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Teemu Pukki’s Rise From Celtic Flop to Essential Fantasy Football Pick

Teemu Pukki’s Rise From Celtic Flop to Essential Fantasy Football Pick

Teemu Pukki’s Rise From Celtic Flop to Essential Fantasy Football Pick

While the early season form of Manchester City and Liverpool has been as many would have expected, the rest of the Premier League has already thrown up a few surprises in the opening weeks.Few would have predicted that Crystal Palace would beat Manchester United at Old Trafford and sit fourth after four games, while at the time of writing Sheffield United find themselves midtable after snatching a 2-2 draw against Chelsea. However, one of the biggest surprises is probably how a striker once written off after a frustrating time at Celtic has taken the Premier League – and fantasy football – by storm.

Defying expectations
Prior to joining Norwich City on a free transfer last year, it could be argued that Teemu Pukki’s career had more than a hint of journeyman about it. The forward started off in football playing in his homeland of Finland in 2008 and then earned a move to Sevilla. However, he struggled to establish himself with the Spanish side and ended up moving back home, before then being picked up by Schalke 04 in 2011.

After a couple of years in Germany, his much-discussed move to Celtic then followed and while he scored seven goals in 26 appearances, ultimately his time in Scotland was regarded by many as a disappointment. A fruitful spell in Denmark with Brondby then followed, but he was released by the team in 2018.

Shortly afterward he joined Norwich and, when asked about the transfer, former Norwich City and Celtic star Chris Sutton was quick on Twitter to recall how Pukki had been “very poor” during his previous stint in British football. However, few could have predicted what would come next.

Prolific form
The Canaries started the 2018-19 season in the Championship slowly but went on to surprise many by storming to the title ahead of the likes of Sheffield United and Leeds United. Pukki’s incredible form was a key part of the team’s success, with him bagging 29 goals in just 43 matches to finish as the league’s top scorer. That contribution meant he was named the EFL Championship Player of the Season, while he also led the line in the league’s Team of the Season too.

Of course, being a success in the Championship does not necessarily mean you are set for good things in the Premier League. However, incredibly, 29-year-old Pukki has taken to the top flight beautifully. Prior to the first international break, he had scored five goals in total – individual strikes against Liverpool and Chelsea, as well as a well-taken hat-trick against Newcastle as reported by the BBC. These have all come from open play, but he is also Norwich’s second choice penalty taker behind Mario Vrancic so he’s likely to add to his tally through that method.

While it remains very early days, such form has seen him gate-crash discussions about who could be the league’s top scorer this season. As of September 4th, sports betting provider Betway had Pukki at 20/1 to win the Golden Boot – the same odds that are being offered on Chelsea’s Tammy Abraham and Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford. While the likes of Sergio Aguero, Mohamed Salah and Harry Kane remain the favourites, it undoubtedly highlights the incredible rise of a player once written off in the Scottish Premier League.

A great value proposition
Of course, another consequence of Pukki’s early season form is that he is well and truly in the spotlight when it comes to Fantasy Premier League.

At the time of writing, Pukki was valued at £7.0m on the game and that undoubtedly makes him an attractive, good value proposition compared to many of the league’s big-name strikers. Furthermore, by the first international break, he had also mustered a total of 37 points, which put him behind only Aguero as the leading forward in the game at present.

Norwich City may have only picked up three points from their first four games this season, but it is also evident that Pukki can score against opposition of all levels. While you can use our fixture tracker to examine the difficulty of the matches they have coming up, one thing is for certain – you should not bet against Teemu grabbing a few goals along the way.

With that in mind, it feels like Pukki has become an absolutely essential Fantasy Premier League pick. His rise to prominence in English football has seemingly come from nowhere and it will be fascinating to see if he can keep his blistering form up across the months of action ahead.

Teemu Pukki’s Rise From Celtic Flop to Essential Fantasy Football Pick




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  1. 1
    ohyesali says:

    Interesting read yes I’ve got him in my team and while I’m happy to keep him there, it is causing me issues with finding a cheap 4th mid. Reason is not wanting to double up on Norwich with Pukki and Cantwell. Any thoughts on a mids under 5m or are peple thinking double Nowich isn’t as bad as it sounds? smile

    • 1.1
      Kralin says:

      It sounds bad, and risky, but I don’t think it’s as bad as all that. Caldwell is really cheap and so in some ways it doesn’t really matter. The other option is play Lundstram in defence: even cheaper.

  2. 2
    GentleBenAKA says:

    Ohyesali they’re all pants at that price but so what when they should be spending all their time on your bench. And I’m not sure double Norwich is that bad given that Cantwell should also be on your bench. I’m thinking Hayden, Guendouzi or Dendoncker.

  3. 3
    KI says:

    An awesome collection of articles already for the international break. GABO, Devil’s Advocate, and Teemu have already reshaped my thinking about how to come out of the break.

  4. 4
    Zed Leppelin says:

    The coolest t-shirt on earth right now!!! Already bought myself a few laugh2

    Click on image to enlarge:

  5. 5
    Terminator says:

    Pukki would be good at Man City, as Kun only has a couple of years to go sad they need to sort out another striker.

