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Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 38

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 38

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 38

Welcome to Fantasy Football Live Match Gameweek 38. That’s your lot folks! Well, it will be in about 3 hours anyway… GW38 always seems so brutal. We are used to game-weeks spanning 3-4 days, sometimes even 6 or 7. And then when it really comes down to the final reckoning we are all lined up in front of the FPL firing squad and shot at for 90 short minutes as if we’d just been caught in Malaysia with a gram or two in our back pockets. And it’s a bit of an odd one to call as nearly all matters are sorted, barring a couple of highly unlikely goal difference swings. And we are talking huge ones here – a Liverpool draw and a Chelsea 16-0 win. And a Saints loss, a Swansea win and a 10 goal swing. The Saints do however face Man City so you just never know! But being realistic it’s all done and dusted. The main talking points will probably centre around rotation and regardless of what nonsense the managers trotted out in their press conferences about ‘playing until the end with professionalism’ there will be rotation aplenty. There’s usually a fair few goals on the last day too. Here’s hoping your amongst them.

Many thanks to all those who take the time to stop by and comment on Live Match Chat each week, it’s the fun end of the FPL week, indeed it’s the action end of it. We appreciate every single comment :worthy:


Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.

Good luck to absolutely everyone for Gameweek 38 from all at FF247!

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 38

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  1. 79
    Red Robbo says:

    Evening all.

    First up. a massive thanks to all the guys and gals who write for and contribute to the site. I’ve picked up some tremendous advice and this is definitely the go-to place for FPL advice.

    Finished the season with an OR of 33,473 – not quite my PB of 26K but not far away, and has given me some confidence that I can crack the 25K ranking nest season…especially if I actually listen to some of the advice as I should have this season :D

    Oh, and also chuffed to finish 2nd in the FF247 Division 3 H2H league, which was my first time playing H2H. Can’t be disappointed with that since it was only Horse who beat me.

    Oddity of the season is that my highest single GW score was in GW31 when I only had 6 players starting…possibly something to consider next season :D

  2. 80
    AT says:

    Just want to join everyone in the round of thanks. Init, Cookie, Mito, Kop and GP do so much for the site in their own ways that thanks do not really cover it, but from my small insight into what its like to put the hours in to produce content for this website, I know that it is the feedback on the articles and the genuine, friendly community that has been cultivated here that really makes it worthwhile. The comments since GW38 finished really show what a superb thing you have going on here. I just had a quick glimpse at a few other FF websites and there isn’t a sniff of celebration of people’s results or praise.

    I remember opening my account on FFC and using it exclusively on Friday night and Saturday morning to post a few RMTs. It was the only site I used then, and it is the only site I use now. The community here simply grows from strength to strength every year. Init was saying a few back that he reckons he knows every grav’s corresponding user, which I think sums up the site’s management. Although I do propose a test! ;)

    It is unfair to not mention other names, but I will undoubtedly miss somebody out so I am just going to avoid that problem altogether :D

    But yeah, massive thanks to everyone involved. Dealing with server crashes, organising article rotas, putting together team talk (Mito especially!), writing articles, or commenting on the site. Whatever your contribution, thank you for making FF247 what it is.

    Right, I’ve used up all my kind energy for the year. :D

    • 80.1
      inittowinit says:

      ‘Although I do propose a test‘, go for it wonder boy, I do :)

      It’s been great to see you evolve from a site regular to a regular writer this season AT, and you’ve taken to it like a (very arrogant) duck to water! ;) We just need to sharpen up your actual FPL skills now…. :) Many thanks for everything you’ve done, it’s appreciated muchly.

      • AT says:

        I think you’ll be rather amused to find how I am totally the opposite of arrogant in person. A keyboard warrior, if you will :D

        The test will be with you shortly ;)

      • Rosco77 says:

        I’m actually getting pretty familiar with a lot of them myself from B&Ps!

        Speaking of B&Ps, the final results will be posted in the next few days, When im back in the uk, I’ll also need to confer with the gaffer on the overall prize!

        I’ll also take this opportunity to say thank you to both the writers and regulars. I did a small thanks in my last captains article, but I’ll follow that up in saying that the hard work and commitment from all the contributors is truly inspiring, I feel lucky to have been welcomed in this season and hopefully I’ll continue into next season ( if they’ll have me!)
        I’ll echo everyone else’s comments in that the community here is second to none. It’s what drew me to the site in the first instance, and it continues to build with a group of lovely chaps and chapeses ( I think I made that one up!!) I feel like I’ve missed a lot of the end of season banter as I’ve been working away, but hopefully we’ll see a lot of you over the summer as there will be a fair few of us getting stuck into some World Cup based fantasy fun!

