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Fantasy Football Fixture Ticker

Fantasy Football Fixture Tracker FPL 2019/20

Fantasy Football Fixture Tracker FPL 2019/20

Fantasy Football Fixture Tracker FPL 2019/20
Welcome to our FPL Fixture Tracker for the 2019/20 FPL season. And so it begins…
It’s baby steps at this stage as we don’t know any player prices or indeed have a game to play yet but the Premier League released their fixture schedule earlier today and so we have started the ball rolling by creating our first Fixture Tracker of the season.

What is it?!
Regular users will be familiar with the simple and easy to use layout of our FPL Fixture Tracker. For anyone new to it, it simply does what it says on the tin; it’s a straight forward and easy to follow guide as to what fixtures lay ahead for each and every team. There are vastly more complicated versions of this available in other spheres (mainly on twitter!), some of which seemingly promise to tell you who will be subbed on 59 minutes with a clean sheet in the bag in GW4. Ours is not so prophetic.

When we do our weekly Fixtures Analysis article we typically present the next 6 fixtures and that is exactly what this version shows. There will be a fuller one available showing all games from GW1-19 in the next few days for those who like extreme planning.

We colour code each game in line with the key below it to reflect our opinion on the difficulty or otherwise of each fixture. At such an early stage, with no form or indeed transfer news to go from, this is of course pure guesswork, based mainly on last season and simply classifying the promoted teams as being just that. We shall of course update this as we move closer to the season beginning in August.

Where to find the tracker…
It’s more difficult not to locate our tracker than it is to do so but just to be clear the latest version of it can be found at the end of almost every article each day of the season.

Failing that, it is featured on the FF247 homepage with a link to it’s own main home page.

Said ‘main home page’ can be found via our Hot Comments link.

Failing that there’s a link in the header to it.

Failing that here’s the bloody link itself! Fixture Tracker 2019/20

Can I have a copy?
As ever any registered site member is welcome to an excel version of our tracker to do with as they please as long as it is for personal use only, free of charge. We are happy for it to be used on other websites but only if permission is respectfully asked for and granted.

Simply email us as per below and we shall send you a copy;

Scrap that, you can make your own copy now;

For those who want their own tracker to play with, just make a copy using the link below (GW’s 1-19)


What next?
We have deliberately swerved any actual fixture analysis here as that will come in due course, as will our usual analysis of all three promoted teams and also our take on the summer signings (whenever anyone wakes up and begins to actually make any!) in a series of articles as we slowly build up to GW1.

In the meantime feel free to start planning and throwing thoughts and questions around in the comments section below.


Thanks for reading Fantasy Football Fixture Tracker FPL 2019/20

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  1. 61
    GentleBenAKA says:

    At the end of last season, TAA was valued at £5.8m with a PPM of 6.4, resulting in a PPM/£m of 1.10 which is outstanding. Assuming he’ll perform this season the same as last season, so using last season’s PPM with his new price of £7.0m, his PPM/£m drops down to 0.91 which is still pretty amazing.
    Robertson’s end-season value was £6.7m with a PPM of 5.9, resulting in a PPM/£m of 0.88 which is very good although not as amazing as TAA. Using last season’s PPM with his new price of £7.0m, his PPM/£m is 0.84 so pretty much the same as last season (which makes sense given the price change isn’t big).
    At the end of last season, Van Dijk was valued at £6.7m with a PPM of 5.5, resulting in a PPM/£m of 0.82 which is very good but lower than both TAA and Robertson. His price has actually gone down from his season-end price, so using last season’s PPM with his new price of £6.5m, his PPM/£m is 0.85 so like Robertson it’s pretty much the same as last season (which again makes sense given the price change isn’t big).
    I’m not going to draw any conclusions here, as my brain is fried from crunching the numbers. The key is finding the defender who is priced at £4.5m – £6m who will get you a PPM of 6.5 (and hence a PPM/£m of around 1 – 1.5) but who that is I do not know!

    • 61.1
      Kop Warrior says:

      When you figure out who that is please let us know 😉

    • 61.2

      Oi Ben,

      I read all of that and no answer at the end??

      You’ve had me there! 😉

    • 61.3
      GentleBenAKA says:

      Lol yeah I can imagine that was annoying. But I had to shut down my brain processor and let the memory chip cool down. I’ve rebooted and had some thoughts.

      First, I think the numbers clearly show why the TAA price rise is so significant – it’s because his end of season PPM/£m was ridiculously high at 1.10. That had to be corrected.

      Secondly, with the price corrections the three defenders are now of equal value, with TAA / Robertson / Van Dijk having a PPM/£m of 0.91 / 0.84 / 0.85 respectively. So you can pick whichever one you want – they’re all the same! The £0.5m price difference between them is irrelevant because we’re talking about pure value when we talk about PPM/£m.

      Which brings me on to the final point…

      Because the values are the same, the way to decide which one to have in your team is to decide:

      1: Who will play the most matches? Because if the points per match per million are the same, then obviously more matches = more points!

      2: Who will have a better season than last season? The PPM data is from last season, so if the PPM is better this season, then the PPM/£m will be higher.

      I would imagine Van Dijk will play the most matches, but if they are all looking nailed on at the start of the season then I don’t think that is a good differentiator.

      I think TAA and Robertson are more likely to have better seasons than last year. I can’t see Van Dijk getting more clean sheets / assists / goals than last year. I think he is at the top of his game. I can see TAA and Robertson getting more. I think they are going to get better.

      In conclusion, if they are all looking nailed on for the start of the season, I will have TAA for sure, and maybe also Robertson.

