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FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team Gameweek 7

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team Gameweek 7

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team Gameweek 7

Welcome to the FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team Gameweek 7.

I’ve got another confession to make, I’m your fool…

Hi. My name is Adam (init). And I seem to be addicted to screwing up the Site Team!

I seem to have a monumental issue with pressing CONFIRM when it comes to the site team!

“Oooops” was how I introduced this weeks thorny issue…

Fortunately the guys know by now what that may mean. And yes they are all guys, not folk…


It happened again.

It happens a lot.

I have no idea why.

I seem to have a blind spot when it comes to the site team and I know not why.

To quote Kop – “You’re so meticulous with everything else”

To quote Cookie – “We’re like a Carry On film”, and who could argue!

I have no idea how this happens.

I’ve managed my own team fairly successfully for 10 seasons now and in all that time I can honestly say that I have never once not saved a transfer or captain change. That’s 386 weeks worth of saving correctly. And yet I have probably not saved the Site one at least 3 times now, maybe more. And hence me being rolled out here like some hostage with a confession. Yet this one is genuine. No offence to any hostage being rolled out right now with a false one. Not that FF247 may be their immediate concern!

Just realised that I haven’t actually stated exactly what I am confessing to!

In short then, we captained Kane this week, rather than the intended target of Aguero.


As such.

It gained us 4 points.

Not quite the point though, is it.

Sorry. Our intentions are always good. If not our execution. Or at least mine.

Regardless of intentions we finished on 66 points which saw our rank go from 463,597 to 428.688.

Here’s our team as it looked after last week…

Transfer for GW7 – we have sold Sergio Aguero and bought Romelu Lukaku. This was pretty much always our intention having done the reverse last week. With no immediately obvious way to own the pair just yet, aside from some big hits, we decided to chase Crystal Palace around with our Captain for a few weeks. Part 1 worked out just fine, it’s all down to Lukaku to see out the mission now.

Oh dear. Not really sure to begin with this one……..

Danny Baker once referred to Chelsea as the exploding clown’s car of football, way back when. It’s a phrase oft repeated with glee by the lads on The Tuesday Club podcast but also one they applied to their own team (Arsenal) as recently as the last episode. It’s a very apt metaphor for us this week!

After all of the above shenanigans you’d think that we’d have been super careful in everything else we did this week. Like really careful. Nope! We came to make the intended transfer only to realise that Kun’s selling price was at 11.6 and Lukaku’s price was at 11.7 – with obviously nothing in the bank. D’oh! So yes, we are indeed fast becoming the exploding clown’s car of fantasy football.

Feel free to mock, ridicule and chastise us. We deserve the stocks this week.


Transfer for GW7 – we have held our transfer
‘What a bunch of wallies we are!’ was one reply when someone tentatively broke the news. Which turned to ‘could be accidental genius’ as we tried to make ourselves feel better. Yeah, whatever! A quick assessment of the state of play suggested that we would now be better off holding our ground, hoping Lukaku does what he sometimes does and coming back next time with 2 FT’s and a renewed concentration level!

The team in full
And so this is how we line up ahead of GW7…

Our captain is Harry Kane
With no Lukaku, Kane is the natural choice, pretty much the default option. And after all, he ain’t in bad form is he?!

If you wish to follow the teams progress more closely you can do so by clicking here.

(Posted at 11pm Friday night)

And on and on and on it goes…. Cookie sent a message this morning after the Kun news broke saying “this is like a full time job (picking this team)”. Little did he know that literally 15 hours later it would still be being discussed!

Anyway, we’ve FINALLY decided…

Lacazette is coming in for Aguero
Morata and Jesus were the other two main candidates and had they not been playing each other in such a ‘close to call’ game this week then one of those may have made the cut. Morata would have actually as he narrowly lost out to Lacazette in the end. All three have fairly equal fixtures up until the next international break after GW11. This week does count too though and he shaded it on the basis of that.

It was a bit of a circus of a day, but only fitting of the circus that preceded it!

Here’s our final team. We hope…

Thanks for reading FF247 Fantasy Football Team Gameweek 7

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  1. 68
    bestrobber97 says:

    Ok guys in a bit of a dilemma here… Kane or lukaku captain?

    • 68.1
      AT says:

      Same problem here, and wrote a piece on it! Kane’s 19 in last ten away is absurdly good, but Huddersfield have only conceded one at home so far. Not sure they have the quality to withhold Spurs’ attack though.

      Palace just look there for the taking right now. The fact it’s not at 12.30 makes it favourable to me. Which is irrational, I know.

    • 68.2
      bestrobber97 says:

      Im going with lukaku!

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