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The MLS Fantasy Football Chat Room

The MLS Fantasy Football Chat Room

The MLS Fantasy Football Chat Room

Welcome to The MLS Fantasy Football Chat Room. This purpose of this page is to simply allow a space for any of our avid MLS players to natter away solely about MLS, uninterrupted by the usual FPL chatter.

We shall not update this page weekly with any fresh information, it is down to the users to do so in the chat below if they so wish.

This page will be linked to in our Hot Topics section which you can find above the Latest Comments on any page, so that you can always find it easily.

If you require any further advice or want to check out some weekly articles we strongly recommend that you give our friends at MLS Fantasy Boss a visit by clicking here

Thanks for reading The MLS Fantasy Football Chat Room.

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  1. 25
    GoalMachine says:

    How many DGWers you will go for? I have 4 so far (3 from RB, 1 from VAN – will change to 2-2 in all likelihood).

  2. 26
    Otieno says:

    Well that game (NYRvVAN) had everything we expected and didn’t want. Rotation, subs, own goal, YC ………

  3. 27
    Kruzcampo says:

    Had Tarek & Royer both on the bench and 2 Toronto scrubs to upgrade if the previous 2 don’t provide anything more. I think DGWs in the MLS with just 2 teams playing are a waste of time due to the high level of rotation. How can a goalie get rested ?Ask the Vancouver coach!!

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