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Fantasy Premier League – International Round-Up

Fantasy Premier League – International Round-Up

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[/three_fourth]Hello you global fantasy managers out there, how happy and enthusiastic about national team footy are you all? A lot, I rather watch Andorra vs Latvia ahead of any EPL game any day of the week, I hear? Bored off, I hear? Absolutely annoyed by it really, I hear? Well, well, surely we all like to see our country battle against other nations but maybe they should only do it after our dear FPL season is over and not just after it began! F**! Just now that we got some momentum going, and by momentum I mean FA’s impressive streak of disciplinary action, they just had to bottle it all and hijack all our best assets making them travel around the world instead of letting them rest nice and easy in each one’s club camp!

Well, the fact is that there’s no way around it and if that’s that then we might as well know at least the extension of the damage they inflicted to our goods and that’s what this article is about: bring to us all some light about what have FPL players been doing these past two weeks, which in case of Wilshere has nothing international about it, except for the American whiskey he’s been drinking down on the south coast, home of his new club AFC Bournemouth.

On this article we aim to update you on how the most important FPL players fared (if at all) for their national countries enabling a better assessment of their condition ahead of GW4.

Of course we couldn’t cover all Premier League international players so we opted for a mixed criteria that combines belonging to the top 10 on Ownership (TSB%), Total points (Total Pts), Form or Price for each position. If a players meets more than one criteria he’ll only be mentioned one time and for the first met criteria on that order. “NA” means either that the player wasn’t called by his home country (Barkley, for instance) or that his country only played one game in this international break (England, for example). “0m”, on the other hand, means that a player indeed travelled with the team, but did not feature (only three players had 0m in both games and they are all keepers – namely Adrián, Stekelenburg and Mignolet).

We also highlighted other player’s performances that we thought were worth a mention albeit not meeting the criteria such as Mandanda, Silva, Eriksen, Snodgrass and Tadic. That should cover most of many a managers concern over their team. If not, however, please use the commentary box if you are looking for any specific player info. We won’t go all the way to new boys Kosovo for that, but we’ll give it our best.

Finally, there’s a Highlight table in the end that, regarding popular FPL players, enhances the best performers and the biggest underachievers.

Bear in mind that for injuries and player’s general availability info you need to check back on Friday for Cookie’s invaluable Around the Grounds article as any update we could give you on that wouldn’t be accurate.

Here follows how your internationalbreaked players fared:







Thanks for reading Fantasy Premier League – International Round-Up. This article was written by DMC



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  1. 31
    DMC says:

    I’m just going to put this here.

  2. 32
    Nosaj says:

    Hey guys, last question…….

    Baines and 4.5mil defender OR Williams and PVA?? I’m currently leaning towards the last option, although I would love to have Baines in my side.

  3. 33
    dave88 says:

    Could someone please RMT?

    Heaton, Foster
    Shaw, Walker, Nsue, Pieters, Amat
    Hazard, Lamela, Barkley, Redmond, Capoue
    Ibra, Aguero, Gray.

    0.7 in the bank, 2 FT’s and was planning on holding Aguero.

    Any recommendations for moves?

  4. 34


    Thank you for this article and also well done with the ticket for the Bernabeu! What an experience that will be.

    Good for you mate. :thumbup:

  5. 35
    Mitro says:

    Any chance today’s TT can tell me which forward to go for out of Costa or lukaku and whether I should take a -8?

    Cheers :)

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