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The DGW fixtures have been announced! Some of them…

The DGW fixtures have been announced! Some of them…

The DGW fixtures have been announced! Some of them…

Welcome to The DGW fixtures have been announced! Some of them….Having kept us in suspense for four days longer than we thought, the Premier League have at last started to release the dates of the rearranged fixtures. We now have a clear picture of DGW34, while the specific dates for the remaining fixtures still have to be officially revealed, although most indicators point to these matches being accommodated into GW37.

So, these are the rearranged matches that are now part of DGW34:

Brighton vs Spurs
Bournemouth vs Man Utd
Burnley vs Chelsea
Leicester vs Southampton

Therefore the following teams have two matches in DGW34:

Bournemouth (liverpool, MAN UTD)
Brighton (crystal palace, SPURS)
Chelsea (southampton, burnley)
Leicester (burnley, SOUTHAMPTON)
Man Utd (WBA, bournemouth)
Southampton (Chelsea, leicester)
Spurs (MAN CITY, brighton)

What else is there to know about DGW34?

The weekend after DGW34 finishes sees the semi-finals of the FA Cup which sees Chelsea vs Southampton and Spurs vs Man Utd. Given that all four clubs have a DGW34, it is possible that we see some rotation for their second match of DGW34, just days before their semi-final.

Liverpool have an attractive looking match in DGW34 as they host Bournemouth at Anfield. However, it may be worth noting that Liverpool go to Man City in the Champions League quarter-final 2nd leg just days before GW34.

What matches are left to be rescheduled?

Chelsea vs Huddersfield
Leicester vs Arsenal
Man City vs Brighton
Swansea vs Southampton
Spurs vs Newcastle
West Ham vs Man Utd

The Premier League has said that these matches will be rescheduled by Tuesday 3 April, i.e. just before GW33. The obvious week for all these matches to be rescheduled is GW37 as there is no European football scheduled for that week. It is possible, though unlikely, that some matches are rescheduled into GW35 or GW36. None of the matches will be added to DGW34. DGW37 really is the obvious week for all six matches and assuming this is confirmed, this will be the schedule for the DGW teams:

Arsenal (BURNLEY, leicester)
Brighton (MAN UTD, man city)
Huddersfield (man city, chelsea)
Man Utd (brighton, west ham)
Newcastle (watford, spurs)
Southampton (everton, swansea)
Swansea (bournemouth, SOUTHAMPTON)
Spurs (west brom, NEWCASTLE)
West Ham (leicester, MAN UTD)

First glance observations (assuming the above is confirmed for DGW37)

DGW37 is bigger than DGW34 with 12 teams playing twice in DGW37 compared to 8 in DGW34. Does this offer a better opportunity for Bench Boost? On the face of it the answer is ‘possibly’, although by the time DGW37 arrives much may already be decided in terms of Man City winning the league, top four and relegation which could see teams rotate more than normal.

Chelsea, Leicester and Man City all enjoy two home games.

Huddersfield, Man Utd, Newcastle, Southampton all face two away matches.

Spurs face West Brom and Newcastle with Harry Kane likely back from injury. Remember how he finished last season? A possible Triple Captain candidate?

Either Spurs or Man United and very likely Chelsea (assume they beat Southampton) will be preparing for the FA Cup Final which falls a week after the end of the season. More threat of rotation….unless of course their top four spot is not secure!

Man City could be preparing for a Champions League final, Arsenal could be preapring for a Europa Cup final.

There are clearly lots of ‘ifs, whats and maybes’ – time will only tell. For those still to play their wildcard, maybe it pays to wait for as long as possible and act on the best possible information.

Whatever your position, thoughts and plans, please be sure to share your ideas on the chat below. This is the crucial part of the season – mini-leagues will be won and lost on how we play our remaining chips and tackle the DGWs. Every idea is worthwhile, everyone has their view – there is not necessarily a right and a wrong way.

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Thanks for reading The DGW fixtures have been announced! Some of them… . This article was written by Cookie.

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  1. 49
    Horse says:

    This WC thing is harder than it looks :)

    I am kind of going around in circles.
    Can I ask a few questions regarding the chips.

    I BB in 34 FT in 35 and TC in 37.
    So I get 2 FTs up to 34. Do I have to use them both up by GW34 or can I carry one over when I BB?
    Do I get another transfer in GW35 which I can use to change my original team before I play my FH and newly transfered in player will be in my GW36 team?


    • 49.1
      inittowinit says:

      Hi Horse. Yes you can carry over on BB. Only ones you can’t are on WC and FH. They both stick you back to 1FT.

      On the 2nd point I don’t believe so. It says it’ll put your team back to what it was at the start of the GW. I.e. it’ll override your transfer.

      • Horse says:

        Cheers Initt.

        Looking at the second point, there would be no point saving a transfer for GW35 as I will be playing the FH anyway. So to get it clear in my own head.
        I have two FTs until gw34 and then another 2 FTs until GW37.
        That’s right isnt it?

  2. 50
    Raziel says:

    Netherlands beats Portugal with 0-3 in Portugal. ^^

    FFS, I hate the fact we are not in the worldcup because we had the most mediocre bondscoach ever, after LvG. And they kept him the dweep.

  3. 51
    Matt says:

    Evening fellas. How certain are we that Kane will be returning soon? I thought he would be out for a while but I’ve heard different things that’s he may be back this weekend.

  4. 52
    man u man says:

    Guys I’m beginning to think it may be better for me to FH in 34 and keep the players i have for 35 and add to them until then. I could then wc in 36 and BB for 37, as suggested by redrobbo earlier. What do we think. I already have 8 for 35.

  5. 53
    Horse says:

    Just been messing around with my WC team.
    How does it look?
    When Kane is back Son and Aub -> Gross and Kane.

    Click on image to enlarge:

    • 53.1
      inittowinit says:

      That’s pretty much the core of any potential WC team I had in mind myself. With the exception of Cork and Stephens but then that’s a budget issue and I haven’t actually looked at it yet so yeah it’d probably be back to those or similar. Fact that you’d landed back on them probably says that’s all there is left in that bracket!

      What are your chip plans again mate?

      • Horse says:

        34 BB
        35 FH
        37 TC

        I could downgrade Vert to Smalling or Christensen and upgrade Cork to Gudmondson/Matic/Young/Kante etc Not sure of game time of Smalling or Christensen.

        There is a real chasm in defensive options. I would love to get in Azpi Alonso and Tony V etc but funds won’t allo and there is little on offer between 6.8m and 4.5m

        Stephens could become Tarko or Duffy but triple Brighton defence doesnt seem like a good plan.

    • 53.2
      GentleBenAKA says:

      Better than mine. Stephens is playing 90 mins regularly and only 4.5m so a bit of a DGW bargain. Shame he’s got Chelski in that DGW and Arsenal the week before!

      The transfer makes sense.

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