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Predicted Line-ups and FPL Team News Gameweek 9

Predicted Line-ups and FPL Team News Gameweek 9

Predicted Line-ups and FPL Team News Gameweek 9

Slight change to the format this week… Last week we launched two different versions of this article – one here with a nice ‘grid’ layout and the other on the permanently linked version (see below). With it being a bit of a ‘live experiment’ we weren’t sure what to expect but having done so it seems that the ‘grid’ version in conjunction with a live comments section caused a few loading issues and was generally a bit ‘buggy’. Nothing major but enough to make us have a re-think. As such we have simply switched the two and so now if you want to see the nicely laid out version you can click here.

The one below now has the drop-down version. It’s fairly idiot proof though – you simply click on the small arrow to the right of the team name and you should get a drop-down list of all the teams. Simply click on the one you want to see and hey presto, etc. Any problems though just shout in the comments below.

What you see below is a live link to what Drafthound have on their website. Why is that significant? Well, firstly, it now means that the second they make any updates in reaction to live team news then they will also appear on here. Being uber helpful in that respect they also time-stamp all of their line-ups so you can tell to the minute when it was last updated.

Secondly it also means that we now have a much smarter looking interface. Previously we have simply been screen-shotting the team images and that can mean they look a bit inconsistent and sometimes blurry, at best. And they were way too large also! That has all be fixed and they should look and feel a lot more professional. It’s the same info, it just looks better!

As an additional extra if you click on any player icon on the team line-up that will take you to their own page on Drafthound, from where you can see up to date season stats, their upcoming fixture schedule and use a comparison tool to view similar players.

Predicted Line-ups 24/7 – Permanently accessible link

We are now also featuring this live page 24/7, fittingly….

This is our permanent and LIVE home for predicted line-ups for the FPL season 2021/22. This content can be easily accessed at any time via a myriad of links on our homepage – Header link, Hot Topics link, Quick Access link on mobile and it is also linked towards the end of all of our regular articles. And by clicking here!

Given their time and effort in providing this content for us it would be rude not to occasionally click on the Drafthound link and check out their own fabulous content as there are FPL articles aplenty on there too.

You can of course also keep up to date with all the live games and fixtures with Football Today

Thanks for reading Predicted Line-ups and FPL Team News Gameweek 9. This article was written by Fantasy Football 247 and Drafthound






Predicted Line-Ups FPL 2021/22

You can access our Live feed to these here.

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Both leagues will be shut to new entrants as of 01/01/22.

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  1. 13
    NigelJ says:

    Any news on the site team for this week, or have I missed it?

  2. 14
    Ted2007 says:

    Is Rudiger nailed on to start? I was going to replace him with Chilwell but wondering if fixing my keeper issue is more pressing. Any suggestions for a 4.6/4.5 keeper?

  3. 15
    kickers says:

    Any thoughts on what to change here? 1ft and 0.1 itb.
    Is there a better option than Armstrong and a better option than benrahma or should I just hold transfer until next week? Thanks

    Click on image to enlarge:

  4. 16
    Goldilocks says:

    Hi all,
    Anything I should change here?
    Already moved Luka out for Vardy. Have 1ft and 1.1 itb.
    I feel like maybe Benrahma should go but for who? Not against taking a hit either it need be.
    All thought welcome.

    Click on image to enlarge:

  5. 17
    Irish_G says:

    Hi all. Could have saved myself a headache and waited until this week to bring in Vardy instead of replacing Ronaldo last GW dash have 1 FT but 0 itb. Should I wait and see on Saka and just put Sarr in for Lukaku and Carry the FT?

    Click on image to enlarge:

  6. 18
    Mr Bean says:

    1FT, £1m in the bank.

    a) Ronaldo to Vardy
    b) Jota to Havertz (c), play ahead of Livramento
    c) Ronaldo & Jota to Vardy & Havertz (c), -4
    d) Ronaldo & Jota to Vardy & Son, -4
    e) Anything else?

    Also, who to bench? Leaving TAA & Jota on the bench seems mad.

    Cheers all.

    Click on image to enlarge:

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