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Harry and Lloyd’s Fantasy Predictions BGW29


Harry and Lloyd’s Fantasy Predictions BGW29

Welcome to Harry and Lloyd’s Fantasy Predictions BGW29

As promised we have 2 weeks worth of results to catch up on and there were some huge scores. I always judge the scores on my own performance, and given that I managed just 5 and 4 across the 2 weeks is both embarrassing and concerning as my stranglehold on the top of the table is starting to look very fragile indeed!

GW27 – Just 5pts for yours truly as like many I failed to predict the FGS and it seems just about everything else! Thankfully there are a lot of predictors who are far more astute. hammerfan_Im takes this week’s 3rd place with a today 13pts, in second it was shared spoils for both Ko NAY and Reg83 – both with 15pts, but out in front with a solid 12 topped up by 5pts from predicting the FGS we have IvanTheTerrible with a mighty 17pts.

GW28 – Last week’s winner IvanTheTerrible will have to make do with 3rd place this week, 14pts going from 9 actual and an additional 5pts from once again correctly predicting the FGS. Going 1pt better with 15pts is Inittowinit and Gear who also both correctly predicted the FGS. It was a close-run affair, but this week’s winner with 16pts (also correctly predicting the FGS) is Leprechaun.

Many congratulations to IvanTheTerrible and Leprechaun! Please email us here: to claim your prize.

Overall League Table

THIS WEEK’S COMPETITION… scoring couldn’t be much simpler:

• Correct Score —> 3 points;
• Correct Result —> 1 point; and
• Correct First Goalscorer of the Gameweek —> 5 points.

To clarify, this is who you think will score the first goal of the entire Gameweek, not just in any given match that you choose to pick yourself!

Points above are awarded on an ‘either / or’ basis, so you’ll either score 3 points for a Correct Score or just 1 point for a Correct Result, and these are never added together for a 4-point score.

Tie-Breaker: in the event of 2+ entrants being tied as winners for the Gameweek, the overall winner of the weekly prize will be decided by a tie-breaker. In order to do this, we ask that you also post your prediction for the time at which the first goal of the Gameweek will be scored. Nearest the pin wins!

The Rules… 1 entry per person and all entries must be submitted prior to the first match of the Gameweek. Once all the matches have been played, we’ll calculate the scores, and the winner(s) will be announced in the following Gameweek’s competition article: each winner will walk away with an FF247-branded t-shirt.

So, to recap, all that you need to do to play is:

• copy & paste the fixtures from below and pop your score prediction on each;
• tell us who you think will be the First Goalscorer of the Gameweek; and
• follow it with your guess for the time of this first goal (to give yourself a fighting chance in a tie-breaker situation).

Here are the fixtures; best of luck to you all!

BGW29 Deadline: Saturday at 3pm

Burnley v Brentford
Luton v Forest
Fulham v Spurs
West Ham v Villa

PLEASE also provide your FGS guess (and the minute of this first goal straight after the player’s name).

Thanks for reading Harry and Lloyd’s Fantasy Predictions BGW29

This article was written by Harry and Lloyd… a.k.a. Matt and Rosco. And James!


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  1. 43
    Reg83 says:

    Burnley v Brentford 0-2
    Luton v Forest 1-2
    Fulham v Spurs 0-2
    West Ham v Villa 2-2

    FGS – Toney 15 mins

  2. 44
    OddDane says:

    Bad week 29
    Burnley v Brentford 1-3
    Luton v Forest 1-0
    Fulham v Spurs 1-2
    West Ham v Villa 2-2
    FGS Yoane Wissa 5’

  3. 45
    WhoIsRonaldo says:

    Burnley v Brentford: 1-2
    Luton v Forest: 2-2
    Fulham v Spurs: 1-2
    West Ham v Villa: 2-1

    FGS Toney – 22mins

  4. 46
    The Padster says:

    First goal scorer Bruun Larsen 10th min, any takers e pardon

  5. 47
    Loud Atlas says:

    I forgot the first two games…oops.

    Fulham v Spurs 0-2
    West Ham v Villa 1-2

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