        Love you all!

    • 80.2

      Wow, awesome comments. I was gonna thank everyone but I can’t follow that. I’m gonna be cheeky and say +1.

    • 80.3
      Kop Warrior says:

      That’s very kind of you AT. However, I can’t take any of the credit this season. For reasons I won’t get into now my interest in FPL has dipped dramatically over the past number of months to the extent where I essentially stepped away from the site. It’s the likes of Init, Cookie & Mito who keep the site afloat.
      Hopefully come August my interest in FPL will have returned!!

      • AT says:

        Hi Kop. The relative absence over the past few months counts for nothing when you factor in the work you have put in over the years! I hope so too – would be good to see you buzzing around the site again :)

  3. 81
    Gear says:

    I might have missed this, but what is the general consensus on the best fantasy world cup game?

    • 81.1
      inittowinit says:

      We usually default to the FIFA one and I reckon that’s what we’ll use again assuming they do one. Failing that the Polish guys we used for the 21’s May do one and there’s was a good format and easy to use. The Sun are doing one but we would rather not do one than use them and the Telegraph are doing one which will probably be plan C.

  4. 82
    Colriles says:

    Forget FPL… Fulham are going to Wembley!! Get in!! COYW

    • 82.1
      Rosco77 says:

      Nice! Hope you make it all the way mate! How have you enjoyed Mitro? I was gutted we let him go out on loan, he’s not the best but he’s better than anything else we have in that vein!

      • AT says:

        I, for one, have loved Mitro’s RMT requests

        Tad harsh on him not being the best :P

        • Brookyboy says:

          Ha ha i had to read that a couple of times to clarify what he meant !!

        • Colriles says:

          hahaha must admit even I thought FF247 Mitro before Mitrovic!! Yeah can’t imagine he’ll stick around after his loan but first things first. It’s all about holding onto Sess and Cairney if we do go up. COYW!

        • inittowinit says:

          Can’t see any of them leaving if you do go up, trouble will be if you don’t! I’m firmly in the Fulham camp for this final. I’d love to see them back up.

        • I would like Fulham to win the final.

          Favourite little ground I’ve ever watched a game in. Beautiful.

          Now that Pulis is out of the picture I can enjoy the football. I like and respect Steve Bruce and be would be deserving of the promotion himself.

        • I’m in the Fulham camp as well.

          Mitro will 100% stay if they go up.
          (Jokanovic & Fulham signed Mitrovic on loan in the final hours of the transfer window after a move to Anderlecht collapsed.)

          As for Sess-not so sure.
          A lot of clubs are after him with Spurs having expressed genuine interest in signing him.

        • inittowinit says:

          Would make more sense for him to stay and have a full season in the Prem as first choice.

  5. 83
    Snookie Bear says:

    As everyone I also want to thank all the people writing the articles to managing the site and giving suggestions in comments. This site has been boon for me, have won my ML from last 3 years comfortably, started in 2014-15 where my rank was 404,493 and was shite but somehow stumbled upon this great site and never looked back since!
    33,283 in 2015-16,
    14,041 in 2016-17,
    45,282 in this season (quite poor ik)

    This site quite easily is the best site for FPL tips and with an awesome helping community. Although I haven’t been regular this season but have read each and every article and that has helped me so again THANK YOU :)

  6. 84
    Eagle says:

    Massive thanks to everyone involved in making this site the best FPL site in the world. Since the days of FFC I have been posting frequently but been a little on and off this season due to work. Thanks to all those writers that produce extraordinary masterpieces of articles providing us with top class material. Your hard work and hours of editing and researching were not overlooked. Thanks to all the administrators of this site: Innit, Cookie, GP, Mito, etc…. really apologize if i left anyone out. I know most of you on here as I have been here for years.

    Looking back at this season, it was supposed to be my best ranking season but i choked it up in the last 2 gameweeks. My best rank so far was 3 years back when i reached 10k. In GW35 I was at 6,220 then the weeks after I started sliding down. GW37 was my worst doublegameweek score of 66 including my TC on Kane consequently I went down to 12k. On the final GW38 I thought I had a chance of beating my best score but only scored 63 points to further push me back to my overall rank of 14,445. I’m a bit disappointed at myself this season but I’m sure I’ve learnt a lot this season and hopefully won’t make the same mistakes. I also finished #2 in my country so pretty pleased with that accomplishment.

    I’m gonna take a nice long break until FPL starts again so in the meantime no fantasy world cup for me. I will just crack open a beer, sit back on my sofa and watch the games stress free. Cheers to all of you guys. I hope you had a great season! Eagle out.

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