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Fantasy Football Live Match Chat

Fantasy Football Live Chat Game-week 37 (Hit Special)

Live Match Chat Game-week 37 – FPL Fantasy Premier League

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 33The last double game-week of the season is now upon us, your transfer concerns are over and your agonies over who to captain are no more. Time to sit back and see how your chosen players fare for you this week. Hopefully your players will perform, did you give the armband to the right player this week?……

Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.

Good luck for GW37 from all at FF247!

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  1. 133

    Evening chaps

    May have been mentioned earlier but does anyone see a carve-up draw on Wednesday between Sunderland and WBA?

    Been a poor week for me so far. Think I’m in good company by the sounds of it.

    • 133.1
      inittowinit says:

      Evening GP, hope you are well mate. Don’t think anyone’s had a particularly good week to be honest but it happens. Still plenty left is any of the DGWers can actually make it onto the pitch! Get what you are saying on the Sunderland thing but they’ll probably go at it for 60 or 70 mins and then yes that scenario could well come in to play.

      • init

        Very well mate thank you. And you?

        Just spoiled myself by watching Milanese derby on the iPad and the Real Madrid match on the TV simultaneously. Sunday nights are made for Euro football!

        Enjoying the football as competitions just now but long since written off this fantasy season. I’ll be back.

        • inittowinit says:

          Yes very good thanks, well the kids are asleep so that’s a start anyway! Sunday nights I used to love for a bit of La Liga especially when Madrid were in their pomp with Zidane etc. Distant memory though I’m afraid. We watched Madagascar for the 1000th time instead!

        • Init

          Yeah I hear you – during wet days – we have the Madagascars/Toy Storys etc on loop!

          How is MLS for you this season so far? I don’t like the lack of auto-sub. Fine with the no-VC anymore – I’ll pick a man and stick with him happily but would like to see auto-sub back rather than have one or two players with ‘0’ because I didn’t happen to be awake at 4am for the Sounders kick off !

        • inittowinit says:

          Must admit I have paid lip service to it so far but it was still 200 odd in the overall as of last week but I think I’ve had a stinker this one so that may drop a bit! I’ll definitely concentrate on it more now as the FPL comes to a close.

          Totally agree on the subs thing it’s a bit of a farce really and probably cost me, and many others, 50 odd points so far purely because of the timings as you say. Capos thing doesn’t really matter.

        • Init,

          Great scoring so far. I’m happy with my 1551 rank – steady start.

          Nice DGWs coming up . . .

        • inittowinit says:

          Honestly not concentrated on it yet bit when I do I’ll be after Mito big time. He’ll tell you the same but he was no16 overall going into this week so I think he may be lying somewhat!

    • 133.2
      jamesimmo says:

      I hope it’s an emphatic 6-0 win for Sunderland, with 2 penalty saves to complement Mannone’s 27 saves and a double-hattrick from Mr Connor Wickham.

      Not asking for too much there am I?

  2. 134
    Ripcurl82 says:

    Looking at Forwards for GW38 now Kun & Rooney potentially won’t feature:

    It looks like most people will perhaps opt for:
    Dzeko Vs WHU
    Giroud Vs NOR

    I am looking at differentials seeing as it’s the last GW & have narrowed my list down:
    Bony Vs SUN
    Wickham Vs SWA
    Adebayor Vs AVL
    Weimann Vs TOT
    Lukaku Vs HUL
    Odemwingie Vs WBA

    Thoughts please and opinions please?

    Who will you be going for and why?

    Any other options?

    • 134.1
      inittowinit says:

      Ripcurl, some great choices this week. I’m thinking Dzeko or Sturridge as they are likely the only teams with anything to play for. Liverpool needing to score 10+ could be fun to watch!

      • Ripcurl82 says:

        I already have Suarez!
        I am thinking of Dzeko and a punt from one of the above

      • The B says:

        I think its time to go all in on the Liverpool attack.

        SaS + Gerrard will be ideal to close the season. smile

        • inittowinit says:

          Got Suarez and Sterling so depending on funds / injuries (loads, lol) it will be a toss up between bringing in Sturridge or Gerrard.

        • Ripcurl82 says:

          Thanks The B

          I am going to Mata – Gerrard & monitor Ramsey Fitness and take a mad punt lol

  3. 135

    Sup bitches

    Hm, both Dempsey and Higuain blanked, reckon that will prevent the average from rising to much. I ended on 46-8 myself, looks like I’ll win my Potty’s Waffle Diner H2H by 2 points – hoping no changes in the points affects that!
    FPL not so good, 32-4 points, 9 players with neither Ramsey nor Azpi playing and Aguero (C) sad

    Tell me how y’all did so I can pretend that I give a damn :spank: :p

  4. 136
    PvR says:

    Hey Fellas, how have we been? I once again grace you with my presence. 😉

    This is the first time I’ve logged in here for a couple of weeks now, and have just one query. Whats the dealio with this Perfect 32 league? And can I still get involved?


    • 136.1
      inittowinit says:

      Hi PvR, it’s Pottys knock out comp with a view to the WC. It is open to any new join ups as far as I aware so just join it. Top 32 get through to the WC bit, no idea what happens from then on to be honest!

  5. 137
    Mitro says:

    I take it everyone else has had a shocker this GW?

    What’s the chance of aguero playing midweek? Also I can’t see Ramsey being risked so he’s got to go!!

    What’s everyone’s plan for the GW38? It’s got to be Liverpool and man city players all the way?

    • 137.1
      jamesimmo says:

      Wenger said it was precautionary and he “should be ready for Norwich hopefully, it was only a small muscular tightness but I didnt want to take a gamble.”

      I really want to be able to keep Ramsey and use the transfer(s) elsewhere!

      Physioroom says: “bench at best” concerning Agüero midweek…

  6. 138
    Drexl says:

    Poor week so far, quelle surprise, but reckon Rooney and kun will play.
    Top off Bb league II is toe curlingly close for those coveted 3 promotion places with 7 teams in with a great shout.
    Having lost the shield semi by 2 pts promotion would make up for it, but without doubt going down to the wire. One opponent to a top seven team has assaida on his bench, whose 9 pts could decide that tie. Things that hairy up there.
    Win for me and it’s JD but trail by six with kun versus mata as capt. In the Lap of the football gods
    Just love this competition and sets 247 miles apart from the rest.
    Anyone else reckon Aguero and Rooney will play or is it blind optimism?

    • 138.1
      inittowinit says:

      Drexl I wouldn’t be surprised either way. Aguero himself thinks he is fine. Rooney got pulled out for his own good and if there is any doubt at all they will do the same again.

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