Fantasy Football Fixture Ticker

The aim of our Fixture Ticker is to provide you with a ‘quick glance guide’ as to what the next 6 fixtures hold in store for each team.

FPL Fixtures Analysis Game-week 3

FPL Fixtures Game-week 3 Welcome to FPL Fixtures Analysis Game-week 3. Well there goes GW2 – we hope you ended up happy with your team accumulating some decent points (ie you owned Ibra and Kun and capo’d one of them). We move on swiftly to GW3 though, no rest for the wicked here. It is worth noting there is an international break after GW3, which will coincide with the end of the transfer window. So hopefully we’ll have plenty to keep us occupied while the internationals are being played – as Arsenal look for a defender and a striker (yeah right), Liverpool for a left-back, Chelsea look to stop Conte spending anymore Russian cash and Hull look to buy anyone. In the meantime let’s have a look at those teams with decent fixtures coming up, while also issuing a ...[Read More]

Interactive Fantasy Football Fixture Tracker 2015-16

Interactive Fantasy Football Fixture Tracker 2015-16 It’s that time again folks; T minus two weeks or so and counting! Many FPL players pick their initial team based chiefly on last season’s form, others on as many big names as possible (with the necessary accompanying threadbare bench), while yet others have a noticeable bias towards players from their supported team (Kop does NOT approve!). The serious FPL player will select their starting 15 based on a wide range of factors however, not least of which are the fixtures. With that in mind I’ve updated and improved the season-long tracker a few people seemed to find useful last year.

Fantasy Football Fixture Tracker FPL 2018/19

Fantasy Football Fixture Tracker FPL 2018/19 Welcome to our Fixture Tracker for the 2018/19 FPL season. As of GW27 we have taken out the colour coded fixture difficulty rating, in lieu of having a clearer and easier to read picture of which teams are about to either blank or double up. We felt it was more important to be able to distinguish this information rather than being spoon fed that Man City at home to Fulham may be favourable for one and not the other! Thanks for reading Fantasy Football Fixture Tracker FPL 2018/19 Follow @FantasyFooty247

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