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Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! – Fantasy Premier League 2019-20

Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! – Fantasy Premier League 2019-20

Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! – Fantasy Premier League 2019-20

International Break time, can only mean one thing.

That’s right is is Bore Off time with the three amigos. After getting a look of four gameweeks of action, we have asked our three forced volunteers to give us their opinions on some fpl related questions and of course as is tradition some non fpl related questions. For those of you only here for the Giroud buba related question just skip straight to the last question.

So without further ado, let us get to it!

Thanks for reading Grab, Avoid or Bore Off!. This article was written by Mito21.




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  1. 13
    hammerfan_lm says:

    Suggestions for GW5.
    Someone mentioned Perez->Tielemans, and Pickford->Pope.
    I need to ditch Perez. Not doing what I had hoped. losing money for me, and not getting me the desired points. BSilva has not got me the points either.
    Can I improve on him, without losing points.
    Any other ideas greatly appreciated.

    Click on image to enlarge:

  2. 14
    Sid26 says:

    That’s very nicely put up GentleBenAKA. Any views on Ceballos in that category?

    • 14.1
      Sid26 says:

      Sorry, was a reply to a comment on the last page.

      Guys any views on Ceballos ? Or is James or Harry Wilson better options in that price range? I already have McGinn.

      • Smash says:

        I think Ceballos is ok for now. I see him starting again from now. Arsenal have a good run coming up as well

      • Zed Leppelin says:

        I’m quite content on Ceballos at the minute, think he’ll start again and good fixtures, he’s so cheap you don’t really expect a lot either, keeping him for a few more weeks and seeing how it goes, if he turn out to be bad then I am using my WC maybe after the second IB anyway

        • AJW says:

          Listened to the Spurs-Arsenal match on the radio the other day & the Arsenal ‘renaissance’ coincided really with Ceballos coming on.
          The commentators praised his efforts highly…so I decided to leave him in my team, as I guess the coach will be thinking the same thing (i.e. Oh the team seem to be much more dynamic with Danny on the field – there might be something in this!).
          Cheerio! smile

        • Zed Leppelin says:

          Yeah I thought so too, he really looks like a good player, let’s hope he delivers a bit in the future! good

    • 14.2
      GentleBenAKA says:

      Cheers Sid. I didn’t mention Ceballos in my post because AJW already has him so wasn’t an option. I agree with everything smash, Zed and AJW have said on him.

  3. 15
    tiijayz says:

    Otamendi or Stones? I need city defensive cover as Zinchenko might be out of the Starting 11 with Mendy returning from injury soon.

  4. 16
    AiyoRiggs says:

    Who would you play for GW5?

    AWB / Zinchenko / Lundstram
    KDB / Sterling / Mane / James
    Abraham / Rashford / Barnes

    Subs: Mount / Soyuncu / Kelly

    Stuck between:

    Mount + James (no Rashford)
    Mount + Rashford (no James)
    James + Rashford (no Mount)

  5. 17
    MrMajeika says:

    Not quite sure best way to use my transfers. Priority is getting rid of Jota but can’t really see a way that doesn’t involve downgrading robbo. If I do who is recommended? Thinking haller or Tammy as replacement for jota

    Click on image to enlarge:

  6. 18
    FplDoc789 says:

    Hello guys,
    GW 4 was as close to a disaster for me as possible laugh
    Ended up losing Laporte, so made an early transfer of Laporte ->Lundstram before their price changes.
    Now have 0FT and 2.5 itb
    Should I hit my WC ? 2.5 itb gives me enough to do Martial to KDB or even strengthen up top with Greenwood to Barnes for a -4
    Or dyu guys have any other suggestions
    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

    Click on image to enlarge:

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