • 31.3
      beno1234 says:

      Smash, I took a look and we have almost identical teams. I too am tempted by Fraser to Martial.

      What’s holding me back is:
      1) Fraser and Wilson combo could come good against AVL?

      2) I wonder if Kane/ Auba up top is the way to go. If so 2 FTs would be handy…

      • Smash says:

        Yep that’s the decision basically summed up. I can see a decent enough way getting Kane with three transfers next week is it worth it. Maybe. If keep same system Martial will be out of reach and is the better pick long term over Fraser just maybe not this week.

        • AllanBrallan says:

          Pretty sure martial will be 7.6 before next deadline. Was hoping to save my ft but if he is about to go up i’ll grab him now…

        • Smash says:

          Yeah he will be 7.6 by Friday I reckon unfortunately

        • Zed Leppelin says:

          Yeah that’s the problem if I knew I could get him for 7.5m next week then I’d just hold Fraser… These early price rices are so annoying, it would be clever to keep that 0.5m in the bank in GW1… Although next week it’s possible with two FTs anyway via downgrading Wilson. But it would be nice to get a price rise too early on from him!

        • Zed Leppelin says:

          Zichenko is another problem, he might lose his place soon and suddenly one FT might be used on AWB (is he going up in price too?)… Bou do have good fixtures after City so Fraser/Zichenko —> Martial/AWB is also looking quite good at the minute smile

        • Terminator says:

          What about Rashford instead?

          I am looking at a way to get in Martial or Rashford myself in comment 35

        • Zed Leppelin says:

          Yeah and no one is talking about 5 at the back although AWB actually outscored Martial for 2m less! smile

        • Smash says:

          Yeah though think I might just wait for Kane. Would take the Bournemouth lads going out but would need a downgrade in defence

    • 31.4
      Mitro says:

      Hey smash – I was thinking the same move!

  2. 32
    redmecca says:

    Anyone got any thoughts on Deulofeu?
    Quite a few managers seem to be getting rid, so chances are his price will drop, but for whom?
    I just can’t see a decent straight swap and not sure it’s worth taking a 4pt hit for.

  3. 33

    Thought about making this an article, but wasn’t sure how far along I get or if I do it at all.

    FPL Ramblings for GW1

    – Pep roulette has started. Bernardo Silva owners have already felt the pain (that was unexpected) and so have Aguero owners (expected) and of course seeing that it is fpl and is just not fair, the people who deserved to be punished (Kun owners) got a goal from his cameo, while Silva owners got zero minutes. With Jesus and Mahrez doing so well, who knows what to expect going forward, so good luck figuring that out. And please do not pay too much attention to Pep when he praises players or what he has done in the past, it means f’ck all at the time of team selection for the next game to him. smile

    – Leicester attacking players were a big bust GW1, but the season is young and surely a game against Wolves wasn’t ideal yet you still had them, so just give them a chance and know that Perez feels your pain as he himself was disappointed with his performance. With him posting this on twitter “It was not my best day but it was an honour to play with Leicester my first game in the PL, it was a tough start but I’m sure the future will be better! It’s time to work hard for the next match!” Games against CFC who just got their arse handed to them and Sheffield and Bournemouth should see them come good.

    – Pope was great, but prepare for iffy results in the next few weeks. Many of you said you were getting him for the save points, well prepare to get a lot of save points and zero clean sheets. I know some of you will feel defiant thinking that Burnley are back to their defensive best…think again. Che Adams should have scored and they won’t be gifted the kind of goals they were given vs Saints. If they get down and they will in their next three fixtures expect them to get down further when they send numbers up. I am a Pope owner myself and I don’t expect more than 3 points a game in the next couple and you shouldn’t either.

    – Kane had 8 shots, that was more than double of anyone else in the PL. So non-owners might have been a bit unlucky considering that he scored both his goals in the dying minutes vs Villa, but don’t mistake it as just being unlucky, he had some chances to have scored before that including a big chance he missed. Think we can all be forgiven for trying to hold out until GW3 before purchasing him if we don’t own him, but if he punishes you after the City game that’s on you, not just bad luck.

