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Fantasy Football Live Match Chat

Live Match Chat Gameweek 24 FPL Fantasy Premier League

Live Match Chat Gameweek 24 FPL Fantasy Premier League

Photo 23-11-2013 11 44 40The deadline bell has rung, your transfer concerns are over and your agonies over who to captain are no more. Time to sit back and see how your chosen players fare for you this week…. Many will have played their January Wildcard this week and this is your last chance to do so. Use it or lose it! Hopefully your players will  perform, did you give the armband to the right player and will you see green arrows for your team this week?

Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.

Good luck for GW24 from all at FF247!

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  1. 265

    Was feeling pretty down about this week’s points (especially the decision to bench Mannone for Krul!!!!) but all greens arrows = happy face. almost in the top 2000

  2. 266
    The B says:

    Based on this season, how do you think Baines and RVP will be priced the next season?

    Im guessing Baines down to 6M and RVP down to 12M would be the best to grab our attentions.

    • 266.1
      DaBomb says:

      Fantasy prices for next season estimations:
      Also done current FIFA ratings to next years ratings

      Van Persie: 12.5mil 89 > 88
      Suarez: 14 mil 86> 88
      Baines: 6.5 mil 83 > 83
      Ramsey 9 mil 77 > 83
      Toure 9.5/10 mil 86 > 87
      Aguero: 11.5mil 88>88
      Coleman: 7 mil 72>81
      Lallana: 9 mil 78 >81
      Sturridge: 9.5 mil 80 >83
      Ozil: 9/9.5 mil 87 >87
      Hazard: 9.5 mil (same) 85>86
      Walcott: 9.5 mil (same) 81 >83

      Just my opinions, what do you guys reckon?

      • The B says:

        Im sure with Baines’ decrease in price, Baines vs Coleman battle will be won by Baines.

      • Shep says:


        RVP: Probaly that
        Suarez should be 14m, look at his form. Maybe more? But that will be crazy
        Baines probaly 7m, he is an attacking threat who is on set pieces for a well defensive organised team
        Ramsey, I think 7.5M or 8m… his injury prone
        YYT seems right
        Aguero, think 12m probaly… also injury prone
        Coleman, I think he will be the same as Baines
        Lallana 8m prob, he is the soul of Saints
        Sturridge, I think 10.5M, his also a man on form
        Ozil, prob 9.5M… we know if could be more if he starts playing properly
        Hazard might be 10m… his massive for Chelsea and performing well
        Walcott will prob be 9.5m… big player for Arsenal and performs well

    • 266.2
      EBC says:

      Baines 6.5, Coleman 6, RVP 12

  3. 267
    JEET TOP 4 says:

    Can Anyone Rate My Midfield

    Hazard – Mata – Lallana – (Gerrard) – KI

    What do you guys think of this Gerrard out Nolan in Could be a Good Differential ..?

  4. 268
    Shep says:

    Hi all,
    Just need some advice. Team is:
    Sagna, R Bennett, Dawson
    Silva, Hazard, Mata, Eriksen
    Negredo, Sturridge, Suarez C
    Subs: Mannone, Noone, McNaughton, Ward
    1FT and 2.4M in the bank

    Thinking of doing Eriksen and McNaughton to Lallana and Azpil for a 4 point hit?

    Or just do Azpil (since I feel I need Chelsea defense and his a starter) and see about Eriksen to Lallana next GW? So no hit taken

  5. 269

    I prefer the no hit strategy. Eriksen on all set pieces, and they have a home game against an Everton team who is struggling for CS right now.

    • 269.1
    • 269.2
      Shep says:

      Thanks Milk

      Do you think Azpil is key?

      Then see what I can do next week in the midfield?

      Long term I want to get Ramsey and Aguero back when they fit though for Eriksen and Negredo

      • I like Azpil for his price – he was the Chelsea man I punted even though I haven’t been able to get him in yet myself.

        Yeah I like that midfield, even like the punt on Noone but that is only if you’re crazy brave. I wouldn’t be too sure on Ramsey yet, he did almost nothing until this season then got injured so you don’t know what form he’ll come back into. Aguero on the other hand is the 2nd best striker in the EPL.

        • Shep says:


          The thing is im in no rush to get Ramsey in, will wait till his back and see how he plays.

          Im going for Azpil tomorrow (he should survive tonight)

          Then gotta decide between Lallana and Eriksen for the next GW…

        • I would go Lallana between those two. I’ve got Eriksen only, want Lallana too but that would mean Sturridge and Suarez against Arsenal next GW for me.

        • Shep says:


          I had Lallana 2 weeks ago, then sold him for Eriksen (to raise funds elsewhere) and look he goes and scores 10 points in his next 2 games…

          After I do Azpil in I will have 8.2M to spend on a mid (taking Eriksen out) besides Lallana who is there even worth considering?

  6. 270

    Not looking good for my CUP game.

    I came against a ghost team, so was feeling pretty good. No trades all season. He has managed to score 55 so far with Oscar, yaya (C), Negredo and terry to play. I am on 50 pts -4 hit but with only Yaya and hazard to play.

    I have Mannone and Colback on bench, how I would have liked colback’s points ahead of gerrard or Ozil.

    Hat trick from hazard is looking my only hope.

    I can’t believe a ghost team is going to beat me.

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