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FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team Gameweek 16

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team Gameweek 16

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team Gameweek 16

Welcome to the FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team Gameweek 16. 61pts. A green arrow. Our highest overall rank (151,974) of the season since GW1. On the whole we’re pretty happy and there’s nothing we can really moan about but given who’s writing this week’s intro we’ll find something to moan about! While 61pts was quite a decent score it’s worth noting that our captain, Eden Hazard, scored 30 of those points all on his own. Although, after last week’s debacle he had some making up to do! The only other players to contribute any meaningful points were Simpson, Salah & Morata. The rest are in the dog house. Before we move on we should highlight our bench. Let’s just say it’s a bloody good thing that none of them were required this week as between the four of them they scored -2. That’s not a typo they actually scored -2! And that is a fairly recently wildcarded bench. Which looked ok just a few short weeks back, how quickly things change in FPL.

Last weeks result in pictures

This weeks transfer – Sold Alvaro Morata & Bought Roberto Firmino
Transfer and bank situation: We had 2 free transfers and £0.0m in the bank.
When we first looked this week we couldn’t actually see a transfer that needed doing. Sure enough, we have seemingly now lost Elliot to Rafa’s keeper whims, but with no bank to speak of the only real alternative is Speroni and even he only played by default last week after Hennessey got injured in the warm up and Big Hen is back in training already so who knows on that one.

We had an unresolved injury issue with Mustafi (and Lowton) but with Arsenal playing in the Europa on Thursday the earliest we would hear anything further on that would be Friday. And so we decided to wait. And it’s just as well we did…

He was reported as a late injury concern on Friday when it was revealed that he had to go for a scan after an undisclosed ‘issue’ in training. He later returned and travelled with the rest of the squad to the hotel. Or wherever it is they go when the game is across town the day after. Now then, he could be ok, but the fact that a scan was needed at all casts enough doubt into our minds. He was way overdue a rest anyway with Batsh*t being injured and Morata is known as being susceptible to ‘over-use’ injuries. We feel that he may be rested as a result. Bat Man was apparently due to play against Atleti on Wednesday anyway until a late switch was made but either way he came on in that one and should be fit to start. If not then Hazard owners (like us :B ) may benefit even further from a false 9 outing.

Given his recent upturn in form Firmino was our ‘go to guy’. This comes with a caveat though. In the form of buses. Lots of them….

Big Sam, love him or loathe him, is many things to many people. One thing he isn’t is naive. He stayed at home this week when his team went to Cyprus. There were buses to be organised. In droves. Jose may have the hallmark on parking them, Big Sam is about to buy his entire fleet, and then some. The amount of buses about to be parked at Anfield on Sunday would make even Jose blush, in quiet admiration, you’d imagine. And Liverpool notoriously don’t like buses. When parked correctly, especially en masse and very close to ones own touchline, they tend to result in very little room in behind, which is what Liverpool thrive on. Or can’t. When you do. The Spartak game was the perfect storm – early goals against a team that needed to come out and respond = lot’s of space in behind.

We sound like we are making a case against rather than one for. And maybe we are. But as a longer term strategy we feel this makes sense. Liverpool are ripping ordinary sides apart. Everton may have improved distinctly in a few short weeks but they still fit that definition, as such. If they stick to Big Sam’s plan then they may keep the score down, or even better. But there’s always that chance they don’t, and against such an in form team it will be punished ruthlessly. If you were gambling on one team going mad at any given moment it would be Liverpool. Or maybe Man City, but at least we know who starts for The Reds!

Either way it’s then West Brom at home on Wednesday for Liverpool. Two weeks ago that would have seemed like a case for a new bus station to be built given the back-to-backs. Not with Pardew and his misplaced swagger though. Limousines are more his style. They’ll rock up to try and win. And that’s exactly what Liverpool and Firmino like.

The team in full
And so this is how we line up ahead of GW16…

Our Captain is Harry Kane

Yeah we know…


*puffs out cheeks wearily

Come on ‘Arry, and all that.

If you wish to follow the teams progress more closely you can do so by clicking here.

Thanks for reading FF247 Fantasy Football Team Gameweek 16

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