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Pottys Predictions

Pottys Prediction’s Gameweek 15

pottys-bookiesPottys Punters Weekly Review!

For the second Saturday in a row Pottys Bookies was rammed with 67 of you Potty Punters which was a increase on the previous week, thanks.

With Ladbrokes now requiring a weekly winner a tie-breaker was put in place and as the anticipation grew the matches got under-way with many punters twitching nervously as Saturday’s games went to form. Super Sunday arrived with many of you in favour of a 4-1 win for Liverpool, how wrong could you be!

The weekends Potty Punter pacesetters were Elleffcee and Grenadier with 2 correct predictions each so the tiebreaker came into force and Hull City’s first goal on 20 minutes sent the Ladbrokes £10 Free Bet into the arms of…

Elleffcee, well done mate and congratulations!

To redeem your free £10 bet with Ladbrokes please e-mail the team at and they will be in touch with details of how you do this. Be sure to tell us how you spent it and if you won!

Pottys “PLONKER of the Week” Award.

Well this FF247 poster has reached rock bottom in his desperation to win a Pottys Prediction Comp. Currently his success rate is such that none of his prediction’s have been right! He has become so desperate to fund his Potty betting addiction he has e-bayed his complete Abba record collection.

This weeks Potty Plonker is….. Desmo.

This weeks competition….

West Brom v Norwich (Saturday 7th December)

Sunderland v Tottenham (Saturday 7th December)

Arsenal v Everton (Sunday 8th December) Tie-breaker – Time of first goalscorer.

Swansea v Hull City (Monday 9th December)

Please post your Potty Predictions below.

Thanks for tuning in everyone.


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  1. 79
    NIN says:

    Marsielle 1-2 Dortmund
    Barca 3-0 Celtic
    Napoli 2-1 Arsenal

    Cheers Potty.

  2. 80
    FC Sanchez says:

    Marsielle v Dortmund (1-2)
    Barca v Celtic (2-0)
    Napoli v Arsenal (2-1)

    Cheers, Potty!

  3. 81
    Tekno-kun says:

    Marseille 0-2
    Barca 3-1
    Napoli 1-1
    8 goals

  4. 82

    Potty, I will say

    Marsielle 1 v Dortmund 2
    Barca 3 v Celtic 0
    Napoli 2 v Arsenal 1

    9 goals total give or take a few.
    Thanks Potty.

  5. 83
    Potty Procky says:

    Live from Pottys Bookies…..results of the
    Midweek Trio Compitition….
    we have a 3-Way Tie…
    you need to predict the scores on these Europa League Matches and the Total Goals scored within them ok????
    St Gallen v Swansea City
    Estoril v Liberec
    Fc Sheriff v Tromso
    Which one of you will claim Pottys Xmas Cracker???
    Post your scores below lads.

  6. 84
    Albertini says:

    Cheers Potty

    St Gallen 0 Swansea City 2
    Estoril 1 v Liberec 1
    Fc Sheriff 1 v Tromso 0
    5 goals

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