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How Fantasy Football Skills Can Translate Elsewhere In Life

How Fantasy Football Skills Can Translate Elsewhere In Life


How Fantasy Football Skills Can Translate Elsewhere In Life

The United States and India might dominate the global fantasy sports scene, but the UK comes in third. With the fantasy sports screen projected to reach a market value of $50.4 billion (£39.7 billion) by 2032, it’s no wonder you’ll find many fans globally and in the UK. Some might think managing a fantasy football team is just a simple hobby. However, we’re here to show how you can benefit from the skills you cultivate while playing.

Top Skills Transferable to Real-Life

Sports fans are used to betting on sports at casinos like Mega Dice, but now even fantasy versions of these sports, like the Fantasy Premier League (FPL), are available. If you’re not sure whether your love for fantasy football has any use, we’re here to tell you it certainly has!

Bankroll Management

Managing an FPL team means you need to control your bankroll carefully. Like in real life, you don’t have unlimited money or spending capabilities, as there are restrictions on how much you can spend on your team.


As such, you need to carefully consider how to spend the budget you have to build a successful team.

Bankroll management, or effective budgeting, is also useful in your everyday life. People constantly need to budget for household expenses, entertainment, bills and various other reasons.

Number Analysis

No one can play FPL effectively without analysing numbers upon numbers. You must consider carries and points per game. All of this means you get used to analysing and understanding numbers, which can be extremely useful in other activities, like in the stock market.


This number analysis helps you better understand and recognise good price-to-earning ratios or volumes in stock trading.

Keeping a Schedule

If you’re struggling to keep to a schedule and feel like you’re always late, then managing an FPL team will quickly set you on the right track. Effective management of your team means you must make specific transactions at precise times.


Keeping a schedule means you’ll better manage your time. It can help ensure you get to work on time or don’t arrive late for that special date.

Being Objective

Humans are hard-wired to be more emotional. We often make decisions based on personal feelings. However, you can’t give in to your biases and only choose your favourite players for your FPL team. Doing so is a sure-fire way to create a messy team.


Learning how to be more objective is also good in real life. Rational decisions can help you get out of a tight spot and make you a better person in the workplace.

Better Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is a significant part of fantasy sports, as you trade players and negotiate with other managers. You might need a trade to pad your team mid-season. The only way to do so is to deal with other players/managers.


Negotiation is also a skill that’s useful in your everyday life. Relationships are often a negotiation between partners; your work requires it, and it’s even useful in parenting.

Honing Your Skills with Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is extremely popular, especially the Fantasy Premier League in the UK. Many fantasy sports are globally popular, and now you know you can even learn essential skills while managing your FPL team.


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