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FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW30

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW30

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW30

Paying the penalty…
The upside to selecting penalty takers is obvious, the downside is a -2 if they ever miss one. To have one do so is bad luck, to have two doing so leaves you looking around for dead black cats in your rear view mirror. Twice.

Pogba and Aubameyang combined for a -2 for us, not quite what you expect for a near combined £19m outlay and 20% of your FPL budget! The fact that we had 14 points sat on the bench doesn’t help matters but the rest pulled together to somehow get us 51 and a green arrow. Albeit a small one, we moved up about 6k to land in 30,118th position. Feels a bit like we are treading water but with all the chips to come we are still hopeful that we are well poised for a strong finish.

Jimenez and Hazard were our top performers with 12 point apiece, Hazard only getting there with the armband attached, although it was probably still a weightier armband than many others experienced. TAA came through for us again with a 9 thanks to a clean sheet and another full bonus point worthy performance. Barnes got us a goal and 6 points, Fabianski finally got us a clan sheet for the same whilst the rest muddled along with bits. Having Digne and wan-B buried on the bench for a combined 12 is regretful and irksome in equal measure. But c’est la vie, and onto this week’s decisions…

Last week’s result…

Before we get going on this weeks decisions we should remind you that;

This week’s transfer decision…
This week we had 1 FT and £1.3m in the bank, and some major chip decisions to make…

We shall address the chip situation first, as that really dictates which transfers we are making for the next two weeks –

As things stand we have;
GW31: 7 players.
GW32: 4 with a definite DGW, 2 others with a TBC DGW.
GW33: 6 with a definite fixture, 2 others with a possible.

This screams obvious things to us, namely that we can cope more than adequately for BGW’s 31 & 33, especially with 2 & 3 free transfers ahead of them respectively. We can look to field an almost entire 11 in each if we so wished, although doing so for 31 may require tapping into the good old -2 hit theory for a definite nonstarter.

It also says that we should therefore FH in DGW32, as although 4 plus a possible 2 could become an 8 with free transfers, and a bit of luck, we would not have the same flexibility in terms of basically hand picking the ones we actually want to have for it. Our CHIP PLAN is therefore, in theory, going to be;

TC on a single GW
(A title chasing Liverpool at home to a probably already relegated Huddersfield in GW36, just as an example…!)

With all of that in mind we concentrated our decision this week on bringing in the best asset we could who had a fixture in both 31 & 33. Mane was mentioned (for Pogba), Brooks was mentioned (for Camarasa), a 2nd Liverpool defender was mooted but also soon booted when it was pointed out that we couldn’t afford one! Vardy with Fulham at home was mentioned and picked up momentum quicker than it takes Brendan to mention ‘character’ in a press conference.

To confirm then; we have BOUGHT VARDY & SOLD AUBAMEYANG

Our Captain is Salah, our Vice is Vardy
There was much fence sitting on this issue, a few committee members were quite happy to go straight from asking Vardy out on a date to lifting his shirt up, fondling him a bit and asking him to go all the way… A few others were more happy to go with Salah and his potentially higher FPL ceiling. Without going into lurid details about what people would actually do to Salah if he screwed us all over again we went with the ceiling theory. We get the feeling that we (and them both) are getting screwed either way…

Our team in full…

You can follow the site teams progress all season by clicking here

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  1. 25
    Floydeth says:

    ‪If anyone is thinking of selling Jimenez don’t. I just saw a sign, literally‬ :D

    Click on image to enlarge:

  2. 26
    Pancho says:

    Thinking of Patricio -> Fabianski or Boruc
    Leaning toward Fab.

    Click on image to enlarge:

    • 26.1
      AJW says:

      Definitely! I’ve had Fab for months and months & he has never disappointed. Even sold Ederson for Etheridge mid season, and have never looked back – the 2 of them scored pretty solidly and saved me an enormous amount of cash. Don’t think I’ll even bother changing keepers from here on in! De Gea & Ederson = expensive scoundrels! Bye for now! :)

  3. 27
    chelseachick_uk says:

    Hey – sorry, me again.
    So for my B team – I was thinking a -4,
    but what do you think?
    Son to Mane
    And Doherty to Alonso?
    would have done Jiminex to Higuan but not enough.
    £2.4 ITB
    All chips in tact and WC.

    Click on image to enlarge:

  4. 28

    Two free transfers here and thinking:

    Kolasinac and Pogba to Simpson (Bournemouth) and Hazard.

    I like Hazard’s next lot and would have done Higuain bit I like the idea of giving my strikers this week.

    Simpson is a risk but if he does play that’s a GW31 player as well. If not, no biggie I’ll play with 10.

    Any other angles I should consider?

    Click on image to enlarge:

  5. 29
    bees393 says:

    Who to captain…Aguero or Salah? Anyone with a good quality crystal ball out there?

  6. 30
    hammerfan_lm says:

    Question for everyone.
    Who would you captain?
    A. Salah
    B. Son
    C. Vardy

    I am chasing, and both have Salah, and one has Aguero, the other Sterling.
    Thoughts please

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