    – Other notables with a decent amount of shots (4) were Sterling, Salah, Siggy, Rashford, Auba, Martial and Firmino. Surprisingly Barnes, Pedro, Sissoko and Emerson, yes Emerson also had 4 shots. Barnes because they only had 10 shots total, Pedro because the minutes were iffy although he is a greedy bastard, Sissoko because usually doesn’t get himself in those positions and Emerson because he is a defender.

    – Bournemouth disappoint. This was always the gamble wasn’t it? They had 2 weeks to deliver and then we would probably sell off our assets, well some of us would. Hopefully they get some fpl points (I know Wilson got an assist) vs Villa this weekend otherwise I expect a huge fire sale that could cause some player price drops on King, Fraser and possibly Wilson, although the price drop could happen this week.

    – Feel like we been down this road again with Manchester United. They have a brilliant performance, their attacking assets are reasonably priced and we jump in. To be fair, you can’t knock it, as it did work wonders last season in particular for Pogba owners although Rash did get owners some points also. It has that feel again, not sure how long their form will last, but they do have an exciting feel to them. Then again, it could have simply been a naïve Chelsea that handed them a ton of fpl points. I for one will sit back and watch one more game at the very least before I buy into Ole’s second extravaganza of fpl points.

    – The transfer market is starting to move. Don’t you just love the impatience of some managers? dash

    Keeper transfers in/out
    Ederson and De Gea are being bought in good numbers, this is probably all ex Alisson owners, who now has 500k sells. A bit of funny news on keeper sales, 3220 have sold Adrian!! rabbi

    Defenders transfers in/out
    Dunk is doing it to people again, he is the most bought defender in fpl. FFS!! Decent fixtures I guess, but whatever, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!!
    Andrew Robertson is the most sold defender so far, man there are some fickle managers out there, one game and they are done with him. Wouldn’t be surprised to see many of them getting TAA in a sideways move if I ever saw one.

    Mids transfers in/out
    Naturally Sterling is the most transferred in player, with Martial in second, but it was not either of them guys that caught my attention it was the guy in third. Ndombele is third and if that is not chasing points, not sure what is. Anyone who buys him for GW2 to face City, but in general buys him for any GW does not deserve to be rewarded with any points. They deserve to move him in (hopefully for a hit) and move him back out (hopefully for a hit)
    Bernardo is the most sold, hate it for owners, Pep did them so wrong. Mane is also being sold at a good pace, I don’t hate it for those owners, you deserve that shit. Fraser is the second most sold and my only thought is, you really not going to give him the Villa game? Seriously!!

    Forwards transfers in/out
    Rashford leading the way and considering his price point that is understandable, he did well for himself. Origi is also getting a lot of transfers in and that feels like too much of a gamble to me. Mane won’t sit on the bench long if at all anymore. Divock could end up working out, but his minutes are likely to be to inconsistent to take that chance.
    Two of the top four most sold strikers are the Bournemouth duo, I mean….whatever, just do you. Kun and Jimenez are the other two. Think I would have been tempted to keep the Wolves forward if I had him, Aguero I probably would sell then again I would have never owned him for GW1 and whoever did shouldn’t have either.

  4. 34
    Silvers says:

    Evening guys looks like Sterling & Rashford will go up in price tonight

  5. 35
    Terminator says:

    89pts in GW1.
    I have rotated Heaton in for Pope.

    Zouma, Barkley worry me, I will hold this week, but I was thinking of Heaton > Button so I can bring in Wan-Biss or Maguire for Zouma.

    How long should I give Wilson? he was good pre-season but Bournmouth were very poor GW1.

  6. 36
    Otieno says:

    Kane -> Rashford tonight to catch the price rise would give me money to bring Martial next week even if his price also rises. thoughts?

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