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MLS Tips Fantasy Major League Soccer GW28

MLS Tips Fantasy Major League Soccer GW28

Another big double game week is behind us. As expected there were quite a few rotations, which led to the usual frustration of single game week players like Rusnak (20pts), Vela (19pts) and Kreilach (18pts) outscoring many of the chosen DGW players like Valeri (5pts) and BWP (2pts). Nevertheless, we witnessed 55 goals including six braces and a hat trick. The highlight of the week went to Seattle Sounders, making a season longest winning streak (8) in the post shootout MLS era. In the meantime, one of their prominent stars, American soccer legend Clint Dempsey, announced his retirement. He finished with more than 150 goals as a professional, plus 57 more with the USMNT. Among those professional goals are 72 while playing for Fulham and Tottenham, the most by any American in an overseas league. He is also the only American to score in three separate World Cups and is the country’s all-time leader in competitive goals scored (40).


Gameweek 27 Review


Despite losing their second game, NYRB clinched a playoff place. San Jose battled for a win in their first game, but then went on to lose in Vancouver, while Dallas recovered quickly from the loss and took the three points against Houston (who lost both their away games). With a win and a draw Portland remained sixth in the West, while NYCFC suffered a loss at the hands of Columbus. Toronto made it worse in their race for post-season, after defeats away at Portland and at home to LAFC (who moved up to second in the table). Elsewhere, New England and Orlando managed to get a point each in their games and Montreal Impact shutout the Bulls for a fourth consecutive time at home. Two of the goals (both headers) were first MLS ones for the two French defenders; Fanni and ex-Arsenal and Man City player Sagna. Real Salt Lake produced a second six-goal thriller in a row, this time by dismantling LA Galaxy. After defeat in their first game, D.C. United had a comfortable win in their second, against current leader Atlanta United, to stay in contention.


Gameweek 28 Preview


As always, while the rest of the world’s football leagues are on an international break MLS likes to keep us busy, even with a small round including only seven teams playing in four games. NYCFC will be playing twice at home. Another short turnaround, with a Wednesday deadline and games stretching all the way to Saturday – Because MLS :grin:


NYCFC ( W 16 D 6 L 7 ) vs NE ( W 7 D 9 L 10 ) and vs DCU ( W 8 D 6 L 11 )


The Blues have made their life difficult with two losses and a draw in their last three games. Two matches at home this week gives them a chance to stay in the race for second place in the Eastern Conference, which will provide a buy-in to the first round of the playoffs. They are the only team in the league without a loss at home this season and also have the fewest goals conceded (7). There are plenty of well-known talents here and without doubt everyone will have four of them. That includes Johnson with nine clean sheets and 83 saves so far.

Caution: Some players could miss one or both games due to international duties. Check notes for you diary and follow the ongoing news as very often MLS updates injuries and disciplinary reports at the last minute.

The Revs haven’t won on the road since April 1st at Houston. That is unlikely to change this week. They are on a long nine-game winless stretch, with six of them defeats. The once popular Bunbury, Penilla and Fagundez have been off the boil for a long time so are not recommended here.

The Black and Red had a mixed bag of results last week, but with three points earned against the league leader they still have a good chance of grabbing a spot in the post-season. They are now just below the red line, four points behind Montreal but with three games in hand. Although it’s unlikely they’ll get the victory in New York, with their current spirit the team will put pressure on the hosts. Apart from Rooney, who brought the inspiration since his arrival, you can’t ignore the performance of Luciano Acosta, with six goals in his last six games.

SKC ( W 13 D 6 L 7 ) vs ORL ( W 7 D 3 L 16 )


After four consecutive wins without conceding a single goal, Sporting KC tripped up at Seattle last week. The defeat moved them down to third, a point behind LAFC. This will be a must-win game for them in order to reinstate their previous position. Number one choice will be Rubio who has five goals and two assists in the last five games. In midfield, Salloi, who is still reasonably priced, will be looking for his eighth goal. Despite the own goal last week, many will remain faithful to Zusi who is a bonus points magnet and had an impressive 40pts from his previous four games. If you are on a low budget you can go for Sinovic who is cheaper. If you are not sure of the ability of Johnson, and have plenty in the bank, you can set up a keeperoo with Melia who has 11 clean sheets.

Despite the efforts made of late, the Lions are still without a win in their last seven games (and five of them were defeats). With eight games remaining, and five of them on the road, their chances of making the post-season are next to zero. That said, 15 goals have been scored in this winless streak and Dwyer has four goals in the last five games. Kljestan and Yotun could also do well if you are prepared to risk it.

POR ( W D L ) vs COL ( W 6 D 6 L 14 )


A win and a draw last week helped the Timbers to hang on to the last playoff spot. That doesn’t mean the job is done, as there are teams fighting to make the playoff zone that are not far behind. Valeri upset many last time for not travelling to New England, but no doubt he will be quickly forgiven and included once again. Of course, some will be pondering if his hefty price tag is still warranted after his underwhelming points in the last four rounds. Another option is Blanco, or a cheap defender to fill the gaps. Attinella is much cheaper for a keeperoo than Melia, and has a chance of a shutout as well.

The Rapids are as bad as ever. They have only one win on the road and that was thanks to an own goal at Vancouver. It will be a big surprise if anyone goes with players from this team.

Notes for your Diary

Players called on an International duties

Ismael Tajouri-Shradi (Libya). Maxime Chanot(Luxembourg).Ebenezer Ofori (Ghana). Rodney Wallace (Costa Rica).

