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Fantasy Football Live Match Chat

Live Match Chat Gameweek 24 FPL Fantasy Premier League

Live Match Chat Gameweek 24 FPL Fantasy Premier League

Photo 23-11-2013 11 44 40The deadline bell has rung, your transfer concerns are over and your agonies over who to captain are no more. Time to sit back and see how your chosen players fare for you this week…. Many will have played their January Wildcard this week and this is your last chance to do so. Use it or lose it! Hopefully your players will  perform, did you give the armband to the right player and will you see green arrows for your team this week?

Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.

Good luck for GW24 from all at FF247!

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  1. 259
    jamesimmo says:

    What would be better, after 2 FT, over 2 weeks:

    Navas + Negredo or Silva + Adebayor?

    Want Silva over Navas for next week of course! but Navas would allow me to upgrade Bony to Negredo the week after, as opposed to Ade if I got Silva…

  2. 260
    Bigpopz says:

    Are people actually dismantling their squads to get RVP in..?
    Don’t get me wrong he was the first player I put in my team
    Don’t know if he’s worth nearly 14m..?
    I mean…
    14m is a Dzeko & Rodriguez
    14m is a Ramsey & A.johnson
    14m is a Lallana & Mertasaker
    14m is a Coleman & miralles

    Or 13.4m is ……”Luis ( I’m gunna be Bpl top scorer this season) Suarez”….???

  3. 261
    blue_moon says:

    Hi Guys

    Is Silva + Eriksen -> Yaya + Lallana worth a 4 point hit?

    I’d have to act before the price rises later on today.


  4. 262
    chopper2540 says:

    Yo yo yo mofos! Time to celebrate. 62 with silva and oscar. Im now 5pts behind after being 100 before xmas! Oxil out yaya in! When do i do it tho?

  5. 263
    TheDreamers says:

    Choppr – 5 behind who?

  6. 264
    Starfox says:

    Ramsey, How long is he out for I heard nothing solid lately, anyone here know? Anyone know why he’s price isnt dropping on the FPL site?

    • 264.1
      NIN says:

      Starfox – It’s rumored to be around 4-6 weeks but that’s about all i’ve heard,his price hasn’t dropped because when he came back from his initial injury his red flag was removed,so he became protected,then he went straight back to a red flag but remains protected,he wont be able to drop for a few more days yet as far as i know.

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