      • It is weird, I can’t see any of them having the kind of season they just had in terms of output. TAA could in terms of final points, but just can’t see them having all them assists again and 21 clean sheets. Those 21 were the most in 10 years. 4 goals and 4 assists is also quite the output for a CB. Still, I think they would be the defenders I prefer to have if possible.

  2. 62
    DMC says:

    So no U-21 or WWC or Copa America fantasy anymore? Quitters!! smile

  3. 63

    Don’t see it mentioned already so I’ll throw this in…

    Surely the biggest surprises involve the same player?

    Salah is cheaper AND is still classed as a midfielder. Can’t get my head around that last part.

    • 63.1
      Kop Warrior says:

      Completely agree GP. He’s hit 250+ points in two consecutive seasons.

    • 63.2
      Smash says:

      Yeah that’s a big surprise. Biggest surprise for me is Kane coming in at 11 million though

    • 63.3
      Kralin says:

      Second player in my side. I was mildly (and pleasantly) surprised at his price. Maybe being top points’ scorer again this season will see another drop next year.

      First player: Stephens. Very reassuring to see him in there, warming the bench. I always seem to pick him. Though I had a moment when it could have been Romeu. May yet still.

      • Dendoncker straight in my side as my 4.5

        • Kralin says:

          Good call. I’m a traditionalist though and any side of mine always seems a bit lacking without Stephens sat there, doing nothing in a steady sort of way. D could come in as bench mid 2 however in the unlikely event that I play a 4/3/3.

          I’ll be interested to see how many Wolves players people go for. I currently have Jota but blanched a bit when I saw their horror fixtures (though I know the counter-argument).

        • Smash says:

          Fairly sure Dendoncker will be it for me. More games and second season is tougher and no one really stands out

    • 63.4
      DMC says:

      Yeah, it’s strange that he’s cheaper. Perhaps the fact the he got a bit more inconsistent this last season in terms of blank gws in a row, but yeah, the total and the average per game week should’ve at least granted the same price. Maybe they wanted to lower a bit the higher end to accomodate the rise in price of many a poor boy like Wilson, Frasier, Jimenez.

      I’m fine with him being classed as a mid.

  4. 64
    Milburn says:

    I’m back smile
    Hope everyone’s had a quality break. Roll on the RMTs

  5. 65

    You know, VvD only scored 5 points less than Robbo. That .5 could come in handy at the start of the season.

    • 65.1
      Smash says:

      This is true. Would you prefer TAA over Robbo?

      • I would, he strikes me as the better attacker of the two, plus he does get some set piece stuff.

        • Smash says:

          Finding it tough to ignore both really. I owned both Robbo and VVD at different times last season and Robbo was so much more fun to watch. Cash may be an issue though

        • City only had one less clean sheet than LFC, but they really lack the attacking threat from their FBs. The one player that could match the LFC guys would be Mendy. I will be very curious in pre-season to see how he is playing and if he is looking like the sure starter. Think if I am sure he is starting, he will be in my team from GW1 and that could be one way to not have both Robbo and TAA and save the 1.0

        • Smash says:

          Yeah I like the look of Mendy I have him TAA and Robbo currently. I think Mendy with a full pre season will be fine and will be first choice. Though does cause some issues elsewhere like in midfield.

  6. 66
    Smash says:

    Can’t see any decent options in midfield at 6.5.

    • 66.1

      If you project Brooks out to something closer to over 3000 minutes, it means he probably would have landed in the 170 point neighborhood. Not sure he will repeat his point tallies and get the minutes but if he does he could still be great value despite the significant price increase.

      • Smash says:

        Yeah not sure on Brooks. Think King might be the one to have from Bournemouth and not sure on Brooks at all was expecting him to be 6 million

        • Silvers says:

          Hey Smash why King & not Wilson you thinking there will be more penalties because of VAR ?

        • Smash says:

          Mainly the 1.5 price difference and what you can do elsewhere. King on pens as well will help reduce the gap.

        • Silvers says:

          Just had a look at that might be worth doing

        • Var is just as likely to take them away as give them from what I have been seeing this summer in several of the tournaments going on.

        • Smash says:

          Is there the new handball rules though as well

        • Yeah, but now you can’t get away with being a nose offsides or handling the ball yourself before you score.

          Venezuela had the first 5 goals score against them in the Copa America over 2 games all ruled no goal, for different things. Colombia had one called back because when he stopped it, it barely grazed his arm right before he shot it. There was no intention and it was not detectable unless you really slowed it down, but sure enough it was ruled out.

          Think VAR will help people get penalties and will have some called back. The hand ball rule might need changing quickly, it is basically ruining the game and yeah that could cause some extra pens that old var/no var stats could not account for.

        • Smash says:

          Yeah it could even itself out I guess. Jorginho in my side currently does not look pretty

    • 66.2
      Kralin says:

      Redmond, maybe. Not that I’ve looked at their fixtures much.

      This is why people find defenders so alluring at this stage.

      • Smash says:

        I like Hudson-Odoi at that price. but he’s up against it to be fit for start of season. That’s about it I dislike most of the options which is why like you said four at the back could be better

        • Kralin says:

          I’ve set up as a 4/3/3 with an idea of keeping flexibility open. 4th defender currently Coleman.

          Would like to swap Laporte for Mendy or even better, Zinchenko.

          Going for maximum Liverpool and City (on 5 at the moment) then staring hard at the fixtures to fill in the gaps. Plus Stephens of course. Currently have Moura as a sort of placeholder.

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