Injury Report

Yangel Herrera (ankle surgery). Cedric Hountondji (hamstring injury).Alex Callens(knee injury).Jesus Medina (hamstring injury). Jo Inge Berget (adductor injury)

On the Tightrope
One card away from suspension
Tommy McNamara
Alex Ring

Captain Suggestions

In this small round New York City FC play twice at home against two teams who each have only one win away. Therefore, the two picks are Blue.

Captain picks tips1. David Villa

2. Maxi Moralez





Wednesday 05.09.18 at 7 PM EDT – Thursday at 12 AM BST

Best of luck to all Managers

Thanks for reading: MLS Tips Fantasy Major League Soccer GW28. This article was written by Ivan The Terrible

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  1. 7

    There we go, the first shocker of this round. NYCFC got shutout at home by New England :noshake:

  2. 8
    Terminators says:

    I have only scored 3 points this GW all my others players are on “BYE” weeks, and this is going to be a Bye from me, I don’t understand the point in “bye” weeks they do this in NFL and it is pointless (no pun intended) they have odd game-times as well.

    • 8.1
      inittowinit says:

      You get unlimited transfers, a handy quirk, all things above considered. Sounds like these rules should have been right up your street given your devil may care approach to hits in FPL.

    • 8.2
      secretzorro says:

      Guess you’ll quit FPL after BGWs then…

    • 8.3
      Elleffcee says:

      Terminators, Americans are definitely pimples on the arsehole of the world. Who has a fantasy season that about 2 thirds of the way through, scraps everything and we all have to start again from scratch ? The Americans, what a bunch of wetwipes. Thats when it got a ‘bye’ from me.

      • chins says:

        Elle old bean, you steal for a living. Not sure you have the moral authority to call anyone a pimple on the arsehole of the world.

      • secretzorro says:

        You are classifying the whole country like that cos some plonker fecked a bloody fantasy game? That’s a bit harsh matey.

      • Elle, we’ve been here before. The game gives you much more flexibility than FPL. You can change players between matches during a round and you have the luxury to do so after the lineups are announced. With a bit of time and intelligence you can build up a nice budget in order to afford any player you want. Unlike FPL where you go around circles for six days pulling you hair out and wondering whether to keep bloody Salah or not, then get locked out at 11:30 on Saturday left with only a hope that you players will do well here you can maneuver throughout the round in FMLS.

    • 8.4

      Terminators, why do you have players on bye? You know there are only four games in this round and MLS are the only ones who keep going in an IB. You can change all those players with some from the remaining 5 teams who will play tonight. Obviously you can’t have NYCFC because they already played one game. Portland and SKC have nice home fixtures, go for them. You might get better score than anyone else as the Blues failed badly in the first game and we are all locked with them :wink:

  3. 9
    Terminators says:

    I did try to change players before I posted above, but it wouldn’t let me, I’ll try again.

    Like I said above, if they are trying to get people engaged in MLS via fantasy football trying to emulate the premier league then they need a better design of web site one that actually functions, I can only access it using Chrome, it needs to be more intuitive also.

    As for the “bye week” it is a ludicrous system, just like the preference for not having a game that ends up a draw.

    The only reason unlimited transfers work in this game is because of necessity, it’s game winning strategy is to go for the maximum score by getting in the maximum number of players for the shortest time, there is no long-term viability for holding players, it’s all about instant satisfaction, the game leaves you no choice in changing all your players every week, there is no risk involved, it’s just not fun.

    • 9.1

      OK, the reason for byes or like we call them blank gameweeks in FPL is that there are 23 teams in the league. That should improve next year when Cincinnati joins as the 24th. Another thing is that many teams are involved in other competitions and instead of exhausting themselves and playing few games in a week they are on bye. Not like in EPL where teams are playing at the weekend, go midweek to play in the CL or EL or Cup etc and then again have to play the following weekend completely knackered. As for the FMLS site, yes that is a new company which failed this year and there are talks that they will be changed for the next season.

  4. 10
    Terminators says:

    Changed my team.

    Click on image to enlarge:

    • 10.1

      Looks good. You can put some DC or Kansas players on the bench and if they fail upgrade them later with Portland.

    • 10.2
      Shrivathsa says:

      Just some thoughts / suggestions.

      Brillant has not played much since GW22, only one outing for 1 point and 22 minutes.

      If you change Ilie to Espinoza, you could upgrade Brillant to Opare who seems to be playing regularly.

    • 10.3
      Shrivathsa says:

      Also, instead of Chenkam or Akinola, change to Pinho of Orlando, same price, in case you need the bench, may contribute a point or two.

      Similarly instead of Steres, O’Neill of Orlando, could help with a couple of points

      • You are right Shrivathsa. We don’t know how much is ITB. If there is enough I would put Rooney on the bench. There is enough time to upgrade to Armenteros or Nemeth if he blanks.

        • Terminators says:

          I have $1.7 ITB
          There are no good Kansas or Portland forward players.
          Armenteros and Nemeth seem to have a very low average and don’t score much, I have put Nemeth on the bench, I now have $0.2 ITB.

          Click on image to enlarge:

        • Terminators, that is much better now. I am thinking to drop Armenteros for Nemeth as well in order to get cash and bring Clark if Johnson get it wrong again tonight.
          *One note. You need one of your defenders or mids to be a scrub from the bye teams. If Nemeth does well you are going to lose the points with everyone on the pitch playing.

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