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Interactive Fantasy Football Fixture Tracker 2015-16

Interactive Fantasy Football Fixture Tracker 2015-16


It’s that time again folks; T minus two weeks or so and counting! Many FPL players pick their initial team based chiefly on last season’s form, others on as many big names as possible (with the necessary accompanying threadbare bench), while yet others have a noticeable bias towards players from their supported team (Kop does NOT approve!). The serious FPL player will select their starting 15 based on a wide range of factors however, not least of which are the fixtures.

With that in mind I’ve updated and improved the season-long tracker a few people seemed to find useful last year. This lets you choose how difficult each fixture is and displays appropriate colours as an easy visual guide – much like the tracker on the site except that it shows the whole season and is interactive. I’ll give a brief outline of how it works here but there are instructions in the tracker too and there’s a link to a video explaining it at the bottom.

You start by grouping together teams of similar ability, such as putting Arsenal, Chelsea, City and United in Level 1. Last season you could put teams in 4 different groups, but now you can place them in anything from 3 to 10 groups depending on how detailed you want to get. This way you could even have Chelsea in a category all on their own if you consider them to be that much better than their rivals for example.

Next comes the other upgrade from the first tracker – last season you were limited to having 5 colours represent the different matches, but now you can choose between 3, 5 or 7. After you make your choice you will then decide how difficult you rate each match between teams of different groups. When you have finished you can select the Fixtures Tab and all of the colours there will have updated to be specific to your own ratings. These can be changed as often as you like, and indeed should be updated as the season goes on to account for changes in teams’ forms.

The link to the tracker itself is here:
Interactive Fantasy Football Fixture Tracker 2015-16




Video Explanation:


Link to Tracker


Fixture Tracker Home
All of our trackers live in one happy home which can be found by clicking on the Tips tab in the menu header near the top of the page and then selecting Fixture Tracker from the drop down menu. In here you will find a goldmine of helpful tools including our Home & Away rotation tracker and things like goalkeeper rotations etc. If you’re too lazy to navigate here’s a direct link to it –

Fixture Tracker Home

Have fun, and if you need any help leave a message on here or Twitter: @SharpyBoy86


Thanks for reading Interactive Fantasy Football Fixture Tracker 2015-16 This article was written by Calvin Clyne

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  1. 67
    jasprit says:

    this is really brilliant cc.
    thank you so much for putting in the effort to aid all of us.

    how is everyone holding up waiting for the season to beign soon?
    i am pretty much happy with my team – and unless some big time transfers happen, i think i’m set for the 1st gw except one conundrum that follows me, so i ask for your help –

    rooney and milner/henderson
    depay and benteke


    • 67.1
      Calvin Clyne says:

      No problem Jasprit smile

      Er flip a coin with that one? I currently have 3 of your 4 options, with Rooney missing out due to having Costa already. Benteke just offers too good a value for me not to have him, plus ‘Pool have 4 tasty home fixtures in first 7 games, hence having him and Hendo.

      • Smash10 says:

        Yeah I feel Benteke does give good value. I don’t have him at the moment. But feel 2 Liverpool midfield/attack is too much

        • Patrick_YNWA says:

          Personally, I don’t think 2 Liverpool mid/attackers is too much. I think Hendo is safe to bet on being solid throughout the season, and form-permitting Benteke could be a great FPL striker. As far as double ups go, I think Hendo/Milner and Benteke are quite safe smile

  2. 68
    Dazza says:

    RMT Please

    de Gea
    Darmian, Fonte, Koscielny, Morgan
    Schweinsteiger, Walcott, Hazard, Ibe
    Ings, Kane, Schmeichel

    Mané, Clyne,Agbonlahor

    • 68.1
      Calvin Clyne says:

      Dazza, lose Schmeichel as not a good idea to double up on Leicester defence.

      The roles of Ings, Ibe and Schweiny are still unclear so would at least keep an eye on them over the next two weeks.

      • Patrick_YNWA says:

        After last night’s game against the Malaysia XI, Rodgers apparently hinted at a starting position for Ibe. I’m guessing it was more because of his recent performances, and Rodgers saying “if he keeps that up, what choice do I have but to start him?” sort of thing. I’m hopeful anyway, as he’s in my team for now.
        I agree though. Keep an eye on anyone that’s not a certain starter.

