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Inside The Mind Of An FPL Player Double Gameweek 37

Inside The Mind Of An FPL Player Double Gameweek 37

Inside The Mind Of An FPL Player Double Gameweek 37

Welcome to Inside The Mind Of An FPL Player Double Gameweek 37.

We are coming into the penultimate gameweek of the season and it is a big one. A massive double game week where some of the biggest teams play twice. Arsenal and City are still battling it out for the title but Arsenal have 2 games to City’s one. Liverpool are mathematically still in with a shout but there is more chance of hell freezing over than that happening. Many managers will be playing their Bench Boost this week so a full cohort of 15 players is needed. Lot of injuries to defenders in particular might mean lots of plans being thrown out. Hits could fly this week…

We have asked some of our writers to share their thoughts on what they will be doing for the DGW. Here is what they said…


Best laid plans and all that… Yes, I knew the risks, and ordinarily you wouldn’t set up for a DGW with a Bench Boost two weeks out. But with the chance to set up for a mini DGW in 35 and to still have a very decent looking team for 36 inbetween it was a risk worth taking.

Out of those I came away with an 81 and a 101, with a rank jump of 40k and then another 20k, so on the face of it ‘plan A’ sort of worked. For the record that’s put me back to about 130k overall.

As for ‘plan B’ I just needed a bit of luck, and for all of my troops to come through the last two unscathed. Doh! Pretty much as soon as 35 was under way it emerged that Van Hecke was out for the season, and now ditto Maguire. Which leaves me in a bit of a muddle, as they were the cheap as chips enablers who just also happened to also have a DGW37. I have 0.9 ITB but having already maxed out on the rest of the more decent doublers such as City, Chelsea and Newcastle replacing them could be a bit of a challenge.

I could get another Spurs defender but I’m not too sure about that as a sane tactic! Although Romero does seem to be on a one-man mission to win games so I could always go there and just hope for some attacking returns. Beyond that it’s another cheapie from Brighton but even with that relatively low-priced pair I am about 0.2 shy.

Looking at the single GW players with cheap defenders and a half decent shout of a clean sheet there’s only really Everton at home to Sheffield United that stands out and even that one has disaster written all over it.

As it stands it will probably just have to be a bit of a cheap Hail Mary on some combo of Branthwaite / Igor / Emerson Royal.

And this is all assuming that Bruno actually returns from whatever Ten Haag has managed to do to him….

What I do know is that my armband will be firmly attached to big Erling.

Jamie Mc

Bench Boost Active & 1 free transfer & £3.8m ITB.


When playing my second wildcard in game week 35 I decided to go without Haaland.

Well, the league 2 player made me pay for my foolishness last game week with 21 points.

Despite trying and trying I am heading for my worst ever overall ranking; currently sitting at 793,994. The game has chewed me up and spat me out and I cannot wait until the season end.

Keeping this short and sweet… moving into game week 37 then I currently have 14 double game week players and a single game week player.
My transfer will be red flagged Harry Maguire to another double game week player.

I will be taking a chance that yellow flagged Bruno will be fit for the double game week.

Mental note to myself for next season…regardless of how he is playing NEVER EVER GO WITHOUT HAALAND.

Good luck for the game week.


Approaching the end now. One final push for me to try and get inside 100k. 116 points last GW was great. I’m 21 points off now with a BB to play, it could be close. My season has been very much a season of two halves experiencing voodoo luck like I’ve never ever seen in the first half finding myself at 5 million rank in GW12. I’m now 140k,

I have two free transfers and 0.6 in the bank. Maguire needs to go as he’s been ruled out for the season. There are limited options for DGW players so Burn is almost certainly going to come in. Any other transfer will be for a hit and will depend on Bruno’s fitness . If he’s fit I’ll roll with what I have but if he’s still injured I will be hitting for a certain pigeon I expect from Spurs. In other words Richarlison. BB is activated even with one fixture Arsenal stand one of the best chances of a CS this GW.

Loud Atlas

Ooo yeah, a nice big juicy double gameweek. There better be points – LOTS of points. I’ve had four 90+ scores this season but none with triple figures. That would be lovely to end the season on, wouldn’t it? And I’ve got my bench boost to use this week too. What could possibly go wrong?!…

Rank-wise, despite a 94-point haul in GW36, the FPL Gods still deemed it worthy to curse me with a dreaded red arrow (to 56k). A finish inside the top 50k is the only realistic target to aim for now. My highest rank this season was 31k back in GW32, and that was nice while it lasted.

