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Fantasy Premier League Fixtures 2022/23

Fantasy Premier League Fixtures 2022/23

Fantasy Premier League Fixtures 2022/23

It may only be June still, and most of us haven’t even contemplated our summer holidays yet, but the Premier League have released the fixture schedule for the upcoming 2022/23 season. As we ourselves here at FF247 Towers are taking an extended and well deserved break we shall proffer no insight at this stage but we will be back in due course with our usual Fixture Tracker (completed and taken seriously, see below for our effort at it so far…) and then as the season approaches we shall take a closer look at the fixtures in more detail with our Fixtures Analysis articles. For now this is simply a placeholder and an opportunity for folk to begin discussing the season ahead in the comments below, should they wish to do so.

Here’s that all important Fixture Tracker itself…



As for the season itself all you really need to know at this stage is that it begins on Friday August 5th at 8pm (most likely with an FPL deadline of 6.30pm). Which is a week earlier than usual, and that is because we will have a massive mid-season break of about 6 weeks due to the World Cup. The break begins after GW16 on November 14th. We then resume, rather bizzarely and abruptly, on Boxing Day, but that’s a discussion and an issue for another day!


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  1. 79
    Guy Sanchez says:

    Hey all.

    I took a year off from fpl – and nearly the entire pl after Everton’s complete mess this year. But I’m being compelled to play again by some former workmates, so pitter patter let’s get at ‘er

    • 79.1
    • 79.2

      Hi Guy.

      Hope you are well. Welcome back to site. good

      • AJW says:

        Yes Guy – welcome back to the fray! Hope you have a great season. It starts off with having a good off-season – the excitement, the anticipation, the old ‘what ifs’ , the uncertainty of it all and then…round 1!

    • 79.3
      Wafflez says:

      Welcome back, nice to see you again smile

    • 79.4
      Elleffcee says:

      Knock me down with a feather, welcome back Guy old chum.

      • Guy Sanchez says:

        Thanks man! I’m coming back in a good head-space now. Last I played here, was working two jobs, COVID hit, suffered same existential crisis as most others, just trying to keep head above water. Then I got a new phone – and even though I had the same number, slowly realized that all of my WhatsApp chats were blocked to me because of the phone switch…so it probably looked like i ghosted the lot of you. Not my intention. But I took it as a sign that I needed to buckle down a bit and get some things accomplished in my personal space.

        To that end, work is going absolutely fantastic. I work normal hours. The girls are now nearly full grown – and my lawn continues to be better than any of you all can compete with. Landscaping remains my Mexican super power lol.

        Oh, and I suffered in silence while (whilst…) Everton nearly high-fived the Championship.

        Now we’re all caught up lol.

  2. 80
    tronkid75 says:

    Greetings all!! Hope everyone is as well as can be…Wrote off last season but can’t not go again! Hat in the ring and all that..

  3. 81
    bees393 says:

    Jesus and Bruno G or
    Toney and Kulusevski? unknw

  4. 82
    piksi says:

    Hi all,
    Good luck in new season.
    Please comment my first draft, will try not to change until Augustsmile

  5. 83
    RedKev says:

    Hi guys, good to be back!
    Why is Neto suddenly getting so much love? He’s the fourth most owned midfielder with 22+% but his points per match is a pretty measly 1.7 and Wolves aren’t exactly a free scoring type of team!?
    Leads me on to my next question….
    1-Neto + £4m defender
    2-Cash/Gabriel/Tierney + £4.5m midfielder

    • 83.1
      Gear says:

      Yeah, I’m not feeling Neto either!

    • 83.2
      Wafflez says:

      Agreed, i think if Pereira becomes a Fulham player he will be a great 4.5 midfield choice.
      Haven’t really looked into other 4.5 midfielders, so theres likely more options

    • 83.3
      ODT says:

      Colback’s name has been tossed around as a potential great 4.5 mid.

    • 83.4
      Stone Frog says:

      Fixtures and the stats suggest he is underpriced. Could be worth a short punt with the favourable start, until a better option comes clear. But yer Wolves arn’t exactly free scoring though.

    • 83.5
      Smash says:

      Neto and Raya are massively overhyped. Neto was ok before he got injured and has a really nice opening. Depends how he does pre season as he’s not even complexly nailed

      • OddDane says:

        Agree, but can see the the charm in having Raya as a secondary keeper in a rotating 4.5 pair, although haven’t looked into what pairs might make sense

      • RedKev says:

        Raya’s points per match last season matched Ramsdale with 4.0 (Ederson & Lloris both got 4.2) so I can see the attraction with his fixtures….and it’s more than double what Neto got per match too!
        Would you rather have Neto and N.Williams or Tierney and Andreas?

        • Smash says:

          It did but he was injured in the spell they were getting thrashed every week, also they won’t have Eriksen next season, second season for Brentford too,

  6. 84
    Stone Frog says:

    Draft 2.0. No TAA or Cancello, however the rest is strong (well may be not the bench). Worth the risk going without TAA for better balance?

    • 84.1

      Would go with TAA to begin with as easy switch to Robbo is the latter is the one firing early.

    • 84.2
      bees393 says:

      Not for me. TAA is just so worth the money. Would downgrade Madds.

    • 84.3
      RedKev says:

      Nice team Frog! Very similar set up to my team tbh although I have gone with TAA and Cancelo with the cash from downgrading Maddison. Both options good but agree with Botman about downgrade being easier than upgrading personally.
      Perisic is a strange one ….huge ownership and stats similar to TAA/Cancelo etc to an extent plus good form last season….but someone pointed out that last time he played for Conte his minutes were heavily managed and played further back….he’s 2 years older now and with other options in his position and the 5 sub rule, I think I’m gonna see how he’s managed this time round before bringing him in myself.

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