  3. 69
    Patrick_YNWA says:

    Ibe in for Deeney only for the first game. Will swap back if Ibe doesn’t start.
    My defence rotates fairly well, but please point out anything I might be missing.
    Not sure if Speroni or Ruddy is the better partner for Butland. For the first game, Ruddy would be better though.
    I’m quite happy with my forwards and mids

    • 69.1
      Patrick_YNWA says:

      Apologies for the whole screen. I thought I had cropped it. Can’t find a delete button.
      Micah Richards also interests me, but not sure if he safely replaces Angella. Villa fixtures aren’t great to start with anyway.
      Just started reading this too. Quite helpful
      Also, Rooney will go in for Aguero until he starts.

    • 69.2


      I think Ruddy instead of Speroni. He and Butland rotate well most of the first half of the season unless I’m mistaken.

      No arguments on the midfield or strikers, you know there is a slight risk on Ibe but if you are happy to take that then fine, could pay off nicely.

      The defence seems a bit weak. Unsure on Simpson making the team and you have all three newly promoted teams in defence which might mean less clean sheets.

      Going by what Pellegrini has most recently commented, looks like Aguero will miss the start so maybe a downgrade to Rooney?

      • Patrick_YNWA says:

        Ruddy it is. I had him originally. Should have trusted my first choice!
        I have faith in Ibe, and in Liverpool, and in Rodgers. That’s all I’ll say laugh
        I agree on the defence, but I want to sacrifice it for having a strong front 8.
        I thought the same on the newly promoted teams, and so now my defenders are:
        Yoshida (unsure of start..), Morgan, Lescott, O’Shea, Ward. The teams rotate very well in terms of home games, as well as fixtures. Ruddy and Butland in goal.
        I actually have Hennessey at the moment, in anticipation of his move. If his price goes up, for example to 5 mil, and I swap him back to Butland, I get an extra half mil in my budget right?

        • Patrick_YNWA says:

          And agreed with the Rooney/Aguero swap. Saw Pelly’s comment.
          Will likely upgrade one defender, just for a couple of weeks.
          How many points are deducted for extra transfers during the regular season?

        • Patrick

          I’d advise Huth of Leicester instead of Morgan who is still playing for Jamaica and we’ll be back in England late with no rest.

          Ward O’Shea and Lescott are sold picks and Yoshida will be dependant on Southampton not signing another defender. Keep an eye on that.

          Hennessey will stay at 4.0 regardless of any move. Can’t make money before the game starts I’m afraid.

          Extra transfers (those exceeding your free ones each week) cost you -4 points.

        • GP, are you on commission for pimping Huth? laugh
          Actually I recently put him in to replace Morgan too. I really don’t want a Leicester defender now that they’ve lost their manager and best player, but given how Leicester rotates with my existing defenders, price and reliability, I can’t convince myself to get rid of him.

        • Bryan

          Easier to spell than Konchesky 😉

  4. 70
    chickenbeng says:

    I would appreciate some feedback on my team smile

  5. 71
    Rogueblood says:

    What’s people’s view on Kane for 9.5 mil it may be more then what people are willing to use but if he continues with last seasons form is it worth it?

  6. 72
    rudenutt says:

    Hi guys i would appriciate some feed back on both my teams here, changed it about a thousand times lol and this is the fountain of knowledge after all 😉 1st or 2nd team.

    • 72.1
      NIN says:

      rudenutt – Defence and midfield look good in both, but in both teams it’s killing the front line. FF teams just cant keep up if they have none of the mega strikers like Costa or Aguero.

      • rudenutt says:

        Yeah i know what you mean, i was thinking maybe a really strong mid would work and the odd few goals from the strikers i have would help, strikers are just so expensive. I’ll still be tinkering until deadline day lol

        • NIN says:

          Yeah, it can seem that way quite easily. However, from my own experience at least, it’s very difficult to stay competitive. Teams that are well rounded, as in strong in all areas, will generally have three of your mid’s, one/maybe two solid defenders + a premium striker who’s backed up by strikers who will be your main ones (hope that makes sense). Take captaincy potential of some like Aguero into account, which can be anything from 14-40 really, for one player, then you’re in trouble. Raising funds to get these players also becomes a problem then as they’ll be dearer than starting price more often than not. Sorry if it seems like i’m shitting on your drafts, it’s just i have tried this route before and got burned horrible.

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