This week brings its own challenges. As it stands, I’ve got double 12 gameweek players, but are they actually that good? On the whole, yes. But Man Utd and Spurs (a fifth of my team combined) seem to have lost their mojo and are leaking goals for fun – and not scoring many either. The rest of the team should (he types with a deep breath) be fine and do well…fingers crossed!

With 2FTs and nothing in the bank I need to ditch at least Schär at this stage, and see who else is ruled out in the pressers (I’m hoping Bruno has recovered). So, let’s go defender shopping.

This season feels like it’s been a bad year for defenders and the art of defending in general. There have been 3.27 goals per game on average this season and it’s had the most goals in a Premier League season (1,166 at time of writing). Wowzers!

Arsenal have the cleanest sheets (with 15) and are generally very good defensively, so I could get another one of their defenders, but I’ve already got Gabriel (is doubling up too risky?). I could try an attacking defender – Romero is the leading goalscoring defender this season with 5 goals. But do I really want another Spurs defender?! They just can’t defend. They might get a clean sheet against Burnley, but they’re getting easily beaten by City, surely. Or perhaps I simply replace Schär with Burn and hope for a clean sheet. That seems a bit boring.

My single gameweekers (Gabriel, Saka and Watkins) have been some of the best performers this season. I’m confident that Arsenal can do the job against Man Utd, but a Villa bereft of confidence after their POSSIBLE Europa Conference League exit (at time of writing they’re 4-2 down after their first leg defeat) would be easy pickings for Liverpool so now might be the time to ditch Watkins. Best of luck to Villa to overturn that deficit in the second leg vs Olympiakos, but either way, Thursday night will be exhausting for Villa. So, let’s go striker shopping.

Form-wise, aside from Haaland and Isak, N.Jackson or Mateta are the in-form forwards. But I’ve already got three Blues – ah. Mateta is enticing, but only has the one fixture vs Wolves. I could try super-sub Wilson, but that’s risky too. Maybe Højlund? But he hasn’t had much service recently. Hmm, decisions, decisions. And a decision that probably won’t be made until after the Europa Conference game and the pressers later on in the week.

The captaincy will be going on Haaland this week (vice Palmer). He’s suddenly found form again and has some easily thump-able teams to play in the last few matches. They’ll win the league again, won’t they? Sigh.

Thanks for reading Inside The Mind Of An FPL Player Double Gameweek 37. This article was written by Init, Jamie Mc, Loud Atlas and Smash.



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  1. 1
    MattX says:

    Have a read of what some of our writers will be doing this weekend!

  2. 2
    highaction says:

    Thanks for the write ups lads…
    I’m challenged for funds, on a bench boost, and need a 4.2 or under defender this week……..
    currently between Lewis Hall and Tino Livramento for the double??? Think I’ll pull the trigger on Hall after Newcastle’s presser, unless there’s another lovely idea out there somewhere… anyone??? smile

  3. 3
    hammerfan_lm says:

    0.2m ITB
    Intending on BB this week,
    I was originally going to do Saka->Bruno to have a full compliment of dgw players, but Maguiire has put paid to that, plus not convinced with Spurs defence.
    Any ideas/suggestions.

    Click on image to enlarge:

  4. 4
    Terminators says:

    I think I have made a mistake on my WC the other week, I didn’t get Jackson I have made one change now Burn in for Schär as the latter is out for the season. My dilemma is I have one FT left, but do I swap Højlund for Jackson or do I swap White for T.Silva or Cucurella? This is my team and I will BB as well. I know there is the Man U game left to go but I am not sure even if Højlund scores a few, he’s the one to stick with over Jackson.
    Thoughts please?
    £1.1m ITB
    1 FT

    Click on image to enlarge:

  5. 5
    ODT says:

    Would you take a -8 to get Jackson in for Morris? I’m going to bench boost but to get Jackson I would swap Porro to some 4.7 defender. Maybe Wan-bissaka.

    Click on image to enlarge:

  6. 6
    piksi says:

    What is best Maguire and Bruno (if not fit) replacement ?
    A. Branthwaite & Madueke
    B. Garnacho & Cucurella.
    Both would allow me to have Salah for Son in last GW38.

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