    • 5.1
      Kralin says:

      While Pukki’s not quite in Jurassic slapass territory, he’s no spring-chicken. Alas for Norwich’s bank balance. Plus a couple of early goals hardly put him in the frame just yet, unless you’re sat on a massive scoop.

    • 5.2
      Kralin says:

      It would be truly wonderful if you were sat on a massive scoop. Imagine how big the scoop would be if it were an exchange deal – Kun and KdB for Pukki and Caldwell. Man City suddenly seeing the light and loaning their players out to smaller sides, whilst giving the estimable Pukki a chance to play in the CL.

      But I suppose you need to manipulate the database to arrive at that point.

  6. 6
    Zed Leppelin says:

    Oh how silent a non-premier league friday night can be…. The proof is in the black pudding…

    • 6.1
      Kralin says:

      We need a vivid flash of lightning in the window.

    • 6.2

      It’s the one thing that does annoy me about the site these days, people just bugger off when there’s no PL on. They’ll all be back in their greedy majority next week wanting tips and help I’m sure.

      On another note; Black Pudding, brown sauce or English mustard?!

      • Zed Leppelin says:

        Being a Finn I have to say mustard, although I have no idea what the English version is like…

      • Kralin says:

        It’s always like that though. The fervour going into a GW versus the chilled out morgue vibe about 48 hours later. This place is buzzing compared to the way FFF could get sometimes. The only thing to liven things up there, at times, was Ivan listing out MFL teams, which seemed almost random, like a mind unravelling.

        But we’re always here to pick up the slack. I prefer the quieter periods, frankly. You get a better sense of the regulars. It can all get a bit anonymous in the busy times.

        Last time I ate black pudding was in France and to ask for a sauce to go with it would have been very bad form. You fear having your gaze held a second too long by the waiter, as if they were detecting some sort of delinquent matter within you.

        • Zed Leppelin says:

          “But we’re always here to pick up the slack. I prefer the quieter periods, frankly. You get a better sense of the regulars. It can all get a bit anonymous in the busy times”

          This! smile

      • Only ask because I’d never heard of or even considered mustard as an accompaniment until about 2 weeks ago (as a result of the black pudding article!) but then heard I’ve it randomly several times since, on different platforms, strangely. Always just been brown sauce for me. I’m sure it’s a debate that will rage on.

        • AJW says:

          Actually the French version (boudin noir) is really nice if slightly pan-fried with previously melted onions and slices of apple mixed with it. IBs are a great time to be discussing strange topics. I’ll throw in my tuppence ‘orth – Can anyone tell me what the Hippo (who seems to be engaged in ‘auto-stimulation’ – sorry to be crude!) icon represents? It’s been baffling me for ages! Hope I haven’t overstepped the mark here!

        • Kralin says:

          I’ve speculated about the hippo a couple of times. I think it’s meant to signify great mirth. Like you, I’ve seen other things in its arm and wrist movements.

          Funnily enough I was thinking about the apple content of the boudin noir I ate (within a crêpe). Very nice it was too.

        • Zed Leppelin says:

          Well us Finns eat even pea soup with mustard, it’s basically mustard with everything… Go figure laugh2

        • AJW says:

          Smith is just playing ‘hide the black pudding’ with England (or maybe he’s treating you guys as ‘dancing’ hippos???). Okay – he only scored 82, but he probably needs to freshen up to field tomorrow! It’s gonna be a long day for both teams. In any case, it certainly makes for a fascinating last day’s play, doesn’t it – which ever way it goes! Happy are they who get to watch it! smile hippo

        • Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m firmly in the Smith camp here, he’s my captain!

          Should be another fascinating Sunday, unless you take a few tonight which is eminently possible. I did feel the last one was possible, I don’t feel like this one is.

        • AJW says:

          Hey – the way England played in the 2nd innings of the last test was heroic and a complete surprise compared to how they started the game. Tonight and tomorrow are going to be equally extenuating for both teams. What a delight to watch! Unfortunately we don’t have it on TV over here in France – might just have to sneak at peek on a streaming site!

        • AJW says:

          Sorry for you guys. With Root still in tomorrow it could have been epic. Now someone else needs to stand up and dig in. For the good of cricket!

        • I imagine they’ll spend the next 10 hours making Roy write out lines. Specifically; ‘Defend’. Not sure it’ll sink in though…

      • ohyesali says:

        I also gave the mustard a go after the the Black Pudding chaat and have got to say, it was pretty darn awesom. But I think I stick with Brown for now. Getting older and starting to fear change 😉

      • The Padster says:

        Brown Sauce on my black pudding,bacon and sausages!! Mustard with horseradish on me beef and just mustard on me ham sandwich/roll! good

      • Smash says:

        Brown sauce all day long

      • Otieno says:

        Are you eating your black pudding cold or fried? Anyway it’s with onion either way. Mustard for beef and ham. Brown sauce should only be used for bacon and sausage

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