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Pottys Predictions

Pottys Predictions Gameweek 3

Pottys Predictions Gameweek 3

Pottys Predictions FPL Champions LeagueHi everyone how we doing? No doubt rocked by the Giroud injury? Well let me take you away from your FPL selection demons and transport you into Pottys World. Last weekend 44 punters walked through the revolving door at Pottys Bookie’s and entered “3-2-1,Select and Win” which was a close affair, as I predicted the competition was decided by one’s Monday night player prediction and with 10 minute’s remaining of the Man City v Liverpool (keep flapping) game, Silverback had claimed the Weekly Medal. But up popped some genius management by Raziel who’s captain pick of Jovetic squared things up and as the final whistle blew both of these punter’s ended up on 51 points each.
So, SILVERBACK and RAZIEL well done and your prize jiffy bags are in the post to you now.
ps…..44 Potty Punters is a season’s new record, brilliant.

This weeks competition is….
“Blankety Blank”
The Rules are….
A=Select 5 players.
B=1 Goalkeeper.
C=4 Defenders.
D=Highlight your Captain for double points.
E=The teams for you to select from are, its a “Potty Open House” meaning all 20 Premier League sides are at your disposal to choose your 5 men.
F=You may if YOU wish go with the whole defensive unit of just one team, a risky affair indeed.
G=The FF247 member with the most points wins another Potty Medal.
Now get posting them picks.


Pottys Predictions Medal Table 2014/2015.

Mwk 1 = Horse = 60pts.
Mwk 1 = NiN = 60pts.
Mwk 2 = Raziel = 51pts.
Mwk 2 = Silverback = 51pts.

Pottys Plonker of the Week Award

Well this is postponed as many were in the running as certain Potty Punters selected players from teams not in the highlighted games chosen by me, so in good old Michael Caine styly……..
“Read the Bloody Rules”.

Thanks for tuning in.
Big Hugs.


Thanks for reading Pottys Predictions Gameweek 3. This article was written by Potty

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  1. 49
    Demsie says:

    Yo Potty !

    Who won game week 3 prize ?? I’ve had a look through the posts and can’t see anything mate smile I’m only asking as I reckon I’m in with a shout…

    Anyway here’s mine.

    Germany 3-0 Scotland
    Hungary 1-1 Northern Ireland
    Greece 1-0 Romania
    Portugal 2-0 Albania

    8 goals

  2. 50
    Raziel says:

    Germany – Scotland = 4-0
    Hungary – Northern Ireland = 1-0
    Greece – Romania = 2-1
    Portugal – Albania = 3-0

    11 goals.

  3. 51
    TheDreamers says:

    Germany – Scotland = 3-0
    Hungary – Northern Ireland = 1-0
    Greece – Romania = 1-1
    Portugal – Albania = 4-0

    11 goals

    cheers Potts

  4. 52
    Raziel says:

    With the knowledge I have now, I think I would’ve won. sad

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