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FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW20

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW20

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW20

Welcome to the FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW20. The trouble with a wildcard team is often not who you bought; rather who you didn’t. There’s always those regrets, swept aside on to the floor of the ‘drawing-board’ room. Not so much the ones who catch your eye when you walk around afterwards wistfully kicking up the dust, seeing names like Wilson, Alli or Aubameyang peek through the remnants, more the ones like Felipe Anderson and Hazard, who still seem to sparkle through it, almost winking at you in mock disgust of what could have been that week. But alas, we couldn’t have everyone we wanted. If we did we’d have had a midfield of epic proportions… but the last time we checked 1-8-1 wasn’t a valid formation.

All this isn’t to say we had a bad WC week, on the contrary, we managed a very respectable 75 points, which could have easily been 84 or indeed 90, with either a bit more luck or better team / substitute selections! Our highlights; TAA got us 11 points via a clean sheet, an assist and 2 bonus points, Son got us 13 with 2 goals and a bonus point and Kane got us a goal. Our captain Salah got us a goal , an assist and a bonus point, which we were particularly happy with, especially having debated late on whether or not to listen to some twitter rumours that he may be benched, but suffice to say we decided against it. The rest simply graced us with appearance points, more or less, apart from Martial who went AWOL completely. That’s the one which probably p*ssed us off more than anything, as Felipe was in his spot originally…

Worry not though, that’s why we have a bench. Now then, usually the man rushing off said bench, like some superhero with a clean sheet on his back and a customary 2 bonus points under his arm, is Wan-B. And indeed he was, as if on cue. We normally rush to greet Wan-B like some long lost friend but this week we’d have happily elbowed him in the ribs and then stamped on him in order to welcome the little weakling bringing up the rear behind him; for that was Lucas Digne, weighed down with 17 points. No wonder he was flagging.

All in all our 75 points saw us 16 points above the average with a jump in rank of 5k to 79,735th overall.

Last weeks result in full…

This weeks transfer decision(s) – SAVE
We’ll admit that we may have laboured the intro a bit there, but that’s perhaps because there’s not a fat lot to tell you in the transfer section; as we aren’t making one. We can tell you that there was a huge debate over who starts up front for Man United this week. We can tell you that said debate spanned no less than 4 hours. We can tell you said debate involved 4 grown men who were supposed to be off work spending time with their families, and that 2 of them aren’t even Man United fans. And that by the end of it none of them were any the wiser!

Our Captain is Mo Salah
Perhaps somewhat more interestingly our captain vote was fairly unanimous. As was Son for our vice captaincy. Be it Salah’s return to form, or Arsenal’s return to defensive shakiness, we can but hope some combo of the two meet up this week for our captain.

Our team in full…

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  1. 157
  2. 158
    Kop Warrior says:

    City update

    Click on image to enlarge:

  3. 159
    db says:

    Wildcard activated and team chosen. Now I cant fir TAA in! :facepalm:
    Probably best hes on the bench vs pool anyway isnt he??

    Click on image to enlarge:

  4. 160
    Bry says:

    Another City update.

    Click on image to enlarge:

  5. 161
    secretzorro says:

    Any thoughts please?

    Click on image to enlarge:

    • 161.1
      inittowinit says:

      I think you’re on last week’s article for starters ;)

      It’s certainly different. Any bank? Is this your main team or the any rules one? I.e are there any criteria to stick to?

      • secretzorro says:

        Got a link for the article mate? I’ve been ill so not online. Main team, no rules, why different? I reckon 70/80 pts is possible, or am I still ill? lol! and thx.

        • mosc1938 says:

          Happy New Year, SZ. Hope the illness was nothing serious & you are recovering. Good luck in the coming year.

        • secretzorro says:

          cheers amigo

        • Kralin says:

          I’d suggest you downgrade Lacazette to one of the (plentiful supply) of cheaper strikers around – your Jiminez’, for example – and get someone weighty, like Hazard, in your mid. The 70/80 points may happen if Arsenal click, but you are very dependent on that happening. To make doubly sure I’d captain Auba.

          Re the difference, I’m sure you’ve had the experience of giving advice only to find out ‘I don’t make transfers on Monday’ or ‘I only pick players whose name begins with a vowel’ etc. It’s good to know these things in advance.

          So I generally run a mile when I sense a my rules team. One gives advice then hears back, ‘nah, no Chelsea’ or ‘hey Kralin, I only pick players who don’t wax their balls’ with a winking emoji. Life’s too short.

        • secretzorro says:

          Thx K, I have said there are no rules.

  6. 162
    kevthezed says:

    Good morning and happy new year to all in this website.

    This is my current team. Am i set for today? Is my bench order fine?

    Click on image to enlarge:

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