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Bore Off

Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! – Fantasy Premier League 2019-20

Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! – Fantasy Premier League 2019-20

Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! – Fantasy Premier League 2019-20

International Break time, can only mean one thing.

That’s right is is Bore Off time with the three amigos. After getting a look of four gameweeks of action, we have asked our three forced volunteers to give us their opinions on some fpl related questions and of course as is tradition some non fpl related questions. For those of you only here for the Giroud buba related question just skip straight to the last question.

So without further ado, let us get to it!

Thanks for reading Grab, Avoid or Bore Off!. This article was written by Mito21.




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  1. 7
    beno1234 says:

    Should I be hitting the WC button? My teams fixtures look good for one more week but i think I want to drop to 3 at the back…

  2. 9
    MHD says:

    Amazing article. I enjoyed it.
    Thanks Mito, cooki, pok & innit bravo

  3. 10
    The Padster says:

    Price Changes – 4th September 2019

    Fallers only! Bellerín (5.4), Giroud (6.8), Sané (9.3), Praet (5.4)

  4. 11
    AJW says:

    Many thanks fellows – love your comments. It’s amazing to have such a free-flowing quantity of pertinent thought!
    I’d just like to ask you a wee question – as I have 0.5 ITB & am looking at replacing the ever-dwindling Barkley (now 5.8!!!) – Mount is now just out of my reach. Do you think James from MU is a suitable replacement, or perhaps Cantwell? Although having 2 Norwich players worries me slightly! What about Cookie’s idea of Trossard? I wouldn’t like to weaken my team unnecessarily. I know we have plenty of time to wait till GW5, but am thinking of viable possibilities. Cheerio to all & enjoy the international matches (esp. THAT one at Old Trafford!!! Go the green baggy caps!) . I don’t even know who England and Scotland are playing this week. Good luck in any case smile

    • 11.1
      Zed Leppelin says:

      Do you have Digne already, I think he’s by far the best 5.5 – 7.0m player in the game!

    • 11.2
      GentleBenAKA says:

      I agree that Barkley probably needs to go. Given that both James and Cantwell are sitting on 21 points, 1 point shy of Mount, they are the obvious options. Cantwell frees up a bit of cash so you can upgrade elsewhere, but let’s be honest here, we’d prefer he was warming up our bench rather than actually being in our first 11, and his next three fixtures aren’t good (MCI, bur, cry). James doesn’t have good fixtures either (LEI, whu, ARS). At least Cantwell allows you to upgrade Greenwood to Ayew or Rico to a defender who actually plays. It may be worth considering over the international break some other options. McGinn’s fixtures ain’t bad (WHU, ars, BUR, nor, BHA) before City in GW10. Harry Wilson is slightly under the radar because he didn’t play in GW1 but in the last three weeks he’s amassed 16 points and his upcoming fixtures are EVE, sou, WHU, ars, NOR, wat. Noble isn’t my favourite player in the world, but he’s also under the radar having not played GW1 and GW2, yet in two matches he’s managed to get himself 12 points and the Hammers have good form and good fixtures – everyone keeps on banging on about Haller at 7.5 but Noble is just £5m. You should also have a think about Iwobi (didn’t play GWs 1 and 2, but 10 points from two games). At the end of the day, these are all budget guys and you’ve got to accept that they are going to blank quite a bit, however they only need to be giving you an average of about 4 points per match for them to be good value, so if any one of them give you 20 points over 4 GWs you’d be happy as Larry.

      • AJW says:

        Thanks Gentle Ben (I remember that show, as I used to watch it in the 70s as a kid!) – that’s a very well thought out and generous reply! Gives me some food for thought – in fact you reiterated many things that had been going on in my mind already. smile I was almost inclined to go James, as the Guardian podcast guys spoke very highly of him & Cookie, Kop & Init seemed to be impressed too. Now I shall mull it all over during the IB & make my move (probably when some of them have gone up in price! smile )
        Many thanks to Zed too – just to let you know that I have Digne (as well as TAA, Zinch, Lundstram and….cough cough RICO!

        Bye for now fellows!

  5. 12
    Kop Warrior says:

    Thanks Mito. Always good fun doing these. smile

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