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FPL Live Match Chat DGW36

FPL Live Match Chat DGW36

FPL Live Match Chat DGW36

Welcome to FPL Live Match Chat DGW36

We have 16 games in total this week spanning from Saturday until Thursday with (televised) games on 5 of the next 6 days with only Monday left to take a breather (aka a quick run to the supermarket to replen on crisps and beer, and maybe also say a quick hello to the family, maybe…).

We have some strange game times too with Saturday beginning at 3pm and ending up with an 7.45pm’er.

Sunday is more normal with the usual raft of 2pm games followed by a tea-time one.

Tuesday sees just the one, Wednesday is the busiest midweek affair with four before the NLD sees us out on Thursday.

We do then get a slight break as the GW37 deadline is not until Sunday morning.

The games in full…

Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.

Good luck to absolutely everyone for Double Gameweek 36 from all at FF247!

Thanks for reading FPL Live Match Chat DGW36.




FF247 LEAGUES FOR 2021/22

Fantasy Football 247 League Codes:

This is our main public FF247 League, which anyone is welcome to join and can be accessed using the code below or this auto-join link
League Code: kgvnpe


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Our Regulars League* for 2021/22 is sponsored by Fanteam The total cash prize pool is £1k. The first 5 places are paid out in a tiered system.

To enter this one you need to be an active and recognised site member and you need to e-mail us for the league code:

Our FF247 Cup is also included and attracts a prize of £50 for the winner.

You MUST also have a FanTeam account to claim any prize.

*terms and conditions apply and they are available here Management reserve the right to review membership of this league on an ongoing basis which is dependent upon regular comment / community activity.

Both leagues will be shut to new entrants as of 01/01/22.

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  1. 73
    Colriles says:

    Did not anticipate Foster saving my BB…but here we are.

  2. 74
    Colriles says:

    On a free hit. Do you like…

    a- Watkins & Castagne
    b- Nketiah & Robbo ?

  3. 75
    inittowinit says:

    Spurs v Arsenal

    Click on image to enlarge:

  4. 76
  5. 77
    Veer says:

    Currently on 139 points which is the highest score of my FPL career, but could have been so much more if I had KDB or got my captaincy right. I was considering Son, Kane, Maddison, and James, but ending up giving it to TAA shout

    • 77.1
      Veer says:

      Any advice on what to do for GW37?
      I’m thinking of taking a -4 for Kane >> Richarlison and Mount >> KDB. Another option is to keep Mount and instead do Barnes >> Sterling, or just do one transfer with Robertson >> Cancelo.
      A large part of my thinking is I currently have a 14 point lead in my ML, and my rival has Richarlison, Sterling and Cancelo, so getting those same players would prevent him from making up ground rofl

      Click on image to enlarge:

      • inittowinit says:

        I’d probably try and cover off Richarlison and Cancelo and leave Sterling. There’s always a chance he doesn’t even play. Presumably he doesn’t have Kane then in which case you simply keep him with those games.

        • bees393 says:

          Init…need to pick your brains with this lot. 0 FT and .2mib
          BB – Mount to Zaha and Gelhardt to Nketia? Or any other ideas? Hoping White will start next game…
          Thanks mate

          Click on image to enlarge:

        • inittowinit says:

          Seems about all you can do really. And they are fine. I’m assuming you can’t reach anyone else up top who has a DGW? White will pretty much have to start now with Holding out. He made the bench anyway so should be fine to do so.

        • bees393 says:

          Init, just thinking…maybe Saka out for Zaha? Mount has WAT next and Zaha MU. Saka did not look too good to me.
          So then only 4ph.

        • inittowinit says:

          It’s much of a muchness. Saka didn’t look good but that was more to do with Spurs and Holding. But yeah that seems ok.

  6. 78
    PeterPan says:

    Best to use FH for GW 37 or 38?

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