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Harry and Lloyd’s Fantasy Predictions Final Results


Harry and Lloyd’s Fantasy Predictions Final Results

Welcome to Harry and Lloyd’s Fantasy Predictions Final Results

The season is finally over but with 2 weeks of results and of course, the final overall league winner to announce, we’re not quite done here.

DGW37 Shinespark and Silvers both ended with 14pts which was enough to take third. The duo narrowly missed out on second as Daisy2002 went one better with 15pts. Qwkliduzzit did better than all three, 16pts enough to secure this weeks top-spot.

GW38 Another straightforward week as every spot on the podium was taken by an individual. Third, went to the very nice and normal OddDane with 14pts, MBD took second with 17pts but out in front with 18pts was Erry Ben Canaan.

Many congratulations to Qwkliduzzit and Erry Ben Canaan! Please email us here: to claim your prize.

Overall League Table

Drum roll please, and the overall league winner for the 2023/24 H&L season is… Me! Quite how I managed this despite never winning a single weekly prize is beyond me. Well, 18 correct FGS predictions likely played a huge roll with Ivan pushing me all the way to the finish. I’ve never won this completion in the 6 seasons it’s been running, I’m actually usually not that good at it! So, congrats to me!

Thank you all for playing, we hope you’ll be back next season to do it all again! Thanks to my main men Matt and James Simmo, without you I’m just a bloke who occasionally gets the FGS correct!

Thanks for reading Harry and Lloyd’s Fantasy Predictions Final Results

This article was written by Harry and Lloyd… a.k.a. Matt and Rosco. And James!

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  1. 1
    Rosco says:

    *** Harry and Lloyd’s Fantasy Predictions the final results***
    It’s all over for another season, but before you head off to your holiday destination of choice, let’s see who won the final 2 weeks of the season, and that all-important overall league winner!

  2. 2
    The Padster says:

    Well played Rosco, predicting nearly half the seasons FGS is pretty impressive, feel a little sorry for Ivan who’s actual predicting results have been pretty impressive, he had a nice little run towards the end of getting the FGS, but still ran a little short, happy with my 5th place and only 8 FGS, it’s been probably the most competitive season so far, first time I’ve not won a t shirt and finished 5th proves that, Thanks Rosco, Matt and James

  3. 3
    AJW says:

    Hey Rosco. Congrats.
    Well you won’t be claiming postage costs from Init for sending out the t-shirt this time, will you? Hahaha. YYou’ll have to let me in on the secret of good tipping. I always just let my mind wander and write down what comes out – luckily it’s slightly edited before putting pen to paper! Cheers all and thank you for a great season. smile

  4. 4
    hammerfan_lm says:

    Well done my son.

    11th out of 74 isn’t bad.

    Roll on next season

  5. 5
    DMC says:

    Congrats Rosco for the win and Ivan and PM for making the podium. And a huge thank you to you, Matt and James for all the effort making it possible. Cheers

  6. 6
    MBD says:

    Well done Rosco, I gracefully handover the trophy to you smile

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